What is payeer? Instructions on how to use the Payeer wallet

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What is payeer

In today's article, I will introduce you to Payeer wallet. How to install and use the Payeer wallet.

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Payeer wallet definition

Payeer is a cryptocurrency wallet with the construction team headquartered in Russia. Payeer wallets have recently become quite familiar with the crypto community in general and the online money making community (MMO) in particular because of its usability and ease of use.

Payeer provides services related to a number of major cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. Including management, deposit, withdrawal, exchange, transaction ...

The functions of Payeer wallet

The Payeer wallet offers a wide range of functions related to large amounts of fiat money and cryptocurrencies:

  • Store coins, tokens & fiat money.
  • Deposit & withdraw coins, tokens & fiat money.
  • Exchange & trade between coins, tokens & fiat currencies.
  • Deposit and withdraw funds legally via Visa & Mastercard.

Advantages & disadvantages of Payeer wallet

Advantages of Payeer wallet

  • Phone and computer versions are easy to use, friendly interface.
  • Integrating many functions: Deposit & withdraw, trade (like a mini exchange) and convert right on the wallet.
  • Support both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Can convert between these currencies quickly.
  • Allow money transfer without the need to use Payeer wallet. Support a variety of money transfer platforms besides Payeer such as QIWI, Yandex, Money, crypto wallets.
  • Trading fee between currencies is quite good: 0.195%.

Disadvantages of Payeer wallet

  • Deposit and withdrawal fees are quite high. Example: Deposit & withdrawal fee via Mastercard is 6.5% and 2.99% + 6 USD respectively. Besides, the withdrawal limit on Visa / Mastercard is quite high, minimum 10 $.
  • Not support payment services.

Instructions for installing and creating Payeer wallet

Here, I will guide you to install Payeer wallet on phones running iOS.

Actions for Android is similar.

Step 1: Find "Payeer" on the Apple Store and download the app.

Step 2: Open the app and select "Sign Up" to start registering.

Step 3: Select "Agree" to agree to the terms of use. Although it is quite long, you should take some time to read through it!

Step 4: Password settings. In this step, the system has created a login password & secret code for you.

However, you should change these two factors to increase the security of your account.

The secret code will be required when you need to recover your wallet, so store it carefully.

Step 5: Set a PIN code to increase the security of your wallet (required). Install Touch ID / Face ID for more convenience (can be ignored).

So you have installed the Payeer app and created a Payeer wallet on your phone successfully.

You can also use the Payeer wallet on the computer here: https://payeer.com/

Instructions for using Payeer wallet

How to top up Payeer wallet with Visa / Mastercard

To top up Payeer wallet, I usually use Visa / Mastercard.

Do the following:

Step 1: In the Balance section, select the currency you want to deposit, here I choose USD.

Step 2: Select "Add Money".

Step 3: Choose a deposit method. Here I choose to use Mastercard.

Step 4: Enter the amount of money you want to deposit.

You can enter the amount of the line above or below are:

  • Top line: The amount you actually received into Payeer wallet.
  • Bottom line: Your money will be deducted on your Mastercard.

Thus, the transaction fee on Payeer is 6.5%. Of which 2.5% is paid to Payeer, 4% is paid to the payment gateway.

Step 5: Enter your card information and click "Pay".

Step 6: The system will turn to your card payment page. Please enter the code sent to your phone to verify the transaction.

Step 7: Upload an image of the card and a national ID / passport for Payeer to verify the validity of the card.

If this is the time you transact on Payeer with this card, Payeer will need to verify if you are the legal owner of the card. They will check within 1 - 24 hours.

If valid, the money will be added to your account, otherwise, the money will be refunded to the card.

note: Please take note of the front of the identity card or passport, along with the card in the same picture, clear image, Payeer will browse faster.

This step 7 only need to be done if you first recharge with a Payeer card. The following deposits only take 1-3 minutes to complete.

As you have seen, your account has been successfully funded.

How to top up Bitcoin to Payeer wallet

To load Bitcoin into Payeer wallet, you manipulate as follows:

Step 1: In the Balance section, select BTC.

Step 2: Click "Add money".

