USDT Coin98 Wallet

Instructions for using USDT Coin98 Wallet

By Jade Vo | Coin98 App , Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is a decentralized wallet that supports multiple blockchains. Of which, there is certainly no shortage of support for the most popular stablecoins currently USDT, on all 3 chains are Ethereum (USDT ERC-20), Bitcoin (USDT Omni) and TRON (USDT TRC-20). The most special thing about Coin98 Wallet is its brothers [...]

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Bitcoin mining for free 2020

Guide to dig Bitcoin for free 2020

By Le Anh | Peach

In May, there will be an important event affecting the current crypto market. What is the event? Yes, that is Bitcoin Halving. The reward is reduced, the increased cost of mining will greatly affect the profits for miners. So is there any way to dig BTC [...]

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