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Electronic terminology library

Fiat money, also known as fiat money, is a currency issued by the government.

Fiat has no intrinsic value, the value of Fiat is based on the usability and financial potential of the country.

Fiat currency has the most weight today is the US Federal Reserve (FED) issued under the guarantee of the United States Federal Government.

What is OTC?

OTC (Over the counter) is a term in securities used to refer to decentralized markets. That is trading outside traditional exchanges.

The OTC may be an individual broker, or an authorized OTC trading company.

For example: Like Huobi's C2C platform, Binance OTC ... individual OTC brokers can provide you with BTC, USDT or securities trading services - directly with VND via Banking.

What is ERC-20?

ERC-20 (Ethereum Requetst For Coment) is one of the technologies in the Ethereum Network. This is the most common standard used for Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain when issuing tokens.

In addition to ERC-20, there are other token standards on the network Ethereum like ERC-721, ERC223 ...

What is pump & dump coin?

Pump and Dump are meant to manipulate the market. "Making prices", "pump inflates prices" up the market (Pump). Submerge market prices by dumping large quantities on the floor (dump).

Pump & Dump is very popular in markets such as stocks, forex, cryptos and even gold.

Pumping (pumping prices up) and Dump (dumping prices) are actually illegal acts. However, the crypto market does not have enough legal framework, so this situation often happens.

What is altcoin?

Altcoin is the common name of these types cryptocurrency different from Bitcoin. Most previous altcoins are improved versions of Bitcoin.

Currently, the Altcoin Token Utility represents a project and is worth using in the project's ecosystem.

For example: LINK token used to pay Node Operator, BNB used to pay transaction fees on Binance.

What is AMA?

Abbreviation of Ask me anything - Ask me anything, is an online event that answers questions from the community. AMA can be Livestream, or live answers on Facebook, Telegram ... answer questions.

What is Hodl / Hold coin?

Hodl (Hold on to dear life) or Hold coin is a term in the crypto market that refers to holding cryptocurrency.

Hold coin is a form of long-term investment, investors buy and store for a long time waiting for price increases.

Some common examples of this word: "Hold to die", "Hodl or flush", "Hold which one?" ...


Airdrop is a free token offering to users.

Airdrops are often used in advertising strategies, introducing ICO projects to attract users to participate in the coin project community.

ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit)

An integrated circuit manufactured specifically for a specific purpose. For example, Bitcoin ASIC miner.

ATH (All time high)

The highest point in terms of price or capitalization that a coin, a stock ... has achieved in history.

For example: Bitcoin's ATH is 20k.

What is bottom fishing?

Bottom Fishing is an act of buying at low prices of investors. With the thought that it is the lowest price possible and expect the price to bounce back to make a big profit.

What is Bitconnect?

BitConnect (BCC code) is the project lending with interest rates up to 30% 1 month.

This is a fraud project disguised as a Lending model. BCC has increased by 400 times after being listed. After that, the project could not pay interest to investors and the official scam made many investors lose money.

What is Bitmarket?

The Polish exchange collapsed completely in 2019, when its CEO declared insufficient liquidity for investors and ceased operations.

Tobias N - co-owner of Bitmarket committed suicide afterwards. And Marcin A - Co-Founder was charged with fraud and faces a 10-year prison sentence.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger (Distributed Ledger). It records the transaction data.

What is bull market?

Bull market is the term that the market is in a growing trend.

What is bear market?

Bear market is the term that the market is in a downtrend.

Circulating Supply?

The total number of coins in circulation on the market.

What is dapp?

Dapp or dApp stands for Decentralized Applications - is a decentralized or decentralized application.

Derivatives (Derivatives)

Derivatives - Derivatives are the names of financial instruments. It allows investors to trade multiple products based on price without owning the product.

For example: Transactions in oil derivatives, Bitcoin, weather ...

Using derivative products allows the investor to buy a much larger amount (leverage) of the assets they own.

What is peak swing?

Is from Trader Vietnam people call when you accidentally bought at the highest price but then the price dropped you could not lead to a long-term loss.


DYOR stands for Do Your Own Research - it means do your own research.


Exchange Traded Fund or ETF is a form of passive investment fund modeled on an index of stocks, bonds, commodities (gold, agricultural products), currency or crypto ...

ETFs have many advantages over traditional stock exchanges.

What is Fomo?

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out is a syndrome of fear of missing out, fear of losing opportunities.

This is a very popular psychology of investors, present in almost all forms of transactions from securities, Forex, to cryptocurrencies ...

What is Fud?

FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is a state of anxiety, skepticism and uncertainty about investors' markets.

This state usually occurs when bad news of the market appears, which will cause investors to sell off.


Halving is the event that halves block rewards. Every 4 years, Bitcoin goes through this important event.

This is a feature that simulates the gold mining process, increasing the scarcity and difficulty in the mining process.

Not only Bitcoin, Litecoin and some other coins also have Halving events like that.

What is a hard cap?

Is the maximum amount of capital that the project wants to raise through ICO, IEO ...

What is a hard fork?

As an update of the Blockchain system will conflict with the old version, this resulted from a Blockchain system being divided into two systems.

Another popular Bitcoin hard fork is Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash hard fork from Bitcoin to raise the block's data to 8MB.

