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What is aelf

A series of articles about Coin and Token's Coin98, today, let's find out about aelfies (ELF).

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aelf (symbol: ELF) is the main token of the Decentralized Applications (Dapp) Platform aelf platform.

Currently, aelf (ELF) is still running on Blockchain's Ethereum according to ERC-20 standard.

But in the future, when the aelf successfully launches the Mainnet, the ELF token will be transferred to run on the aelf's Blockchain.

Basic information about copper aelf (ELF)

  • Ticker: ELF
  • Contract: 0xbf2179859fc6D5BEE9Bf9158632Dc51678a4100e
  • Decimal: 18
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Total supply: 880,000,000 ELF
  • Circulating supply: 334,800,000 ELF

Token Allocation

The total supply of the entire aelf (ELF) token will be allocated in the following proportions:

  • 25% issued through the sale of Private Sale and not locked tokens.
  • 25% is held by aelf Foundation with a disbursement period of 3 years.
  • 12% is used as a PoW + PoS block reward (estimated to be 100 years).
  • 16% is held by the development team and the Vesting period is 2 years, 2 times per year, 4% each time.
  • 10% belongs to advisors and Partners (Advisors + Partnership) with a vesting period of 2 years, 6 months, pay 1% each time.
  • 12% of the budget goes to Marketing / AirDrop to develop the community in the first 3 years.
token allocation aelf ELF

Aelf rate (ELF) today

What is aelf (ELF) used for?

Currently, the ELF token is used as a reward to grow the aelf community.

However, after the aelf (ELF) completes the Mainnet, the ELF will have the duty of a token of the Dapp Platform (like ETH in Ethereum).

Transaction fee: ELF is used to pay transaction fees in the aelf Blockchain network.

Mining Rewards: The ELF is a reward for Miner to help keep the network running smoothly.

Aelf transaction fee (ELF)

When you perform aelf transfer (ELF) tokens, you must pay the Transaction Fee within the Ethereum network.

In addition, when you deposit aelf (ELF) in and out of the exchange will have to pay withdrawal fees of that floor. This fee is specified on each floor, you should refer to the floor you want to deposit, withdraw.

How to earn and own aelf (ELF)

In 2017, you can earn free tokens / coins through Airdrop or Bounty programs.


aelf is still running the bounty Candybox program. You can refer to how to participate here.

In addition, you can earn aelf (ELF) through mining.

If you do not have the time and want to own ELF tokens quickly, you can go to the exchange to buy ELF.

exchange aelf ELF

How to train aelf (ELF)?

aelf (ELF) is an ERC-20 token so you can't dig for ELF right now.

However, you can join the Lock Mining program by locking your ELF token and earning interest with the ELF token.

Follow the following formula:

Number of ELFs = (amount of ELF available in your wallet / total amount of ELF available in all participants' wallets) * 500

You can see more detailed instructions here

Secure aelf wallet (ELF) wallet

Currently, aelf (ELF) is still running on ERC-20 so you can store ELF tokens on Ethereum-enabled wallets such as:

Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Imtoken, Myetherwallet, AtomicWallet, Metamask....

In addition, you can also store ELF tokens on the exchanges that support ELF trading.

Important: If you intend to HODL ELF long-term, you should limit storage on the floor.

Aelf exchange (ELF)

With nearly 2 years of operation, aelf (ELF) has been traded on 29 large and small exchanges.

The total trading volume in 24 hours reached 12 million dollars, showing that the ELF is quite stable.

In particular, aelf (ELF) tokens are traded mainly on Coinbit, accounting for 34,4%.

ELF aelf trading platform

Aelf's Future Copper (ELF)

Some keypoint brothers can refer to assessing the future of aelf:

  • On August 8, 8, after nearly 2018 year of active aelf (ELF), the Testnest version with avg results was completed. Transaction Time 1 TPS.
  • The expected timeline for Mainnet has not been announced in the Roadmap yet.
  • Competitors: Ethereum, EOS, Lisk, Icon ...
  • Invested by various large and small funds like FBG Capital, Bitmain, Huobi Capital ....
future aelf elf

Should you invest in aelf (ELF)?

Through this article, myself and the team Coin98 try to bring you as complete information as possible about the elves (ELF).

Thereby, can you consult and make your own opinion about the ELF worth investing?

Disclaimer: All information in this article is for informational purposes only (ELF). This is not considered investment advice. Invest Cryptocurrency is a form of risky investment, only participating with the capital you can lose.


Through this article, I hope you will clearly understand the information about copper aelf (ELF).

If you have any questions, comment below the article! Me and the team Coin98 will answer questions for you as soon as possible.

In addition, you can join the Group Coin98 Community to discuss more about the coins / tokens you are interested in.

Hello and see you again in the upcoming article!

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