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token price and ferris wheel

In a certain park, people set up a ferris wheel. Each turn serves 1 people (each turn is 15p). The price for a person is $ 10 and is paid in coins (tokens) bought at the coin counter. The total number of coins at the counter is 1 dong.

  • Total supply: 30 tokens
  • Token price (token price): $ 1.
  • Service charge: $ 2 / person / time
  • Playing time (transaction time): 10 minutes / time
  • Total value of Ferris wheel created in one turn: $ 1 (30 people x $ 15 / person)

The process is as follows:

Players will take money (fiat) to buy coins (tokens) at the ticket counter, then to the carousel to give that token to the gate keeper.

After the Ferris wheel operator ran the Ferris wheel, during the 10 minute wait for everyone to finish playing, he brought the collected tokens back to the ticket booth so the ticket seller could sell those tokens to the next players. according to the.

If there are 1 turns of a ferris wheel per day, then the total number of the owner of the carousel is obtained $ 300 (15 people * $ 2 / person x 10 turns) and token price is still $ 1 / token.

If one day had 1 turns of a ferris wheel, then the total number of the owner of the carousel would be $ 30 and the token price would still be $ 900.

Suppose that because children in the east and everyone likes to play ferris wheel, they install one more, and also serve 1 people at a time.

At this time, the number of players in a 1 minute turn will increase from 10 to 15 people, the price is still kept at $ 30 The total worth of coins is $ 60.

That moment, Total coin value is currently $ 30 (30 tokens * $ 1 / token).

At this time, there are 3 cases that will occur:

  • The owner decided to create 30 more tokens, bringing the total number of tokens to 60 and the token price unchanged at $ 1 / token.
  • The owner retains the total token amount of 30 and the corresponding token price increase is $ 2 / token.
  • Give 1 of the two ferris runs first (previous run time is greater than 2 and less than 0 minutes). After the player in Ferris wheel starts playing, they collect the tokens and bring them to the ticket booth and sell them to the Ferris Wheel 10. So they still only need 1 tokens and the token price is still $ 2.

In all cases, we will see, the more the business grows (the more the network value increases), the more beneficial the owner (stakeholder), the token price is ... ALSO.

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