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This article itself is not in the topic of crypto investment that Coin98 aims to but I think that Coronavirus has been a hot issue of the whole community that each member of that community should have a shared responsibility. hands to support each other, first to understand it, then take precautions.

So, in the context that everyone is watching corona every day, Coin98 would like to send to all readers an excellent analysis article that I think will solve a lot of problems of the You and your friends about this virus, hope that everyone will understand more and know should adjust their habits accordingly.

Let me also say that this article is not mine but I can read it Ms. Nhung, a graduate student working in the laboratory AFMB: Laboratoire Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques at France.

Nhung, as far as I know, is also the person who has done many years of research on this strain of CoV, formerly SARS, then MERS and Ebola. Therefore, what everyone will read next is definitely not a simple information, but will always have the accompanying source, so people can be more assured of the reliability of this article.

I hope everyone will complete this article if they find it helpful, PLEASE HELP COIN98 SHARE IT TO MY FRIENDS AND FRIENDS So that many people can understand more about this corona virus, avoid being affected and worried by unnecessary news!

For now, do not let everyone wait for a long time, please read the following article.

Thanh Le

Founder, Coin98 Finance

The situation shows that Thanh Hoa has been confirmed to have 1 case positive for the new virus n2019CoV. By the way, my teacher urged me to write an article about the results of my coronavirus research over the past few years, so I decided to post an article for everyone at home so that everyone could have more information about prevention and disbelief. on tabloids, look on Facebook and worry less about this new disease.

On 30/01/2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) after 2 urgent meetings on the event of corona virus causing pneumonia originating from Wuhan (China) has officially declared a state of emergency. about public health in the world (PHEIC) because of this virus.

Information sources:

English: https://www.who.int/…/30-01-2020-statement-on-the-second-me…

Vietnamese: https://www.bbc.com/vietnamese/world-51305796

The situation of the disease, the constantly updated data on the number of cases, deaths, and cures that can be updated on the website created by a research center from Johns Hopkins University in the US .


Currently, in addition to two cases of Chinese people confirmed to be positive in Vietnam and cured, three more cases have been recorded but the data has not been updated on the map yet, including one. the case was being treated in Thanh Hoa, but was soon quarantined.


1. The first basic thing that I think should be able to distinguish the difference between "virus" and "bacteria", although they are very small microorganisms that cause disease to humans but different from bacteria, viruses are not considered a "living" when "alone" in the external environment because it is not able to multiply independently and exist independently, in short, nothing can be done until invading 1 living cells (this could be plant cells, animal cells, human cells or even bacterial cells).

By using the materials and machinery working from these host cells, the virus can be replicated (cited from the blog of virology professor Vincent Racaniello from Columbia University in the United States, a blog writes. Simple language about viruses for people who do not do science to read and understand, blog for anyone who can read English http://www.virology.ws/2004/06/09/are-viruses-living/).

Because of this bean-like condition, the virus has the most minimal structure in the world of microorganisms, and the replication rate is also super fast. :))) And also because of the different structure between bacteria (capable of independent replication) and viruses (not capable of independent replication) that CAN NOT USE ANTIBIOTICS (bactericidal drugs) to eradicate viruses.


Antibiotics can be hospitalized because the virus is invaded, the body is weak, so other types of bacteria can take the opportunity to attack, and only in such a case can a doctor appoint an additional antibiotic. Just give birth.

Antibiotics are not a panacea and can not be taken in the same way, rather than killing them, because they will harm the body and community in a different way that I can write in another article if you have free time. :v :v

2. So what is Coronavirus (CoV)?

CoV is a family of viruses with an external structure seen from a microscope very similar to a crown, which in Latin corona means "crow" or that crown. As mentioned above, in order to multiply, every virus needs a host, and so does this CoV, each evolution of this CoV virus is everywhere, CoV (a ) taking host as plant, CoV (b) taking animal host, CoV (c) taking human host.

Normally, viruses and hosts live peacefully together, occasionally causing some illness but the host has defense mechanisms to eliminate or share the peace with him (actually the hosts were initially infected by This virus that has not been able to fight, has been removed from society for a long time : v).

For example, in the case of humans, some people called human CoV often cause "colds" to sneeze and run their nose in people who used to have Decolgen in the past or advertised to have Decolgen to treat them, actually Decolgen is here The main part is paracemol not used to kill viruses but to treat temporary illness symptoms of the body.

Because viruses generally invade our bodies, our immune systems must work at their best to eliminate foreign agents, these processes will generate a lot of energy and lead to fever, and these viruses will work. In every part of a cell, after using raw materials to produce a new virus, it will kill the cell and cause disorders in the body and then cause uncontrollable symptoms, then when the knights kill the strange agent of the immune system that attacks these viruses, it causes inflammation in the body.

In short, there are now many new generations of drugs from different brands with different names advertising colds and flu but in fact, they are composed of paracetamol and compounds to reduce the symptoms, not to kill viruses. By the way, people should remember that the flu is caused by the influenza virus of the Influenza family, not by any CoV family. BECAUSE OF TAMIFLU DRUGS (is a medicine used to kill flu virus) CANNOT BE USED FOR TREATMENT BY COVS.

