How to Install BitUniverse Application - Grid Trading Bot

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Recently, the application of BitUniverse - Grid Trading Bot has been interested by many brothers in the community.

Therefore, today's article I will guide you how to install BitUniverse in a way that is easy to understand for you to follow.

Do not hesitate any more, let's start too!

Download the application to mobile devices

You can install it by following the link:

Enter your registration email then click Get My Trading Bot.

Install grid trading bot 1

You scroll down or click on the homepage and choose the installation method:

Install grid trading bot 2
For Android

You can install it using the APK file.

Or download directly on Google Play.

For iOS

You can download BitUniverse Pro on Apps Store with a fee of VND 5000.

Or you can download BitUniverse Pro version TestFlight:

  1. Click on the link to download TestFlight.
  2. Open TestFlight.
  3. Accept TestFlight terms.
  4. Install BitUniverse Pro - free.
Install grid trading bot 4
Note: Downloading directly on the Appstore requires a visa card to pay VND 5000. Downloading via TestFlight is a bit more complicated but still has the full features of BitUniverse Pro.

Sign up for an account on BitUniverse

Because the interface of BitUniverse on iOS and Android are relatively similar, so from this part I will take photos on Android devices to guide you.

Install grid trading bot 3
  1. Click the tab Me.
  2. Enter your original registered email address and password. Then press Send let the system send the code to mail.

    You go to the letter and get that 6-digit code and fill in the box Verification Code. Then press SIGN UP.
  3. Perform drag and drop to confirm the system.
  4. This is the interface when you have completed registration.


Above, I showed you how to install and register an account on BitUniverse in the easiest way to understand.

If you have any questions about the article, leave a comment below the article. Me and the team Coin98 will respond in the shortest possible time.

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Hello and see you again in the upcoming article!


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