What is payoneer? Instructions on how to use Payoneer

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What is payoneer

If you are working in the field of making money online or affiliate marketing projects, it is not new to this word, but for newbie brothers, it is probably quite strange.

In this article, I will introduce you an overview of Payoneer as well as its features.

Come on, let's get started!

Payoneer is an international payment services company founded in 2005 and headquartered in New York, USA.

Payoneer offers services in over 200 countries in more than 150 different currencies and currently supports more than 35 languages.

General assessment of Payoneer

  • There is a dedicated customer service team for each area, available 24/7.
  • Compared to other international payment services, Payoneer's transaction fee is relatively low, without hidden fees.
  • Fast transaction.
  • No bank account required.
  • The card process takes a long time, takes about 2 days to approve the account opening request and has to wait nearly 3 weeks to receive the physical card.

Instructions on how to create a Payoneer account

You sign up for Payoneer by visiting: https://www.payoneer.com/

Let's start the registration process!

Starting site:

  • Click to select an individual.
  • Complete the following required information, making sure to enter Vietnamese without diacritics like the picture
  • All information in the box must be completed to move to the next step.

Site contact details:

Brothers continue to fill:

  • Vietnamese
  • Address line 1: The address you are currently residing in.
  • Address line 2: You can enter a different address or leave it blank.
  • Enter the phone number and press send code to receive verification code.
  • Enter the code and next.

Site details security:

You enter the password, security questions and identification information, enter the capcha code and click continue.

Site near completion:

  • You need to provide bank information.
  • You choose your personal account.
  • Enter details of bank information, cardholder and SWIFT code, if you do not know can refer and find SWIFT code of each bank here: SWIFT Code
  • Click "I agree ..." and click next.

Registration is complete, now you need to wait a few days for Payoneer service to confirm and send email notification to you.

After receiving the email, you will be informed that you have completed the registration and are in the process of review.

You will receive login account information to access: myaccount.payoneer.com.

Sign in with your registered email and password. Then you need to create two security questions to protect your account and use it for withdrawals, transfers and new passwords.

Instructions on how to use Payoneer

How to verify your Payoneer account identity

Step 1: Verify identity

  • After creating an account, you can KYC immediately without waiting for the account to be activated.
  • Brothers click on settings → verification center.
  • Choose one of the three types of identification documents then upload the image and click submit.

Step 2: Fill out the questionnaire:

  • Payoneer requires you to fill in three questions, which is very important in account security and this is required.
  • Once completed, click submit and continue to wait for verification.

How to set up 2FA security for Payoneer
  • You access to Settings → Privacy settings.
  • Besides the password and security question you have done in the previous steps, you should turn on two-step authentication.
  • Select On → Enter phone number → On → Enter the verification code sent to SMS.

note: There is a string you need to save for later backup and restore your account if something goes wrong. This is extremely important, just like the code of Google Authenticator.

How to request a physical Payoneer card

The card you receive is a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard, which you can use to withdraw money at any domestic or international ATM.

In addition, brothers working in the media can also use to pay the advertising budget.

To receive the card, you must receive a minimum of 30 USD from Payoneer partners. This is the condition for a card.

Payoneer is associated with many different networks such as Fiverr, Airbnb, Lazada, Amazon ... so if you are working or having business activities on these platforms, it is not difficult for you to make a card.

If you are eligible for a card, a "Card Request" page will appear on the homepage, if you are not eligible you will need to meet to get a physical card.

  • Press to request a card → Enter the address to receive the card → Click to place a card.

The approval process also takes a lot of time, the cards are delivered to you from abroad, so wait quite a long time.

Purpose of using Payoneer account

After creating a Payoneer account, you receive three British payment bank accounts (GBP), Europe (EUR) and the US (USD).

You can use it to pay and receive money from foreign companies, directly withdraw money to a Vietnamese bank account or use a Payoneer card to withdraw at an ATM.

How to link Payoneer with local banks

In the step of creating an account, the brothers performed the link with Vietnamese banks.

If you want to add another bank, go to Settings → Bank account.

Click to add a bank account and fill in the information as the registration is complete.

Frequently asked questions about Payoneer

Is Payoneer safe?

I would like to confirm that yes!

How many Vietnamese bank accounts are linked to Payoneer?

You can only link up to two local banks in Vietnam.

What is Payoneer transaction fee?

Opening a Payoneer account is completely free. However, Payoneer also has other transaction fees as follows:

Types of fees


Amount of money


Get paid with Payoneer

From other Payoneer customers


For USD | EUR | GBP | JPY | CNY **

Through accounts that receive payment


Free with EUR | GBP | JPY | AUD | CAD | MXN | CNY **

1% with USD

From Credit Card


ACH VND Debit Card (USD)


Thanh Toan

ACH bank debit card


Credit card


Local bank transfer


Via Payoneer balance


Withdraw money to the bank

> = 2%

Annual fee

29,95 USD


Pay USD, EUR, GBP online or offline


Which country is the Payoneer?

As I mentioned above, Payoneer is a company based in New York, USA.

Can Payoneer be used in Vietnam?

Definitely okay! You can shop or withdraw money in Vietnam. However, before spending consider carefully the charges.

Is Payoneer a scam?

Is not!

How to introduce Payoneer to a friend

When you introduce to friends, you receive 25 USD commission and your friend also receives this amount:

  • Step 1: Send referral link to a friend.
  • Step 2: Registered friends.
  • Step 3: Accomplished! The money will be transferred to your account later.
How to contact Payoneer customer care?

You can contact the Customer Service Department of Payoneer through:

How 1: Send a message via the web form.

You choose the subject to ask, specify the content and upload photos if required and then send. Payoneer will respond promptly.

How 2: Call.

You can call:

  • 024 4458 2050 applies to all carriers.
  • 1203 2486 applies to VNPT landline, Vinaphone, Mobifone and SPT.

Working time is from Monday - Thursday (2:5 - 9:00 ICT) and Friday (17:00 - 6:9 ICT).

note: When you call the hotline, you specify the customer ID so that support will check and solve the problem for you.


Payoneer is no stranger to you making money online MMO. Payoneer security service, Payoneer is also coming out with 3D security to ensure the security of your accounts.

Hopefully through the article, you will gain useful information. If you have any questions, please comment to Coin98 as soon as possible.

See you in the next article!

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