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What is alre

Following the AMA chain on potential Blockchain projects in the market, Coin98 had a lively discussion with Kunihiro Katsurag - Project Alre COO.

Below are important information summarized from the last AMA session.

Alre is a decentralized data exchange platform built on Blockchain of Ethereum. This is an IFA project developed in 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.

The idea behind this project came from the experience of Kunihiro Katsurag - COO Alre.

Katsurag has been traveling to South America for a while and found the economy and service to be extremely poor. Then Katsurag began to wonder how to make a difference. And that is also the main driving force for carrying out this project.

Data is always available to everyone. Therefore, Katsurag decided to create a platform where people could make money from it. Therefore, Alre will bring opportunities to make everyone's life better.

Why did the project decide to name ARCS?

The name ARCS comes from the desire to turn our token into an arc to connect people around (the arc to connect individuals).

What is ARX token?

ARCS (ARX) is the token that works in the Alre project ecosystem.

ARX ​​is developed on the basis of Ethereum according to ERC-20 standard. And is expected to be released to the market in December 12 through fundraising IEO on the Kucoin floor.

What is ARCS (ARX) used for?

ARCS is mainly used for two purposes:

  • Deals for users: Many users on the Internet do not trust large corporations to provide their personal data for legal purposes. Alre encourages users to provide their information.
  • Right to use Alre service: Companies holding ARCS will be entitled to use data from Alre. After the data has been purchased, users will be rewarded with ARCS. Companies can also provide their services within the Alre ecosystem and require users to pay ARCS for use.

Does the Alre project stand out?

Alre aspires to be the largest data bank in the market. This will be a place where users can benefit from providing information and data to companies and businesses. Companies can earn the most accurate and quality data source.

Alre has 3 main functions:

  • Enter information: Users can enter personal data information such as gender, health, location, links of social networking accounts ... In return users will receive a reward from Alre for their contributions.
  • Save data: The information provided by users will be kept confidential by applying Blockchain technology. Thus data will not be stolen or modified.
  • Use of information: The proprietary APIs provided by Alre will allow companies to integrate applications and data into data banks. In addition, companies can buy data from Alre.

The proprietary APIs provided by Alre will allow companies to integrate applications and data into data banks. In addition, companies can buy data from Alre.

Does Alre have a long-term community development plan?

Currently, the Alre team is planning a community development strategy.

In the Crypto industry, community is a very important factor, including two factors: token holders and users of products / services.

A strong community is key to realizing a project's vision and goals.

How will the demand for ARCS increase in the future?

When ARCS fully develops its platform, the ARX token will have more demand. Earlier, the project will try to form tighter alliances.

What makes investors, customers and users feel safe working with Alre?

Project Alre owns the actual office in Tokyo. In addition, the project also has very close partnerships with many large corporations and companies.

What is the difference of Alre before the current competitors?

In fact, no competitor is big enough to be a leader in the market that Alre is aiming for. Therefore, Alre only tries to focus his best to create the results for the real world.

What is the mission and vision of Alre? What problem will ARCS solve for real life?

The Alre project originates from a vision to bring happiness to people around the world.

In addition, Alre was created to empower individuals to own their own data and identity. This helps them get the value they hold, instead of giving away for free.

This is not a declaration of war against large corporations and centralized governments, but a balancing system that creates fairness between legal data owners and those who want it.

The project will be the next data bank after traditional banking circles.

How many tokens is the Alre team holding? And how can people monitor this situation?

This information will be published on the official Medium page of the project. You can follow up right away here.

Does the project have a long-term marketing plan?

At the moment, Alre has no marketing plan. However, the team will consider this.

What are the services Alre is offering? In many markets, there is a lot of faking fake information, so is Alre an optimal solution?

That's why Alre will deploy DID to maintain the authenticity of the data by connecting the data to the real world!

Why did KuCoin decide to list ARCS on KuCoin?

Kucoin famous for its high level of security. They also have the highest scores in Exchange ranking sites. And when meeting the project team, they work very professionally, honestly and reliably.

In addition, they have really high technology standards. Therefore, KuCoin's decision probably comes from the effectiveness of Alre.

Security, scalability, and data security are three very important aspects at the enterprise level. So, how will the Alre project address these issues?

Currently, the project is using the Ethereum Blockchain. However, Alre is expected to conduct PoC and develop its own chain if necessary.

How does Alre feel about the operational potential of the Vietnamese market?

For the Alre project, Vietnam is a quite potential market. Currently, the team is discussing more development issues in this market.

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