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Remitano has become a top of mind trading platform for most Vietnamese traders.

What are the special features of Remitano or the support team to win the hearts of traders?

Let me find out in detail through this article!

What is Remitano?

Remitano is a Crypto exchange in Vietnam. Allow users to trade the top coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Tether (USDT).

Remitano is considered the most popular P2P exchange in Vietnam, supporting cryptocurrency transactions on many banks. The most special priority is Vietcombank.

Some other information about Remitano:

  • Remitano is a product of Babylon Solutions Limited.
  • At the moment of writing: Remitano is launching USDT deposit program with 0% fee.
  • Remitano is currently active in 58 countries. In particular, Vietnam is the country with the most traffic accounting for 80% of the total number of visitors. (According to figures on SimilarWeb)

Review the Remitano floor


Stable liquidity

If someone goes on Google search, where to buy Bitcoin in VND, the top result will appear in the Remitano exchange.

More than 1.8 million people visit Remitano every month. The attention and trust of brothers and sisters helps Remitano to have a stable liquidity.

Currently, Remitano is the largest trading platform. If you want to buy a large amount of BTC, Remitano is a reasonable choice.

There is a mobile app

To ease the transaction, Remitano soon launched a mobile app on both iOS and Android versions.

Multi-language support

Remitano focuses on supporting language switching with over 50 countries, including Vietnam.

Good customer service

Remitano trading platform provides 24/7 trader support, always ready to answer your questions.

There is Vietnamese admin support, so please feel free to ask questions, you will be responded immediately.

Easy to use interface

Simple interface, easy to use.

If you register with the default email account on your computer, you do not need to spend time logging into the floor many times.

Can view the reputation of the trader

Remitano has a function that allows you to review the profile of the buyer / seller through the evaluation of the previous traders, verification information, ... to make a decision to choose real people. out of deals.


High transaction fees

Recharging Remitano coins also costs a fee, depending on the type of Crypto.

Trading fee on Remitano is 1%, quite high compared to other exchanges on the market.

Long transaction confirmation time

Time to complete a transaction is a bit slow because you have to wait for the buy / sell side to confirm.

However, this is also a safe way to secure transactions.

I advise you not to trade on weekends, to avoid transaction time longer than usual.

Instructions to register a Remitano floor account

Introducing the Remitano floor interface


The homepage contains sales and purchase orders. Scrolling down you can see the media partners of Remitano.

At the bottom of the page is the link to install Remitano phone application on 2 operating systems iOS and Android.

P2P transaction

The "P2P Trading" site has the same interface as the homepage.


Remitano's investment function is built to diversify choices and experiences for customers.

Profits from each investment order will be temporarily locked within 24 hours to ensure transparency and prevent fraud.

control panel


  • Overall, P2P transactions: The orders are pending transactions, transaction history.
  • Wallets: Estimated value of siblings, coin wallets.
  • Investment: manage the investment list.
  • Affiliate program: Refer a friend to get a commission.
Prepare before signing up
  • Frequently used email.
  • ID card, passport or passport.
  • Bank account (Vietcombank preferred).
  • App Google Authenticator Ready to install in your phone.
If you do not know how to use Google Authenticator, you can refer to the article of Coin98: What is Google Authenticator? Complete guide to Google Authenticator
Register a trading account on Remitano

Access the link: https://coin98.net/go/remitano to enter the account registration interface.

Enter your email and click continue.

Enter the login password and click "I have read and agree" to the terms of use.

Then enter the username (username) to complete the registration step and start the experience.

Let's go to the next step!

KYC verification consists of 3 steps: identity and residence verification, phone number verification and bank verification.

Phone number verification

Enter your phone number.

After the verification code is sent to the phone, you enter the code to complete the phone number verification step.

Identity & Residence Verification

At your brother's username (alias name), select the profile. Under "identity verification and residence" select "upload documents".

Complete identity verification & residency according to 4 requirements:

Request 1: Upload your ID to Remitano (Could be ID, Passport, GPLX).

Request 2: Take a selfie with the front of the ID.

Request 3: Take IDs of siblings with the paper that says "Buy virtual money on remitano.com".

Request 4: Upload another snapshot. If you use the verification ID card above, please download the passport, passport, insurance paper, invoice, ...

Verification process KYC on the floor of Remitano quite quickly.

