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Reasons you should explore the Coin98 Super App AMM & SpaceGate Universe

coin98 super app amm & spacegate universe
As a leading Crypto Super App in the market, Coin98 has integrated many AMMs and SpaceGate (Cross-chain Bridges) opening the door to a fast, flawless & low fee trading experience.

DeFi’s latest trend has been determined by the emergence and development of many AMMs in the market. As a leading Crypto Super App in the market, Coin98 has integrated many AMMs and SpaceGate (Cross-chain Bridges), opening the door to a fast, flawless & low fee trading experience on the Coin98 Super App's latest version.

Coin98 Super App now supports over 16 top-tier AMMs on 9 blockchains. Through these native integrations, Coin98 aspires to bring the ultimate trading experience to users, which you can do all simple steps in just one single app. Let's welcome Uniswap, SushiSwap (BNB Chain & Polygon), PancakeSwap, MDEX (HECO Chain & BNB Chain), Trader Joe, Pangolin, QuickSwap, Coin98 Exchange (Solana), SarosSwap, Koffee Swap, KuSwap, MojitoSwap (KCC), OolongSwap (Boba Network), KyberSwap, SpiritSwap & SpookySwap on Fantom, and more is coming.

At the same time, Coin98 is also developing its own infrastructure solution, which will contribute liquidity directly to SpaceGate. This promises to reduce gas fees as well as increase the speed a lot. The time to perform a cross-chain transaction can be less than 30 seconds! This is very promising, compared to many other solutions on the market, ranging from 10-30 minutes, 1-2 hours, or even a few days.

The detailed guides on how to trade with different AMMs and use SpaceGates on Coin98 can be found here.

Overview of the AMM & SpaceGate Universe on Coin98 Super App

Uniswap (Ethereum)

As a DeFi believer, you might have heard of Uniswap at least once. Uniswap is considered the pioneer of AMM-based DEX, which is designed to fulfill users' trading demands in decentralization. Users can swap thousands of ERC20 tokens at their fingertips. 

SushiSwap (Ethereum & Polygon) 

If Uniswap is one of the leaders of DeFi in general and DEXs in particular, then SushiSwap is the upgraded version with the aim to build an ecosystem with outstanding projects that bring more benefits for users. Early, Coin98 has integrated SushiSwap on the Ethereum blockchain, now we expand the deep liquidity to Polygon.

PancakeSwap & KyberSwap (BNB Chain)

Besides the leading AMMs on Ethereum Layer2, BNB Chain has built PancakeSwap as a direct competitor. Even though BNB Chain is not entirely a decentralized platform compared to Ethereum, CZ has helped numerous users to start their DeFi journey with ease.

KyberSwap is Kyber Network's flagship Decentralized Exchange (DEX) aggregator, provides the best rates for traders in DeFi, and maximizes returns for liquidity providers.

Coin98 Exchange & SarosSwap (Solana)

If those were not impressive enough, Solana with its Coin98 Exchange and SarosSwap could be the best option for you. Solana is considered a blockchain with its unique technology that can generally accept stability that doesn't sacrifice other elements.

Coin98 Exchange brings users a seamless experience in trading SPL tokens with deep liquidity and quick access that you haven't seen on the others before. Meanwhile, SarosSwap is a decentralized automated liquidity protocol, designed to enable the assets to reach their price discovery stage as quickly as feasible focusing on UX/UI and Gamification.

MDEX (HECO Chain & BSC) 

With the mission to fulfill users’ needs, Coin98 Wallet has successfully integrated MDEX, a popular name in the market that was built on the HECO Chain blockchain and expanded to BSC. MDEX has reached various achievements with its benefits of high speed, low-cost transactions, and dual mining mechanism that is rarely found in other AMMs.

Pangolin & Trader Joe (Avalanche)

Pangolin is the pioneer AMM on the Avalanche blockchain, inspiring many developments, including Trader Joe. As of this writing, both are DEXs have the most trading volume and TVL on this platform. 

Koffee Swap, Kuswap, MojitoSwap (KuCoin Community Chain)

KoffeeSwap is the first decentralized exchange on KuCoin Community Chain. In addition to token swaps, they have integrated real-time charts and transaction history.

