Guide to dig Bitcoin for free 2020

By Le Anh | Peach

Bitcoin mining for free 2020

In May, there will be an important event affecting the current crypto market. What is the event?

Yes, that is it Bitcoin Halving. The reward is reduced, the increased cost of mining will greatly affect the profits for miners.

So is there a way to dig BTC without costing it? The answer is yes!

Today, I will guide you how to earn free BTC in 2020.

Currently, there are many ways to make money on the crypto market. These include: Trade, airdrop & bounty, mining, blockchain developers ...

However, the above methods are for those who have professional experience, which are idle as well as spend time for crypto.

As for the newcomers who have just entered the market, I recommend that you should earn free bitcoins from websites through tasks such as watching ads, entering Captcha codes, playing games ...

Not only does it cost you time, but it can also be a decent profit if you work hard.

Below is information on what to prepare and how to participate in free bitcoin mining.

What to prepare for free Bitcoin mining 2020?

To facilitate the withdrawal of BTC as well as trading, you need to prepare yourself:

  • Crypto wallet: Used to store and withdraw BTC after successful mining.
  • Floor account: Used to trade BTC for profit.

Crypto wallet

Currently there are many wallet applications that allow Bitcoin storage, such as: Trust wallet, Coinomi, Xapo, Paper Wallet, Safe deposit, Ledger NanoS, Exodus ...

However, among them are the three services that allow the creation of the most reputable bitcoin wallet: Coin98, Blockchain and Coinbase.

Bitcoin wallets are used to register websites, store and transfer bitcoins to exchanges.

Floor account

After successfully digging BTC, what will you do? I will propose to you two ways.

How 1: Sell ​​BTC in exchange for cash, for those who prefer to play safely.

For those who invest in BTC, reputable BTC trading floors are always what they seek. Because there have been many cases of users being scammed and completely lost on unnamed exchanges.

Here are the reputable BTC exchanges that I recommend: Remitano, VCC Exchange, Vicuta.

How 2: Use the number of BTC earned to buy altcoin and trade to make more profits from the potential market.

The growing crypto market has led to more and more exchanges being launched in all forms: Trade, hold, margin, future ...

Some major exchanges today: Binance, Poloniex, KuCoin, Huobi.

Next, I will introduce you to the reputable sites to participate in free bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin mining sites for free

Currently, there are many websites that allow you to earn bitcoins for free.

Below, I will list the three most reputable and oldest websites today. These sites I have tested and successfully withdraw money, so you can rest assured to dig offline!

FreeBitcoin is a website that allows users to earn Bitcoin for free with spins. To participate in earning Bitcoin you do the following.

Step 1: Access here and sign up for an account.

Enter email → Enter password → CAPTCHA code → Select Sign Up.

Step 2: After registration, the brothers pulled down to the bottom.

Validate not Bot and select "ROLL".

You will receive a random number and receive a free amount of bitcoin corresponding to the prize in the table.

Larger numbers receive more Bitcoin.

Every 60 minutes, the website will reset and give users one more spin.

You check the box "Play sound when timer runs out" to receive audio notifications when 60 minutes are up.

Step 3: Withdraw BTC to the wallet.

Before withdrawing, you need to update your BTC wallet. At the project home page, select "More" → Profile.


Next, enter the wallet address to withdraw BTC → enter password → select “CHANGE”.

Select "WITHDRAW" to withdraw BTC. Minimum of 0.0003 BTC for one withdrawal.

I usually choose "AUTO WITHDRAW" (automatic withdrawal), when enough 0.0003 BTC, the site will automatically transfer to my wallet.


Dailyfreebits is one of the most prestigious Bitcoin mining sites today. The way to join is also very simple.

Step 1: Visit the link:

Scroll down and enter the address of your BTC wallet.

Select "GO".

Step 2: Earn free BTC.

Tick ​​the verification box not the robot.

Select "Claim".

You will receive randomly from 5 - 1200 satoshi. Every 60 minutes, you can choose "Claim" to receive free satoshi.

Step 3: Withdraw BTC.

You scroll down to select "Cash out all" to withdraw BTC on the wallet. Minimum of one draw is 50 satoshi.

Currently, the site is dealing with withdrawals so please temporarily do not withdraw. I will update the information when it is notified.


BTCclicks is a fairly simple and fast Bitcoin digging site, suitable for those who have just started learning about BTC.

Step 1: Visit the link:

Enter your email address and select "GO".

Enter email → password → non-Bot authentication → Select Sign Up.

Check your email and verify your account. You log back into the site.

Step 2: Earn free BTC.

You go to the "Surf Ads" folder. Click on the ads below to get free BTC.

After clicking on the ad, you wait about 10 seconds, the website will appear Captcha.

Tick ​​confirm not a robot and select "Submit".

That's it, you have received BTC.

Step 3: Withdraw BTC to the wallet.

Go to "Balance" → Dashboard.

Next, select “Withdraw” → Enter BTC address → Validate not Bot → Withdraw.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC (100,000 satoshi).

Use a Bitcoin mining computer browser

In addition to earning free BTC from the above websites, you can earn BTC by downloading the software and letting the desktop automatically dig.

This way is suitable for you who do not have time to watch ads, play games to receive prizes. Just turn on the device and it will automatically dig.


Cryptobrowser allows users to earn Bitcoin for free by downloading the Cryptobrowser browser.

You use this browser to access the internet, watch movies ... similar to Google.

Step 1: Visit the link:

Click on "download" and install on the desktop.

After successful installation, you open up and log in with your gmail account.

Step 2: Earn Bitcoin for free.

  • Access to control items.
  • Withdraw BTC to the wallet.
  • You click on enter BTC wallet information and withdraw. Minimum of one withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC.
  • Adjust the digging speed depending on the machine configuration that you choose the appropriate speed to bring the highest profit.
  • You can get the ref link to invite your friends to join.


Hopefully through this article, you have more information on how to earn free Bitcoin in 2020. Wish you earn a lot of Bitcoin.

And what do you think about the ways to earn BTC above. Please share your opinion in the comment section or inside Coin98 Finance.

Hello and see you in the following article!

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