After completing 4 KYC verification requests, you wait for the system to process about 2-3 minutes to be DONE!

Verify bank

Also from the profile → brothers pull down the bank verification position. Click "Verify".

Choose a bank, then enter your account number, then click verify.

Remitano supports 42 banks, prioritizing Vietcombank bank accounts for faster transactions, more favorable costs and prices.

2FA layer security enabled

Activating 2-layer security is the first thing you should think about after creating a successful account. It helps you protect your account, trade security and support many other features.

Go to settings → Authy Security → click "activate".

After the QR Code appears, you use Google Authenticator to scan the code and enter the 6-digit verification number.

note: You remember to save the string to back up later for emergencies, avoid losing time!

Transfer money to Remitano account

To perform the remittance operation on Remitano, from the home interface, select Control Panel → Wallet.

Then in VND box → select deposit → Enter the amount you want to deposit and then press deposit.

A bank transfer information table appears, you perform the transfer operation as usual, then click "Send proof of payment" and select the method of sending.

If you wait for the confirmation floor to be successful, you can proceed with the transaction on Remitano.

Instructions on how to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) on Remitano

I will take Bitcoin (BTC) as a typical example of BTC trading. Other cryptocurrencies, you do the same.

Note, you must have KYC to make transactions.

How to buy BTC on Remitano

There are 2 ways to buy BTC in VND:

Option 1: Select the buy ad order available on the interface

At the homepage, you can choose the ads to buy BTC to buy.

After choosing a buy order:

  • Enter the amount of BTC you want to buy. (The minimum BTC amount is 0.00128415 BTC).
  • Choose Remitano's BTC wallet or your personal BTC wallet.

Click "Buy BTC", then you proceed to payment for the seller within 15 minutes.

Click "I have paid the seller" to complete the transaction.

Method 2: Create buy order

At the bottom of the order book, there is a button "Create buy advertisement", you click to create a new order.

You can enter bitUSD price, choose bank transfer. Click "Create" and wait for order matching.

Once you have BTC in hand, if you have questions about how to store it safely and most conveniently, do not ignore the Coin98 wallet - Coin98 Wallet!

How to sell BTC on Remitano

Similar to buying BTC, you can also sell BTC in two ways:

Method 1: Select the sell ad order available on the interface

At the homepage, you can choose the ads to sell BTC to sell immediately.

After choosing a buy order:

  • Enter the amount of BTC you want to sell. (The minimum BTC amount is 0.0050505 BTC).
  • Enter your bank account information.

You need to add Bitcoin to the address provided in the transaction (This is the address of the floor, not the address of the seller, you rest assured offline).

You wait for the system to confirm the number of BTC transferred. After confirmation, the transaction begins.

Brothers wait for payment from the buyer, there are 2 cases:

  • If you and the buyer have a VND wallet, the transaction will be updated automatically.
  • If not, when the buyer confirms the payment, you need to click "I have received the money" after receiving the money to complete the transaction.


  • Do not click confirm "I received money" before receiving the money and you should check internet banking regularly when making transactions.
  • Carefully check the shipping address before executing the order to avoid unnecessary errors.

Method 2: Create advertising orders for sale

At the bottom of the order book there is a button "Create a sale ad", you click to create a new order.

Enter information:

  • Bank name.
  • Account number.
  • Account name.

Select "Create" to move to the next step.

Instructions on how to deposit / withdraw Crypto on Remitano platform

In addition to trading Crypto with fiat fiat money, you can deposit and withdraw Crypto from your personal wallet into an account on Remitano.

I will guide you specifically below.

Instructions on how to deposit BTC on Remitano floor

Go to control panel → Wallet. At Bitcoin, click Load.

You copy or scan the wallet address to transfer BTC from a personal wallet or from another exchange to Remitano.

After the transaction confirmed successfully, the amount of BTC is stored in the BTC wallet of Remitano exchange.


Create new address: When you click on this item, the Bitcoin address to be loaded will be changed to a new one. New and old addresses are the same and both are accepted.

You need to deposit a larger amount of BTC than 0.0002 BTC.

Instructions on how to withdraw BTC from Remitano floor

Go to control panel → Wallet. At the Bitcoin wallet location, click choose to withdraw money.

Enter the wallet address and amount of BTC to withdraw and press send.

Wait for the transaction to be confirmed!

Experience using other features on Remitano floor

How to trade margin on Remitano

Remitano does not currently have Margin trading.

