What is ProEx? Instructions to use the trading features of ProEx

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What is proex

In today's article, I will introduce you to an exchange that was launched in March with many attractive incentives. That is the ProEX floor.

What is ProEX?

ProEX is the world's leading multi-contract trading platform that supports Bitcoin Ethereum and other altcoins.

ProEX makes every effort to provide a friendly and secure trading platform. Diverse products to increase user experience.

ProEX works with a well-known security team to provide the industry's most secure cryptocurrency depository and payment solution.

Some other information about ProEX

ProEX registers its business in Singapore, has branches in Singapore and Canada, currently based in Taiwan.

ProEX team members are experts in the financial sector from many countries around the world. The management system has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry of HSBC and SCB.

ProEX offers services in four languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese and Turkish.

ProEX has obtained MSB (Money Services Business) licenses in the United States and Canada. US MSB licenses are carefully reviewed, evaluated and issued by FinCEN (an office of the US Treasury Department).

ProEX was launched in March 03.

Since its foundation, ProEX has established many strategic relationships such as: RiceATM, TWPOS, EDF Fund, ABA, MyToken ...

ProEX floor review


  • Diverse trading products: Coin to Coin Exchange, Contract, OTC, ProEX Savings.
  • Support Fiat OTC transactions: ProEX allows users to buy and sell crypto and pay with Fiat.
  • Reduce transaction fees when referring users.
  • Hold many Trading Competitions.
  • Have App on mobile application.
  • Trading leverage up to x100.


  • Contract pairs are still limited. Currently there are only 8 pairs traded with USDT including: BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, LTC, XRP, BSV, ETC for users.
  • Derivative products are not diverse. Currently, there is only Perpetual Contract for users.

Instructions on how to register an account on the floor ProEX

Introducing the interface of ProEX

At the main interface of the floor ProEX include:

[1] Exchange: You can join trade coin / token above.

[2] Fiat OTC: It is possible to trade tokens with Fiat.

[3] Contract: Place of trading derivative products

[4] Campaign: This is the place to announce attractive trade and bounty contests.

[5] Announcements: A place to update important information from the floor to the user.

Prepare before signing up

You need to prepare yourself for the following:

  • Email and phone number often used.
  • ID card or Passport (here I use ID card).
  • The paper must contain the following information: Full name, Pro Exchange, registration date.

Register a trading account on ProEX

Step 1: Sign up for a ProEX account at: https://www.proex.io/register

Step 2: Enter the required information.

  • [1]: Enter Email
  • [2]: Enter the Password
  • [3]: Retype the Password
  • [4]: Enter the beautiful code sent to email

Step 3: Tick ​​the box and select "Sign Up".

So you have successfully registered ProEX. Here I will guide how KYC.

Verify your identity KYC

Step 1: Select the humanoid icon and choose "User Center".

Step 2: To verify identity (KYC), select ID Verification.

Step 4: Enter the required floor information:

  • [1]: Select VietNam
  • [2]: Enter the Last Name
  • [3]: Enter a Name
  • [4]: Enter your ID number

Step 3: Select "SUBMIT".

After that, continue to select "CONTINUE WITH ADVANCE".

Step 4: Next, you need to upload two photos to KYC.

  • [1]: Photo in front of ID card.
  • [2]: Selfie photo with ID card and paper as in the picture.

Step 5: Select "SUBMIT". The KYC process takes several hours to 24 hours.

Activate 2-step 2FA security

Here, you can choose not to enable 2FA security. However, I recommend that you should protect your privacy to avoid hackers appropriating assets.

Step 1: Select the "Google Authentication".

Step 2: You need to download the Authy app to your phone and follow these steps:

  • [1] Use your phone to scan the QR code and save the KEY
  • [2] Enter the code from the email
  • [3] Enter the code from Authy

If you do not know how to use the Google Authenticator or Authy app, you can refer to my article below:

Step 3: Select "COMPLETE".

