Bitcoin investment guide for beginners

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Bitcoin investment

Those who have found and known this article certainly have decided whether to invest in Bitcoin or not, right?

So where to start when you just "wet feet" into the market Cryptocurrency this?

Searching on Google, you see all the articles about specialized terms that when you read into your mind as tangled as a "jumble".

That's why today There will be a tutorial to teach you how to invest in Bitcoin in a basic and simple way for beginners.

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Video tutorial on Bitcoin investment for beginners

Doing anything also requires preparation and investment.

To buy and sell Bitcoin you need to have a Remitano account for yourself.

Useful articles for you: Instruction to register an account on Remitano trading platform.

Once you have a Remitano account, the next step is simply to buy Bitcoin.

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How to buy Bitcoin on Remitano

To buy Bitcoin on Remitano after logging in, you have 2 ways.

Say 2 but actually they are the same:

  • Firstly, Remitano will introduce the seller to you.
  • The second is that you drag down the list of sellers and likes who will buy it.

The two steps are the same, so I gathered 1 okay!

Step 1: Select "BUY NOW" to enter the transaction screen

Then fill in the information (when you enter the number of BTC to buy, the system will automatically convert into VND prices and a list of sellers for you).

The address of your BTC wallet: To find the address of your BTC wallet, go to the BTC Wallet section -> Load -> The line of letters and numbers as shown below is the address of your BTC wallet.

Back at the time of purchase, when you choose Buy BTC, a popup will appear.

Remind that when trading through banks should not mention Bitcoin issue.

Because our state currently prohibits trading Bitcoin transactions, so when you mention that you are breaking the law and the system will lock your account.

If you agree to the transaction, click "OK".

A message will appear, you will have 15 minutes to pay the transaction to the seller.

Please note that all fields are correct:

  • Is the BTC wallet really mine?
  • Is the amount I bought right?
  • Accurately record personal information for transactions.

If everything is correct, the payer will receive the corresponding BTC amount into your Bitcoin wallet.

So you've bought Bitcoin.

How to sell Bitcoin on Remitano

Selling on Remitano is like buying, it is the same exchange process.

Step 1: Select "BUY NOW" to enter the transaction screen:

Then enter the number of BTC to sell -> press the button "Sell BTC".

After you choose to sell the screen, you will switch to the payment information window. You fill out the correct payment information and click "CONTINUE".

Different from the time of buying and selling, the brothers have 12 hours for buyers on the floor to complete the transaction.

After 12 hours without any transaction, the system will automatically cancel your sell order.

If within 12 hours, you want to cancel the transaction, Click the "Cancel transaction" and Click "Cancel" when a message appears.


Above is how you buy and sell BTC on Remitano.

Brothers question whether credibility when trading on it?

And this is how it works on Remitano:

The buyer clicks on the seller's buy order -> the system will hold his BTC number ->

When the buyer pays the transaction to the seller -> The system will transfer the corresponding BTC number to the buyer's wallet and finish the transaction.

Not afraid when I transfer money but BTC does not have offline Just check the correct transaction information is oke.

Currently, Remitano supports trading with 3 exchange rates: BTC / VND - ETH / VND - USDT / VND.

That means in addition to Bitcoin you can also trade with Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).

The trading method is the same as BTC. To trade the remaining two pairs, choose one of the two items as shown below:

The above is the most basic and simplest way for people who want to invest in Bitcoin.

If you do not know how to buy and sell Bitcoin and Remitano coins, watch the video below!


Thank you for watching my article today. Hopefully the article will bring you useful information.

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