(2020) What is Telegram? Instructions on how to install and use Telegram

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What is Telegram

It can be said that Telegram is an indispensable application for investors in the current cryptocurrency market.

In this article, I will guide in detail how to install and some tips to avoid scams when using Telegram.

OK, got it Brothers and sisters began always offline!

Telegram is a free messaging and calling app established and developed in March 3 by two Russians Nikolai and Pavel Durov.

After only 7 months from its inception, Telegram has owned 100,000 users per day. And this number is 15 million users every day thanks to the WhatApps incident in 2014.

Pros and cons of Telegram


Support multi-platform

Currently, Telegram supports most popular platforms such as Linux, Microsoft, macOS, Android and iOS.

This gives users more options to use when using Telegram.

Open source

Telegram has an open source suite, which means that any developer who wants to develop and deploy their ideas on Telegram's platform will be a lot easier.

Privacy, anonymity

Telegram has very good anonymity, which makes Crypto circles use Telegram as an indispensable component.

You can set privacy and no one knows who you are in any community.


Telegram is constantly updating new versions, in order to overcome the vulnerabilities of the previous versions. Since then create high security for the application.


Besides the advantages, Telegram has a drawback that makes many users uncomfortable that is spamming.

In Telegram's default settings, anyone can add a friend to the chat group without asking your permission.

This results in spamming your account into groups you don't care about, sometimes a fake group and you can be scammed.

To overcome this situation, I have some TIPS at the end of the article. You can refer.

Instructions for downloading and installing Telegram

In this section, I will guide you to install Telegram on both computers (PC) and phones. For those who only use one of the two types of devices, they can actively install Telegram quickly and easily.

How to install Telegram on your computer

First, you must download the Telegram software to your computer before installing.

You can choose the version that suits your computer: Microsoft | macOS | Linux

Because there are 3 versions here, I just choose the Microsoft version as an example, you do the same with the other versions.

Telegram installation process:

Step 1: Download Telegram software here: https://desktop.telegram.org/

Step 2: After downloading, you click open the software and start the installation.

Step 3: Select the language to use. Here I choose "English" and click Next.

Step 4: Then, you choose the address to save the folder of Telegram and click Next.

Step 5: Change the application display name if you need. If not, click Next.

Step 6: Create Telegram shortcuts on the desktop. If you don't need it then click on the checkmark. Then click Next.

Step 7: Click Install to begin the installation of Telegram.

Step 8: Click Finish to complete the installation of Telegram.

Sign up for a Telegram account

After completing the installation, Telegram will display the window as shown below.

Brothers clicked Start Messaging to begin the process of registering a Telegram account.

After that, you need to enter your phone number and click Next.

Immediately, Telegram's system will send a 5-digit code to the phone number you just entered to verify the code.

You enter the code you just received and click Next.

At this point, all you need to do is enter your full name and click Sign Up to complete the Telegram account registration.

OK, got it Thus, you have completed the installation and registration of the Telegram account on the computer already.

And this is the interface of Telegram.

How to install Telegram on your phone

Currently, Telegram supports both iOS and Android. So, you can choose the version that is right for your phone.

After installing Telegram to your phone. You open the Telegram app and start the account registration steps as you have instructed above.

Instructions for using Telegram

In this section, I will show you how to use basic Telegram on your computer (on the phone you use the same).

Basic settings for Telegram accounts

After registering / logging in to your Telegram account, you will perform some basic settings as follows:

You perform the operation of clicking on the 3 boxes in the left interface of Telegram as shown below.

Then select the item Settings.

Next, you click on edit profile to start changing the name and avatar, user name and Bio for your Telegram account.

To install Avatar for your account, click on the box Set Profile Photo as shown below.

To change the display name, click Edit Name and enter the name you want to use.

To install the User Name, you click on the user name box and find yourself a name that no one has used and click Save.

For Bio, you can book or not.

And after the basic installation of my account it looks like this.

Log in to your Telegram account

How to log into your Telegram account is quite simple. You just need to enter your phone number when you sign up for an account.

Then, you get the Code from Telegram to be able to login to your account.

Log out of your Telegram account

To log out your Telegram account, access the settings.

Here, you will see the 3 dot in the right corner. You just need to click on it and choose Log Out to finish.

How to add you on Telegram

Adding you on Telegram is extremely simple. If you want to make friends with someone, just click on that person's profile Add To Contacts being able to become friends with each other.

Conversely, you can also block each other by dragging to the bottom selected Block User.

Making friends on Telegram should happen when you know each other in real life. If not, don't make friends.

How to find groups on Telegram

You can find the group name you want to join in the search box in the left corner of Telegram's interface.