3. So why is emerging CoV from Wuhan dangerous?

Viruses in general only become dangerous when by accident, the children have changed themselves to jump from one host to another.

For example, in the case that this new CoV was living with animals and now found a fertile land, he decided to jump to people on the grounds that the structure of cells between humans and animals was almost the same. , just change the signal a little bit can be suitable to capture signals and deceive the receptors on human cells for them to penetrate for easy treatment.

Looking back at the history of the disease, the viruses that are so dangerous that they are alarming now are of animal origin, like the SARS-CoV pandemic that caused the 2002 pandemic that was supposed to jump from bats / plows to humans, MERS-CoV recently also came from bats / camels, Ebola with the highest danger level was also thought to be from bats, or the famous H5N1 bird flu also jumped from chicken to human. :))

In short, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact source of the infection, but in general, it is from animals, and especially wildlife (wildlife) because I think wildlife often live in harsh environmental conditions. more so viruses that live on these species must also be stronger and more poisonous in order to fight back :v :v

And the important thing is that when the virus jumps the host through a person, when a new agent enters the body, our immune system has not yet been able to recognize and destroy it immediately, it needs a learning process to know. Who is the enemy, but the enemy here (ie virus) as mentioned in part 1 is overcrowded and aggressive should lead to life-threatening symptoms.

Then the disease was new, our doctors could not know how the disease would progress, so we could not have the treatment regimen, even as the SARS epidemic in 2002 did not know which virus was among the thousands of the above strains. This earth causes. Then, scientists have not been able to study the mechanism of replication and disease of the new virus is what to find new treatments.

Then there are many questions that have not been answered yet, but the virus with the fast-hitting criteria will not wait for us to find the answer, so of course there will be many cases of illness that cannot be saved. at the beginning.

Fortunately, in this pandemic, it was determined early because of the virus, the n2019CoV virus from Wuhan is very close to SARS-CoV, so the symptoms are similar. said we were a little prepared, not tracing from zero.

Currently, there is no specific medicine, which can kill this CoV virus immediately and always, but doctors have developed treatment regimens to reduce the potentially fatal symptoms caused by this virus. such as high fever, shortness of breath, pneumonia, respiratory dysfunction.

The goal is to help the body overcome dangerous conditions and then the immune system has time to recognize this new pathogen and remove it, and then the disease will end. It only takes time and adequate resources + resources to care for those who are sick.

So NEED TO AVOID PREVENTION TO VIRUS WITHOUT A LOT OF MECHANISM pandemic and the chance for those unfortunate virus infected to be cared for and fully supported to recover early will be higher.

4. So how to prevent this virus or any other virus?

These days, I've seen a lot of people sharing so I hope everyone knows everything, so I just repeated a few key ideas.

The most important thing is always right HAND WASHING because the hand is the most exposed to the surface containing the virus, but because the skin is the body's first line of defense, the virus cannot penetrate through the skin to cause illness, only when exposed dirty hands With parts like the eyes, nose, and mouth, the virus can enter our body and attack our cells.

So yes ALWAYS WASH YOUR HAND with soap or antibacterial gel before touching the upper parts or touching food.

In addition, this CoV virus loves the cells in the respiratory system to attack, so the transmission will also be faster because people are fasting, unable to wear, no one can not breathe, right?

Besides, the movement of people in this era is much and easier thanks to convenient transportation, so the speed of spreading the disease is also much faster. Therefore, if restricted, do not go to crowded places, especially into an enclosed space such as aircraft trains because the ability to breathe the virus will be higher.

Wearing a medical mask now only works to avoid the fluids that may contain your virus splashing around others, but it does not have an anti-virus effect on you.

It is important to use the mask as a regular replacement, not an expensive one, so do not burn money for advertising sales. WHERE IS NO TYPES OF BAGS IN THE MARKET TODAY THRUS VIRUS CAN FILTER, because it is so small in size, the ordinary microscope can still illuminate the fine dust filters of a mask.

Then everyone should be better aware of public hygiene by not spitting indiscriminately, sneezing, runny nose should cover and wash their hands immediately and always, avoid touching the Things will have many people in contact.

People also note that this season often has a disease caused by a virus because as mentioned in part 1, the virus is not a living form so it cannot survive long outside the environment alone, time. Existing airborne also depends on the type and environmental conditions.

Because of the cold weather, viruses are also able to survive longer in the air to make it easier for them to find new hosts, have time to adapt to cause illness, and increase the ability to meet more people to spread more. However, saying that does not mean that it cannot cause illness at warmer temperatures, I think the probability of it being lower is not impossible.

Anyone who wants to read more can refer to the following link of the official health information page of the UK Ministry of Health (https://www.nhs.uk/…/how-long-do-bacteria-and-viruses-live…/).

I think that is why new outbreaks or flu outbreaks often occur at this time of year. So now it is not only this emerging CoV that needs attention but every virus needs attention.

