What is discord? Instructions on how to install and use Discord

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What is discord

Discord is a voice and text group chat software, based on the web. Users can easily create a room for group chat with friends, relatives or find teammates when playing games.

Discord is built on the Electron framework using web technology and was released in May 5.

This software started to develop in early 2016 with nearly 3 million users. In just over 2 years, more than 90 million Discord users have been active, the number is still growing today.

Why use Discord?

Discord has many advantages compared to other platforms such as Telegram, Skype, Slack ... It is located in the simplicity, customizable interface, voicechat features and especially optimized for gamers.

Discord supports all platforms of operating systems from phones like iOS or Android to computers such as web applications, Linux, Macbook or Windows. Thanks to that, users can freely chat anywhere, anytime.

What is the advantage of Discord over other platforms?

  • The first plus point that players choose Discord is that they can exchange with each other when the game in the game is over or disconnected. This helps to communicate without interruption like when using the default communication application in the game.
  • No need to install the application. Discord uses a web platform, so there is no need to install any applications. Many gamers have switched to using Discord instead of BBtalk, CSM because of this convenience.
  • Discord is specifically optimized on the web so that it consumes as little computer resources as possible. Users do not need to install the software and fully assured because Discord does not reduce FPS, or game loading speed.
  • The sound quality of Discord is very good. If anyone has ever used Discord, they will see better sound quality than many other voicecall applications, in both sound quality and transmission quality.
  • Discord has a simple interface, including light and dark themes. Can customize font size, send message actions.
  • Easy to find and create server. Users can find server chat on the same topics as Game ABC, Crypto topic, Music topic.
  • And finally, the most difference with other platforms is that Discord is completely free.

Discord installation instructions

In addition to the web, you can install the Discord application on many different operating system platforms. Including Window, MacOS, iOS, Android. Download link: https://discordapp.com/Download

You can also find Discord on the mobile app store for installation.

Instructions to register / login account


Step 1: Visit the Discord registration page: https://discordapp.com/register or click Sign Up / Register on the application.

Step 2: At Home interface, click Sign Up.

To have an account, you only need to enter the username - username, email and password then click Continue is finished.

As soon as you press Continue, the Discord main screen interface will appear. To start using the brothers click Skip and refer to some other functions you click Get Started.

Note: After you have registered your Discord account, go to your email to verify your email address.


You can log in using the account you created as usual or use the QR code to login if you have logged in using the mobile app.

Logging in with a QR code is a feature gamers love. Especially Vietnamese gamers. When playing at an internet cafe, Discord can be logged in easily.

Discord user guide

How it works

How does discord work?

The answer is wrapped up in a word: "Server".

Similar to Slack, Discord allows users to set up a chat room as a server to invite friends.

When someone is invited to the server, they will receive a link to join. They can then text or voice chat with the users of this server.

Each server can be divided into several small channels to discuss certain topics. Channels can be in the form of text or voice discussions so they are easier to use.

You can also create personal channels on a private server, so that only the invited people can enter the room to use them.

Best of all, the server can be public for anyone to join or private for only those who are invited.

You can be a member of many servers at one time, making Discord a social interaction center.

You can also own your own server for yourself and your friends to discuss tactics before playing while being a member of some public server.

Discord does not limit the number of server users can join. You can easily switch from server to server when you want.

The server list is always displayed on the left of the application. You just need to click on the server you want to go to.

Discuss, chat voice

After joining a chat channel, click on the shared conversation channel. Or you can create a private conversation with someone in the server.

After connecting, you can adjust the mic and sound below.


Discord is a large chat community with a strong technological advantage.

It helps users search the community to discuss a topic, find a group of people playing a certain game. Create your own group chat room. Sound quality, hardware optimization, free service and lots more.

Above is the basic information about Discord. Thank you for reading this far, hope this information is helpful!

Any questions you can leave a comment at the end of the article. Me and the Coin98 team will answer for you as soon as possible.

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