What is WebMoney? Instructions for using WebMoney wallet

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What is WebMoney

E-wallets are becoming familiar and indispensable for each of us when in the day there are many services to pay as well as transfer money online.

MoMo wallet is a typical example when its growth is getting bigger. However, the limitation of MoMo is that it only supports the domestic market.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to a global-scale financial wallet / application, WebMoney.

WebMoney is a global payment finance system, originating from Russia.

Specifically, this application helps you manage money, transfer money, pay, borrow and lend ... easily on a global scale.

Currently, WebMoney has 33 million members worldwide.

To easily visualize, you just need to understand that this is an international scale product and more diversified than MoMo.

If with MoMo, we can only use VND, then with WebMoney, you can use:

  • Legal currencies (fiat): USD, EUR, VND ...
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, BCH ...

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The function of WebMoney

WebMoney has the following functions:

  • Manage wallets & bank cards.
  • Transfer money & receive money.
  • Payment of services.
  • Loans & Loans.
  • Chat with other users right on the app.

Pros & cons of WebMoney

In my opinion, WebMoney has the following advantages and disadvantages for our Vietnamese users:

Advantages of WebMoney
  • WebMoney offers a wide range of currency options for brothers, from fiat to crypto.
  • WebMoney integrates a wide range of financial services from capital management, card management, money transfer, borrowing & borrowing, payment ...
  • WebMoney usage fee is quite reasonable for an international wallet service. Specifically, when depositing from a bank card, you only cost 0.7% - 1.4%. If depositing from a bank account is completely free. If you want to withdraw money to the card, you only cost 0.8% of transaction fee ...
  • Fast transaction speed.
  • Easy to use, user friendly interface.
Cons of WebMoney
  • No support for Vietnamese yet.
  • Not supporting many services specifically for Vietnamese people.
  • To use it, users need a passport (passport).

Instructions for installing and registering WebMoney

Here, I will guide you how to install WebMoney on iOS phones. You can manipulate quite similar on Android.

Step 1: Find the keyword "WebMoney" on Apple Store, download and open the app.

Step 2: Verify your phone number by entering the phone number and the code sent.

Step 3: Create a login password.

Step 4: Create an extra layer of security with access code (optional). You can choose to use a PIN or Pattern Lock (locked with a picture). Here I use a PIN.

Step 5: Setting theme options, notifications, allowing access to the contact list on the phone or not.

So you have successfully installed and registered a WebMoney account.

You can also use WebMoney on your computer by downloading at the following link: https://wiki.wmtransfer.com/projects/webmoney/wiki/Download_software

Instructions for using WebMoney

Before I get started, I want to explain a bit about the currencies in WebMoney.

In particular, the currencies that you interact with every day will be the currency that represents fiat currencies and virtual currencies. Inside:

  • WMX is the corresponding unit of BTC on WebMoney: 1 BTC = 1000 WMX.
  • WMV is the corresponding unit of VND on WebMoney: 1 VND = 1 WMV.
  • WMZ is the corresponding unit of USD on WebMoney: 1 USD = 1 WMZ.
  • The same goes for RUB, Gold, BCH, LTC ...

Here, I will guide you the most common operations on WebMoney.

How to authenticate personal information on WebMoney

This is the first step that you need to be able to create a wallet, link a card and use other WebMoney services.

Step 1: Select "Formal or higher level passport".

Step 2: Fill in the information exactly as on your passport.

Step 3: Upload passport image.

Step 4: Wait for the WebMoney team to approve your passport within 1-2 business days.

To check if your account has been verified or not, you go to "More" -> "Settings" -> "Account" -> Select the account you want to view and see if the account has the word "Formal Passport" or not yet.

If yes is successfully verified.

How to create wallets and Bitcoin wallets on WebMoney

After confirming personal information with your passport, you proceed to create a wallet. A.

This is a prerequisite step for other functions on WebMoney. Each wallet will be used to manage a specific currency.