So I have completed instructions on how to enable 2FA for ProEX trading accounts.

Next, I will guide how to deposit / withdraw and trade on ProEX.

Deposit / withdraw Crypto from ProEX

Instructions for loading Crypto into ProEX

There are two ways to fund a ProEX account:

How 1:

  • At the interface, select "Balance" -> "Wallet".
  • Select the token / coin to be loaded and select "Deposit".

  • Send the wallet address to the seller for them to load coins / tokens into.

  • Minimum deposit limit for BTC is 0.001, ETH is 0.01, USDT is 1.

How 2:

  • Use OTC to deposit USDT directly into ProEX.
  • In the lower part, I will explain in more detail.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from the floor ProEX

For security when withdrawing money, you need to set a password for the process of withdrawing money from the floor.

Step 1: Select "Withdraw".

  • [1] Enter a new password (this password must not match the login password)
  • [2] Retype the new password
  • [3] Enter the code sent in the email

Step 2: Select "Submit".

There are two ways to withdraw money from ProEX.

How 1: Withdraw USDT from ProEX to external wallet.

  • [1]: Choose the USDT address accordingly
  • [2]: Enter the address of the wallet to transfer coins
  • [3]: Enter the amount you want to withdraw

How 2: Select "Withdraw". Enter the password to execute the withdrawal order and finish.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 USDT.

Instructions for using the trading interface on ProEX

Trading tools on ProEX are quite diverse including: Exchange and Perpetual Contract.


To join Exchange, in the interface section, select “Exchange”.

Limit command

Here, I will guide Buy orders:

  • [1]: Enter the Limit price you want to join
  • [2]: Enter the quantity you want to buy
  • Select "BUY".

The "SELL" command is similar. The only difference is that you enter the price you want to sell instead of buying.

Market order

Market orders are similar to Limit. ProEX will automatically select the Limit Price level according to the field value and optimize the Trader.

With Sell orders, you do the same thing.

Perpetual Contract

To participate in Perpetual Contract, in the main interface, select "Contract".

On the left hand side are the current trading pairs on ProEX.

If you are new, look carefully at the information below.

  • [1] Open Position: Open positions include Open Long & Open Short.
  • [2] Close Position: Closing positions include Close Long & Close Short.
  • [3] Leverage: Trading leverage includes x2, x5, x10, x50 and x100.
  • [4] Price: including Limit Price, Market, Opponent, Queue price, Over.

You can learn more about this order, Buy / Sell method is similar to other exchanges.

Experience using other features on the ProEx platform

How to use the Stop-Limit function on the ProEX platform?

Here I will execute the Buy command.

  • [1] Enter token / coin price to activate. If this price is reached, the "Buy" command will be executed.
  • [2] Enter the quantity you want to buy.
  • Select "Buy".

Order "Sell" brothers also do the same.

How to use the OTC function on the ProEx platform

With the OTC feature, you can buy USDT by loading Fiat directly into ProEX, or withdraw USDT from the floor by selling via OTC to Fiat.

Step 1: In the main interface, select Fiat OTC.

Step 2: To participate in the trade, you need to set up a Fiat OTC account.

Step 3: Fill out the information on payment method.

Step 4: Once completed, the brothers return to the "Fiat OTC" to participate in the sale.

Currently, OTC transactions on ProEX only support two cryptocurrencies, USDT and IBC. Fiat includes: CNY, MOP, KRW, USD, THB, SGD, VND, HKD, TWD, MYR.

Besides, ProEX is completing this feature. So I advise you to temporarily not use this feature.

I will update when there is an official notice from the floor.

How to use API key on ProEX

So far, ProEX has not provided the service API for users. Hopefully in the future, ProEX will perfect this feature to better serve users.

How to get ref link to introduce ProEx floor

Currently, ProEX is organizing a program to invite you to receive incentives. You should join early to have the opportunity to receive many attractive incentives.

To get the Ref link, you select the humanoid icon -> select "My Invite".