Step 3: Send BTC to the address provided.

note: The minimum amount of BTC you deposit is 0.001 BTC.

How to transfer money to another Payeer wallet

You can transfer money to other Payeer wallets by doing the following:

Step 1: In the Transfer section, select Payeer and select the currency you want to transfer.

Step 2: Fill in the information including the amount you want to transfer and the target account code.

note: The transaction fee is 0.05%, so you should calculate the amount of money transferred and the amount of money received properly!

If the information you have entered is valid, you can click "Next" to go to the next step.

Step 3: Check the information and if it is correct then select "Confirm".

The money has been successfully transferred to the Payeer wallet you want.

How to withdraw money from Payeer wallet to Visa / Mastercard

You can withdraw money from Payeer wallet to Visa / Mastercard. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: In the Transfer section, select Visa / Mastercard and select the currency you want to withdraw.

Step 2: Fill in the information including the amount you want to withdraw, the card information and select "Next".

Step 3: Click "Confirm" to confirm the information.


The fee for withdrawing money to the card on Payeer is quite high, specifically the withdrawal fee is 2.99% + 6USD for a withdrawal.

Therefore, you should consider whether or not you really need to withdraw money to the card, or can be used otherwise. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 $.

How to transact with Payeer wallet

Payeer wallet integrates a lot of convenient functions for you, including cryptocurrency transactions.

The transaction function on Payeer is quite simple, you just imagine it as a mini spot trading platform. The functions are quite few and simple.

However, it will be quite convenient if you need to transact quickly on Payeer rather than want to take the transfer.

In my opinion, the desktop version of this mini trading platform is easier to use on phones.

Here I will guide you to trade Bitcoin on Payeer:

Step 1: In the Trade section, you need to select the desired pair, as here I choose Bitcoin and USD.

Step 2: Select "Buy" if you want to buy and select "Sell" if you want to trade directly with the available orders.

Select "New Order" if you want to create a completely new order.

Step 3: If you select "Buy" or "Sell", you will be directed to the order book. Here, you choose the appropriate order to trade.

Step 4: If you select "New Order", you enter the desired purchase / sale price, the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy. Choose "Buy" or "Sell" and then wait for the order to be filled.

So you were able to trade quickly Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies right on Payeer.

note: The minimum amount of BTC that you buy / sell must be 0.0001 BTC.

Frequently asked questions about the Payeer wallet

What cryptocurrencies does Payeer wallet support?

Currently Payeer wallet supports a number of major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and DASH.

Is using Payeer wallet costly?

Payeer software is free software.

When you deposit, withdraw or trade on a Payeer wallet, you will be charged.

What is the transaction fee on the Payeer wallet?

Fees for depositing and withdrawing money on Payeer wallet are quite high.

Fees for depositing and withdrawing money from the wallet to Visa / Mastercard are very high (6.5% and 2.99% + 6 USD respectively), so you should consider.

The fee for transferring money between Payeer wallets is 0.5%. The transfer fee to the Bitcoin wallet is 1.99%.

Pretty good transaction fee: 0.195%.

Is (Trade) transaction on Payeer wallet convenient?

Transaction function on Payeer is quite simple and rudimentary so if you want fast. Can consider trading right on the app.

If not, you can turn to major exchanges to make transactions more professional.

Does Payeer wallet have Vietnamese language?

Payeer currently does not support Vietnamese. You can use English with easy-to-understand words and pictures.

Is Payeer wallet a scam?

Payeer is a reputable service with a large number of users in the world, you can be assured of this.

Can I use Payeer wallet on my computer?

OK! You use the wallet on the computer here: https://payeer.com/. The computer version of Payeer is very user-friendly and easy to use.

Where to contact Payeer support?

During use, if you have any questions, you can contact Payeer support here: https://payeer.com/en/account/support/.


So through this article I introduced and instructed you to use the Payeer wallet.

All in all, this is a digital wallet, which helps manage, deposit, withdraw, and trade a number of major cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for a wallet with the above functions to use, please refer to Payeer!

Any questions about the article you can leave at the end. Me and the Coin98 team will answer for you as soon as possible!

Hello and see you again in the next article!

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