Bitcoin Investments: A guide for beginners

By Le Anh | Invest

Bitcoin investment

I know that there are many brothers who are intending to, desire to participate in the cryptocurrency market in general and Bitcoin in particular.

However, you lack a guide and do not know where to start, right?

In this article, we will together find the answer to this problem.

Are you ready? Come on, let's get started !!!

Actually, starting the Bitcoin investment process is quite simple and it only has two main stages as follows:

The first stage bears the name RESEARCH and the next phase is PRACTICE.

Do you agree that:

When we learn something new. We need to learn it first then apply it, to practice the knowledge we have learned before, right?

Right now, let's start digging deeper into those two stages!

Stage 1: Find out

Before you know it, you must have heard someone say that Bitcoin is a virtual currency, it's not real, watch out for scams ...... right?

So what exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin or BTC was the first cryptocurrency in the world and laid the foundation for the development of the market Cryprocurrency.

Because of the amount of information to learn about Bitcoin, I wrote a separate article. You can refer to the following article:

What is the Bitcoin wallet address?

During the Bitcoin investment period, you will need to use more to this Bitcoin wallet address.

To put it plainly, the Bitcoin wallet address is like my bank account number. You will use it to receive and transfer Bitcoin.

Below is an example image of Bitcoin wallet address.

So how to create a Bitcoin address?

Currently, there are many specialized types of wallets that provide Bitcoin wallet addresses such as:

And the above wallets are also the safest and most reputable Bitcoin store to date.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

Where to buy Bitcoin safe, fast? Certainly the question that many new brothers join needs the most.

In Vietnam, you can buy and sell Bitcoin quickly and extremely easily on some exchanges:

  • Remitano floor - Most people often use this floor (including myself).


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How to buy and sell Bitcoin?

Because the instructions to buy and sell Bitcoin on Remitano are quite long, I will not insert this article.

However, you can read detailed instructions on how to buy and sell Bitcoin here: Guide to buying and selling Bitcoin

Some reputable Bitcoin exchanges

During the investment process you will need to use some exchanges to buy or sell Bitcoin or Altcoins.

Currently, there are many exchanges so in this section I would like to recommend about 2-3 floors that are used by most users!

Here is a list of floors not to be missed: Top 6 most prestigious Bitcoin and Crypto exchanges in the world

Phase 2: Practice

After thoroughly understanding Bitcoin, it is time for you to practice so that the knowledge has been read properly.

What you should be familiar with is Bitcoin transaction operations such as receiving, sending, buying and selling Bitcoin.

Note: You should spend a small amount of about 2-5 million to get acquainted with the transaction operations on it!

After understanding the transactions, then you will know how to invest. That was the experience I learned.

The note you should know when investing Bitcoin

Most of the time when you join this market, the issue you should pay attention to is SECURITY brother's account.

Because your account security means you are protecting your own money.

And here are some notes that I feel it's necessary:

  • Always turn on two-step security for your account with Google Authenticator.
  • Absolutely do not give your Private Key, Account Password to anyone.
  • Use the Last Pass utility to remember the password for your account.
  • Do not click on nonsense links, unknown sources - avoid hacking accounts.
  • Do not believe the rumors about x5, x10 times the property easily.
  • Check the correct website address - Because there are many fake pages for phishing.

Special: You should only invest with the money you can afford to lose and learn how to be responsible for your decisions.

Why should you invest with money you can lose?

Investment is always risky, unfortunately if you invest in a loss or lose that amount of money, at least it will not affect the lives of you, your wife or children or your family.


So, I have provided you with some basic information enough for you to be able to enter the world of cryptocurrencies very attractive but also many pitfalls.

Hopefully it will be of some help to you. If you find it useful, please share this article for your friends to read! Wishing you a successful investment!

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Goodbye and see you again in the next article!

Le Anh

Cryptocurrency is our chance to become the new 1% of the world.