If you want to experience this feature, you can come up Binance floor to make a transaction.

How to use the stop-limit function on Remitano floor?

Remitano floor has no stop-limit function.

How to use API key on Remitano floor?

To install the API, from the username, you access the settings and go to "API access".

Click "Create new key", enter Authy authentication code (6 digits in Google Authenticator app).

Slide to enable this device trust mode and then press confirm to turn on the API key feature.

How to get ref referral link of Remitano floor

Unlike other brokers, the referral commission will be calculated on the percentage of each transaction made from the referred person.

Remitano offers a special discount of 0.01 BTC for each of your referrals.

However, the conditions are quite high, the introducer must complete a total of at least 200,000,000 BTC to receive a commission.

To get the referral link, right at the homepage, you can copy the ref link.

To check how many people you have invited, you invite friends to view the list of referrals.

How to troubleshoot when losing 2FA on Remitano floor

Saving the backup string will help you solve this urgent situation.

If you have the character string saved, you can easily reinstall Google Authenticator.

If not, you must ask for support from the floor.

Chat button with customer support of the floor is located in the right corner of the screen to help you contact 24/7.

Or you can email your questions and problems [Email protected].

Frequently asked questions when trading on Remitano

Should I trade on Remitano?

Remitano is always the first choice of Vietnamese traders, why not try it out?

High liquidity, good customer service, friendly user interface.

Is Remitano floor safe and reliable?

I am sure there is!

Remitano has served over 1.5 million users with a total cryptocurrency trading volume of more than USD 500 million and supported in more than 30 countries.

Above all, the exchange receives a lot of positive reviews from traders after experience on the platform.

What is the transaction fee on Remitano floor?

Transaction fee:

  • Advertising order maker (maker): free of charge
  • Advertising taker (taker): 1%
Does Remitano floor often have maintenance errors?

Recently, many brothers complained about the status of the website Remitano not accessible or accessible but faulty.

This problem is caused by a maintenance error, system upgrade, or due to an overload that the interface cannot load promptly.

Similarly, from the beginning of July, after launching the Swap feature, the website seemed to load slower and longer than usual.

It takes more than 10 minutes to access the wallet to withdraw or deposit.

Has Remitano been hacked yet?

There are many rumors about Remitano being hacked. However, this has not happened on the exchange yet.

Login errors or slow download speeds are also caused by upgrades, maintenance, or too many people dealing at the same time.

Remitano floor of which country?

Remitano is currently a trading platform from the Seychelles, an island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Remitano is one of 6 exchanges registered in this country.

Registration number: 168830

What is Remitano floor coin?

Remitano has no own coin.

Do KYC need to withdraw money from Remitano floor?

When buying coins, you have to KYC to participate in the transaction.

And if you sell or deposit / withdraw coins, you do not need KYC can still conduct transactions!

Does Remitano support Vietnam?

The answer is definitely yes!

The language of the floor supports Vietnamese and the media such as telegram information channel dedicated to Vietnamese traders, as well as the Facebook fanpage to support the maximum user.

What is the deposit and withdrawal limit on Remitano?

The minimum deposit must be greater than the transaction fee:

  • VND: Unlimited
  • BTC: 0.0002
  • ETH: 0.005
  • USDT: 0
  • BCH: 0.0001
  • LTC: 0.0005
  • XRP: 0

For withdrawal:

  • VND: Maximum 1 billion / time and unlimited withdrawals.
  • Crypto: No withdrawal limit.
Does Remitano have App on iOS, Android?

Remitano has developed apps that run on iOS and Android. You can access the link below to download:

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/remitano/id1116327021?ls=1

Android: https://bom.to/Tz0QS

Which trading markets does Remitano support?

Currently, the market is meeting the trading markets in the US, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and is planning to expand the market in the future.


Above is the information from A to Z about Remitano floor Coin98 Research and synthesis for you.

Remitano is taking certain steps to become the market leader and the first choice of brothers.

From changing the interface, creating new investment features, expanding investment tokens, ... the exchange wants to bring great trading experiences to traders in Vietnam in particular and the world. Generally speaking.

However, you should also give yourself the opportunity to experience other exchanges to choose the floor that suits your needs.

Hopefully this article will bring a lot of useful information for you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment directly below the article to get it Coin98 answer it!

Hello and see you again in the next article!

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