For example: I am looking for Coin98's team, I will need to type Coin98's group name on Telegram Coin98 Community.

Results of returning to Coin98 Community group as shown below.

Just press the button Join Group is able to participate in discussions about Crypto with more than 7,500 brothers.

How to create and delete groups on Telegram

First, you select the box 3 tiles in the left corner of the interface Telegram.

Then select New Group.

Next, you need to fill in the Group name you want to name and click Next.

After that, you need to add at least one other person to the group (Telegram requires at least 2 new people to create a Group) and click Create.

And this is the interface when you create the group on Telegram successfully.

In case, you don't want to manage the group anymore. You can delete Group by clicking the 3 dots button in the right corner

Then you choose Delete and Exit.

Telegram will confirm once more before you delete the Group. If you don't change your mind, just press LEAVE .

How to create and delete channels on Telegram

First, you access the box 3 tiles to the left of the interface Telegram.

Then select New Channel.

Next, you need to enter the Channel name you want to set and press Next.

After that, you need to choose the mode for your Channel (Public or Pritvate) and optimize your channel link.

Done then press SAVE.

Next, you can invite your friends to join the channel. If not, you can Skip.

And so, you have created yourself a successful channel on Telegram.

In case, you don't want to manage the Channel anymore. You can delete the Channel by clicking the 3 dots button in the right corner.

Then you choose Leave Channel.

Telegram will confirm once more before you delete the Channel. If you don't change your mind, just press LEAVE .

How to get channel / group links

To get the link of a channel or any group on Telegram, you just need to click on the 3 dots to the right of Telegram's interface.

Then select View Channel Info / View Group Info.

Next, you just right-click to copy the link of the Channel / Group.

How to leave the Telegram group

To leave any group / channel on Telegram, you just need to click on the 3-dot box to the right of Telegram's interface.

Then select Leave Group / Leave Channel.

Telegram will confirm once more before you leave Group / Channel. If you don't change your mind, just press LEAVE .

How to recover deleted messages on Telegram

Telegram has just launched a function to recover messages within 5s after deletion.

So after that 5s you will not be able to recover deleted messages on Telegram!

How to delete a Telegram account

You cannot delete the Telegram account the same way you delete a Facebook account. Telegram will actively delete your account when you are inactive for a certain period of time.

There are several options, the shortest being a month as long as a year. If you are inactive for that period of time, Telegram will delete your account on their system.

To choose this time, you go to Settings> Privacy and Security. Scroll down to the Delete my account section.

You can then choose the amount of time to delete your account if the account is inactive.

Some TIPS use Telegram when entering the Crypto market

Privacy settings for the account

As I mentioned in the downside of Telegram. It is spam that makes you very uncomfortable as well as easy to get scam.

To fix that, you need to set up privacy for your account.

First, go to Settings> Privacy and Security.

Here, you need to install as shown below to ensure the best privacy.

TIPS to avoid scammer on Telegram

If brothers operate in the market Cryptocurrency, have dealings with anyone please do the following to avoid Scammer.

Always double check the User name

Because the User Name on Telegram is unique, nobody can match it, so you should carefully check each character. Look carefully for User Name, not Bio.

Auto Block strangers text you first

Normally, the admin group never pm or message with you first.

If you receive a message from a fake account admin group, the chances are SCAMMER.

Brothers auto block always does not say much, nothing after.

Always call the intermediary first if trading OTC

If you trade OTC through intermediaries, make sure you know the middleman and have their phone number.

Before trading, besides you must check the user name. Brothers also RIGHT Verify by phone with intermediaries to ensure accuracy.

In a nutshell, installing privacy and combining the TIPS that I mentioned can avoid most SCAMMER types on Telegram today.

How to use multiple Telegram accounts on your computer?

Many brothers need to use multiple Telegram accounts at the same time but do not know how to manage easily on the same computer.

Here are some ways you can refer to:

  • Use Telegram's add account feature on the phone. This method is a bit inconvenient when you use it because you have to switch back and forth between each account.
  • Install the Portable version for computers running Windows operating systems. With Portable version, you can use many different profiles at the same time on your computer.
  • Install many other versions of Telegram such as Bettergram, Telegram X ... etc. You can refer to here: https://telegram.org/apps


Through this article, surely you also understand the most necessary and basic information about Telegram.

From how to set up, register, to effective use, avoid scams on Telegram.

If you see the information by yourself and the team Coin98 The offer is helpful. Do not forget to share this article with other brothers to read it.

Goodbye and see you again in the upcoming articles!

Le Anh

Cryptocurrency is our chance to become the new 1% of the world.

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