KuSwap is the #1 Automated Market Maker built on top of the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), where users are allowed to trade without having to surrender the possession or control of their tokens to other entities. 

MojitoSwap is the first community-initiated and driven decentralized exchange on KCC and will gradually become community-owned through DAO. It provides users a safe environment for their assets and a place to potentially yield a high return.

SpiritSwap & Spooky (Fantom) 

The emerging growth of Fantom brings users to a vast of innovations about DEXs and many other DeFi services. Notably, DEX is the pivotal point that needs to concentrate on in this space. 

Coin98 keeps integrating the top-notch AMM of Fantom blockchain to diversify the trading options for users. Onboarding SpiritSwap and SpookySwap are our first steps in this destination. 

SpiritSwap is the most versatile DEX & DeFi suite on the Fantom Opera Chain, allowing traders to quickly swap between tokens and get guaranteed rates for the swaps. 

SpookySwap is a community-driven, trader-focused DEX and DeFi Hub for leveraging diversified funds across ecosystems with the speed of Fantom Opera. 

OolongSwap (Boba Network) 

Coin98 has expanded its horizon to the Layer 2 solution. Boba Network is one of the alternatives we can't miss. Firstly, Coin98 has integrated OolongSwap, the first native DEX of Boba Network. 

From now on, users can enjoy a one-click process to trade to the biggest AMM on Boba Network with the best trading experience, cheapest fees, lowest slippage, and the deepest liquidity. 


Coin98 Wallet has integrated the SpaceGate Cross-chain Bridge with a leading technology that could “help blockchains to communicate with each other”, allowing users to trade tokens between 2 different blockchains easily and conveniently. SpaceGate is first introduced in the form of an aggregator. Initially, the idea was to integrate many other bridges out there, such as Binance Bridge, WormHole, and Avalanche Bridge. The goal was to support as many chains and as many tokens as possible.

  • Ethereum (ETH & ERC20) <> Solana (SOL & SPL)
  • Avalanche X-Chain <> Avalanche C-Chain
  • Ethereum <> Arbitrum
  • Ethereum <> Optimism
  • Ethereum <> Boba Network

Simultaneously, Coin98 is working on its own infrastructure solution, which will provide direct liquidity to SpaceGate:

  • SpaceGate V1: C98 TomoChain <> C98 Binance Smart Chain

From now on, users are given more options to choose their favorite AMMs and swap tokens in just a few simple steps. 

Why should users access AMMs and SpaceGate natively on Coin98 Super App?

Whether you are a DeFi newbie or a DEX expert, you need to know that using AMMs and SpaceGate on Coin98 Super App brings undeniable benefits.

Simple, easy to use

The most popular AMMs and the SpaceGate are integrated on Coin98 Super App for both mobile users and even on our Extension Wallet (only AMMs). The most noticeable difference here is that Coin98 optimizes the trading procedure, saving a great amount of time and effort in the long run. Just by clicking on the Swap button placed on the home screen, you can immediately access the Universe of AMMs and SpaceGate without any interruption.

Optimized speed and gas fee

One of the advantages of the Swap feature on Coin98 is the optimized gas fee and transaction speed, allowing users to freely adjust the gas bar according to their needs. Moreover, the default gas fee on Coin98 has been set for the highest transaction speed at the most reasonable cost.

Minimized risks of being scammed

Coin98 has been searching for AMMs with great use cases while prioritizing security for users' assets. Our team always integrates the exact address of each AMM in our app so as to avoid the case where users lose their Private Keys/Passphrases by using fake AMMs or swapping fake tokens.

DeFi is continuously thriving and Coin98 is still looking for new AMMs and SpaceGate to reach our goal of becoming the #1 Crypto Super App focusing on Multi-Chain and NFT, the key that unlocks numerous potentials of DeFi.

About Coin98 Super App

Coin98 is the #1 crypto super-app designed to seamlessly connect a billion users to the crypto world safely and securely. We offer users a comprehensive and trusted ecosystem of essential services across the globe, including a non-custodial, multi-chain NFT & cryptocurrency wallet, built-in DEXs, Cross-chain Bridge & DApp Browser, a powerful Terminal, attractive Earn, Gift & Campaign, and others.

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