What is HYIP?

HYIP stands for "High Yield Investment Programs". Literally, these are super profitable investment programs. Nearly 100% of large projects entrusting large profits will scam.


ICO (Initial Coin Offering): means issuing money for the first time, this is a way of calling capital in the Crypto market.

Similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a form of raising capital of companies through initial share issuance.

What is an IPO?

IPO (Initial Public Offering) - originally means "Initial public offering".

The term is used to refer to a company that first mobilizes large capital from the public through initial public offering and listing on the stock exchange.


KYC (Know your customer): means knowing your customers, is a regulation that forces companies operating on the Crypto market to know about their customers.

This regulation is for governments to combat money laundering and illegal actions in the cryptocurrency market.


Is the official network - the official version of Blockchain after the developers test on the testnet successfully.

When the mainnet is released, it means that the coin has an independent Blockchain network, has its own wallet platform ... However, the mainnet may be changed when new updates from the project team appear.


A test network - Blockchain version for developers to test new features without affecting the current protocol.

Usually, any coin has its own testnet for testing new features.


Margin, also known as margin trading, is a tool of modern finance. Allows investors to use many times the existing capital to invest.

What is market cap?

Market cap is the market capitalization value = Coin price x Number of coins in circulation.


These servers perform various functions on the system. In fact, masternodes are Blockchain wallets, running online at a fixed static IP address.

Full node

Ability to download a complete copy of certain Blockchain network and check any new transactions based on the principle of consensus - Consensus.

Root node

The highest node in the Blockchain network.

Parent node

The node contains expansion nodes (child nodes).

Child node

The node extends from another node - the parent node.

Leaf node

The node has no child nodes.

Sibling node

The node connects to the same big node - parent node.

Minning, Minner

Mining is active mining coin and Miner are the participants in mining.

What is MMO?

MMO is the abbreviation for "Make Money Online", also known as making money online.

This is the job you use a computer or phone (mostly computers) with an Internet connection to do the job with the ultimate purpose of making money.


PoA (Proof of Authority): proof of operation - is an alternative to PoS and PoW.

The proof of operation makes the decision to create capacity for one or more customers on a private key database.


PoB (Proof of burn) is an alternative consensus algorithm that tries to solve the power consumption problem of POW.

Instead of using miners, miners need to burn or destroy tokens, allowing them to write blocks in proportion to the burned coins.


PoD (Proof of Developer) is a mechanism that was developed back in 2014. As a means for cryptocurrency and ICO projects to verify that they are actively managed by the developer (s) .

PoD in crypto is often confused with Proof of Delivery in finance.


PoS (Proof of Stake): proof of stock. A form of mining based on the number of coins holding. A 5% holder can mine 5% of the coin.


PoW (Proof of Work): proof of processing, is a form of mining based on the capacity of the computer. Machines with more power will dig more.

What is ponzi?

Ponzi is a pyramid scheme.

Ponzi works by paying high interest to investors. In essence, it takes money from the person who pays first. When unable to pay interest to investors, the Ponzi project will scam not allowing investors to withdraw capital.

Examples of Ponzi projects: Bitconnect, Ifan, Pincoin ...

QR code

QR Code (Quick response code) is a kind of quick response barcode. It has a square format that is often used to encode website links.


Rekt is a concept for someone's failure. Or show someone's downfall.

In trading, people use the word Rekt to indicate heavy losses, like the word "toang".


ROI (Return On Investment) is the return index. Put simply, "profit" - profit (expressed as a percentage) of the total investment.


Satoshi Nakamoto is said to have created Bitcoin. Satoshi or sat is also the smallest currency unit of Bitcoin: 1 BTC = 100,000,000 sat.


Shilling is the currency unit of England and Austria.

However, in Crypto this term refers to the act of pumping news about a project to enhance the value of certain coins.

What is smartcontract?

Smart Contract is a term that describes the ability to self-set terms and enforce agreements of computer systems using Blockchain technology.

The whole process of Smart Contract is done automatically and without any outside intervention.

What is a soft fork?

Are software changes compatible with the old interface. Usually does not require users to upgrade to the latest version for the current interface.

However, the upgrade will help your software overcome the limitations of the old version and greater compatibility with new applications.

What are stable coins?

The coin is attached to a fixed asset to stabilize the crypto market.

Stable Coin must be backed by assets that it "anchors" such as gold (Digix Gold Tokens - DGX), certain fiat currencies (Tether - USDT), or other cryptocurrencies (MarketDAO - DAI). ).

What is a trader?


What is volatility?

Volatility is the volatility of a market. This is a measure of the price volatility of a financial asset traded such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, gold, etc.

The higher the volatility index, the more likely the value of the asset is likely to change (increase / decrease) suddenly in a short period of time.

What is a cold wallet?

A cold wallet is a wallet that manages the secret key while offline and has been completely disconnected from the Internet. It is therefore unrelated to the external environment and there is no risk of being hacked except for some opportunities to connect to the Internet when sending and receiving money.


Transaction volume of an asset in a certain period of time (hour, day, month ...).


YTD (Year to date) is an index that refers to a period of time starting from the first day of the current year or financial year until the current date.

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