You create the following wallet:

Step 1: Select "Create a new purse" in the Home screen of the app.

Step 2: Choose the currency for the wallet, here I choose WMX - equivalent to BTC. In addition, you can also choose other supported currencies (fiat and cryptocurrencies).

Step 3: Click "OK" to accept the terms of use. You should read through to get the main idea.

Thus, the new wallet for BTC has been created successfully.

You manipulate the same for VND, USD ... depending on needs.

note: Each currency can only create one wallet.

How to add money (VND) to WebMoney

To deposit VND into WebMoney, you can through the following ways:

  • Send an invoice asking another person to transfer the money to you.
  • Send payment link to the person who will transfer the money to you.
  • Deposit via bank card.

If this is the first time you use WebMoney, I will guide you the most basic way, which is to recharge via bank card.

This way, all you need is a bank card with a Napas link. No need for an international card like Visa or Mastercard!

Step 1: Select your WMV wallet from your main screen, select "Top Up Purse" and then select "From a bank card".

Step 2: The system will switch you to the Napas interface, here enter the amount you want to deposit and press "Order".

Step 3: Enter the correct Cardholder Name, Card Number, Card Validity and select "Payment".

Step 4: Depending on which bank you belong to, you will be forwarded through that bank interface. Here, you need to verify that the bank wants to pay.

  • I often use authentication through the bank's Smart Banking.
  • You enter the phone number, password and captcha code provided. Select to agree with the terms of service and then press "Confirm".

Step 5: Enter the OTP password received via SMS is done.


  • The minimum deposit amount is VND 50,000, the maximum one-day limit if there is a Formal Passport (as my authentic guide above) is VND 1.
  • Deposit fee for the amount of less than VND 50,000,000 and over VND 50,000,000 is 0.7% and 1.4% respectively.
How to load Bitcoin into WebMoney

To deposit Bitcoin into WebMoney, you can through the following ways:

  • Send an invoice asking another person to transfer WMX to you.
  • Send payment link to the person who will transfer WMX to you.
  • Convert other currencies (already available balance) to WMX.
  • Deposit funds into the designated Bitcoin wallet, then the Bitcoin amount is converted to the corresponding WMX for brothers.

Here, I will guide you the most basic way is to load Bitcoin Visit the corresponding Bitcoin wallet on WebMoney!

Step 1: From the main screen, choose Bitcoin wallet - WMX.

Step 2: At “BTC Address”, select the Copy icon to copy the address or select “Show QR code” to get the QR code for the wallet address.

Step 3: Deposit BTC into the wallet above is done.


The minimum amount of BTC deposited must be 0.0001 BTC, which corresponds to 0.1 WMX. Smaller deposits will cause you to lose that amount of BTC, so be mindful.

How to transfer money with WebMoney

Here, I will show you how to transfer money to another wallet on WebMoney.

Step 1: From the main screen, select the wallet to which you want to transfer money, continue to select "Transfer" and select "To a purse".

Step 2: Fill in the information including wallet number (To) (with Vietnamese wallet starting with "V"), amount (Amount), note if any (Description) and select Transfer Type. Click "OK".

Step 3: Select the method of transaction confirmation in the "Confirmation method" section, select "OK". Enter the code received and select "OK" again.

So you have successfully transferred the money to another WebMoney wallet.


  • There are two ways to confirm a transaction.
  • ENUM: You will cost 500 VND per transaction. You can install Enum by selecting "More" from the main screen -> select "ENUM".
  • SMS: It costs VND 1,500 (WMV) per transaction.
  • If you transfer via phone number or email of the recipient, the minimum transfer is VND 23,000.
  • If you transfer via recipient's wallet, the minimum transfer amount is 0.1 WMV or 0.1 VND.
How to buy phone card cards with WebMoney

You can recharge your phone on WebMoney easily for major telecommunications companies like Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone ... both prepaid and postpaid.

Here, I will guide you to recharge your phone on WebMoney:

Step 1: You go to "Payments", select "Mobile communications".

Step 2: Choose your telecom carrier and prepaid service (prepaid) or postpaid service.

Step 3: Enter the phone number and amount you want to deposit and select "Next".

Step 4: Check the information again, if ok then click "Pay".

Step 5: Select the confirmation method (SMS or ENUM), click "OK". Enter the code you receive is done. It's easy, right?


Charges to recharge phones for carriers range from 1.5% - 4.6% for Viettel, Mobifone and Vinaphone.

How to withdraw money from WebMoney to a bank account

You can easily withdraw money (VND) from WebMoney to your bank account by the following:

Step 1: Select the wallet you want to withdraw and select "Transfer", then choose "To a bank account".

Step 2: You are transferred to the interface WebMoney Vietnam, here choose "Add a bank account".

You can choose "Add ATM card" but this option only supports the cards of quite a few banks.

Step 3: Select the bank and enter the correct account and branch number. Then select "Link Account".

Check the information again, if ok, select "Confirm Link".

Step 4: Select "Make a withdrawal".

Step 5: Select the bank, withdrawal method (fast / normal), enter the amount you want to withdraw and select Withdraw.

Step 6: Select the transaction confirmation form and enter the code sent.


Bank withdrawal limit of VND 100,000,000 / day.

Method of withdrawal:

  • Quick withdrawal: Minimum VND 100,000, maximum VND 50,000,000 1 withdrawal, free of charge.
  • Normal withdrawal: No minimum withdrawal, maximum VND 50,000,000 1 withdrawal, free of charge.

Fees for confirming transactions by ENUM and SMS are VND 500 and VND 1,000 respectively.

Frequently asked questions about WebMoney

What is WebMoney used for?

WebMoney integrates many financial services from money management, money transfer & receipt, payment for services, loans & loans ... for fiat currencies (USD, EUR ...) and popular cryptocurrencies variables (BTC, LTC ...).

What is WMX, WMZ, WMV?

WMX, WMZ and WMV are conventional currencies corresponding to Bitcoin, USD and VND respectively on WebMoney. With the conversion ratio as follows:

  • 1 BTC = 1000 WMX
  • 1 VND = 1 WMV
  • 1 USD = 1 WMZ
Is WebMoney reputable?

WebMoney is a product of WM Transfer Ltd. Russia, launched in 1998.

Based on name and age as well as a large number of users worldwide - 33 million members. You can count on WebMoney's reputation.

Does WebMoney support Vietnamese?

Unfortunately, WebMoney does not currently support Vietnamese. You can choose to use English.

What payment services does WebMoney offer to Vietnamese people?

You can buy phone cards from telecom companies like Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone ... as well as pay for some games like Warface, World of Tanks, World of Warships ...

Can WebMoney be used on computers?
Where is WebMoney?

WebMoney is a product of Russia.

How to use WebMoney?

The WebMoney application can be downloaded and registered for free. You will have to pay fees when making deposits, transfers, payments ... These fees are not too high.

Deposit fee from card / bank account: from free to 1.4%.

Fee for transferring VND to other WebMoney accounts: only costs for confirmation of transactions from VND 500 - VND 1500.

Service fee: only from 0.8%.

Withdrawal fee to bank card is free, only costs to confirm transactions from VND 500 - VND 1500.

Withdraw money from WebMoney to cash?

OK. If you want to transfer money, choose "Transfer" -> "To a bank account" to link your bank account and withdraw money.

I have specific instructions above.


In this article, I introduced and instructed you to use WebMoney.

In short, WebMoney is a multi-functional financial application that supports a number of major legal currencies as well as a number of major cryptocurrencies.

Similar products WebMoney has PayPal, Payeer or Perfect Money ... my side has all the instructions.

Depending on your needs, you should consider to choose to use offline!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below the article. Me and the Coin98 team will answer for you as soon as possible!

Hello and see you again in the future!

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