5. So when do you need to go to the hospital for a checkup?

In fact, her symptoms are quite similar to the symptoms of many other respiratory viruses such as influenza, or the human brother CoV mentioned in part 2 causes a cold, so it should be divided into levels and considerations. should go to hospital immediately because actually when a hospital epidemic is the fastest source of infection.

- If you only suffer from symptoms such as mild fever, tired people, cough, runny nose in the mild form, it may be infected with other viruses as mentioned above, but first "isolate" yourself. at home and using fever-reducing medicines, treating flu symptoms to protect those around them.

- If you have more dangerous symptoms such as fever higher than 39 ° C, shortness of breath, respiratory failure, you should go to the hospital for testing samples and are treated immediately and immediately isolated.

Because this is a highly contagious virus, sampling is also carried out according to strict standards by highly qualified people to avoid the spread of the source of disease, testing is done to determine if a sample is This virus infection is also carried out in a special laboratory (level 1 biosafety room), so it is not possible to do it everywhere.

Currently in Vietnam as far as I know, only the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the North and the Pasteur Institute in the South will be eligible for testing related to this new strain of CoV virus.

In addition, the only current method to test for this virus is that RT-PCR is quite expensive, and it will take a long time to run the test and analyze the results, so it is really not necessary. If you have only a few mild symptoms and have no history of contact with people coming from the affected area.

It should also be distinguished from suspected isolated cases (because there may be another virus but similar symptoms) DIFFERENT from those confirmed by specific test of CoV virus originating from Wuhan. Please.

Currently in Vietnam as I mentioned above, only a total of 5 confirmed cases of CoV virus infection of this new strain, including 2 people have recovered. Doctors and scientists from Cho Ray Hospital and Pasteur Institute (who treated directly with these two cases) recently published a report in the world's prestigious medical journal about the first evidence. In the "human-to-human" infection in addition to the "animal-to-human" infection, the incubation period can be shorter in just 2 days, which is different from the previous recommendations when given that Incubation is about 1 days.

Link article here ah https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2001272….

6. Is this vaccine or CoV virus vaccine available soon?

As I mentioned in Part 1, viruses are the most minimal structure, relying only on the host, once it has penetrated, they will have a very close relationship with their cells. so it is very difficult to aim at destroying it without harming ourselves.

In addition, it has the ability to change very quickly thanks to the simple genome, because the purpose of survival is to hide from the enemies (drugs) and suitable for new circumstances, new environments, so it is necessary to find disease-causing characteristics. to create a drug that can kill many viruses of many types at the same time (called broad-spectrum antiviral), but not at the same with the speed of change of these individual viruses.

In addition to creating a new vaccine or drug, it not only takes time to research, research, then you need to test whether it is toxic or not, then you have to add the drug test on humans with many phases. Very long and expensive before being sold widely in the market (estimated from a few hundred thousand to several million dollars for the stage of human drug testing https://www.jhsph.edu/…/cost-of-clinical-trials-for-new-dru…).

The cost of fogging is enough for everyone to understand that not all pharmaceutical companies will invest in these dangerous, but not long-term, treatment diseases. But when not smart at the new drug, the virus may also change for a long time =))))

Of course, according to the researchers, there are still new potential drugs, but that is only theoretical, in fact, they must be slowly 😀 😀

If anyone wants to learn more, you can visit https://www.isar-icar.com/Coronavirus… to see more. This is a summary of the latest information about CoV Wuhan, now updated by the organization of virus and anti-virus research experts in the world.

Finally, those at greatest risk of infection are those physicians who directly treat patients who have been identified as infected with n2019-CoV and who are working directly with suspected viral infections. make practical conclusions based on test results, not those who give miscellaneous information to confuse public opinion.

Right next to a country with a major outbreak that has been able to control the disease so far, close efforts by the Ministry of Health have been closely followed by the WHO's strict guidance and the efforts of these silent sacrifice. Not small.

Currently, with the close cooperation of the world health organizations in Vietnam and the flat world era, it is very difficult to hide information, only if there is no evidence to confirm the specific disease. announced thui.

So people just need to be self-aware for their own prevention, other things are for professional people to take care of, and absolutely do not believe in nonsense sources coming from personal Facebook or not. There is evidence from reliable places.

Where is the tabloid newspaper not only in Vietnam and everywhere in the world also, please don't see the translation from foreign sources. 😀 😀

The article was written and synthesized by me for the purpose of sharing information in easy-to-understand words (actually, it is a bit cumbersome to read) and for sharing reliable reference sources, not a journal article. What is the science supreme?

There are also some ideas that according to my subjective evaluation, so it may not be very standard so people understand 😀

Although I am just a PhD student, I was fortunate to participate in a project sponsored by the European Council in a project combining 7 major universities and 5 pharmaceutical companies in Europe. known for virus research and development of antiviral drugs https://www.isar-icar.com/…/ISAR_News_Vol.28_No.S1_2018-11-….

So anyone who needs more information can inbox me, a lot of information I don't know but can ask my teachers and friends for more.


Source:Ms. Nhung, PhD Student at AFMB: Laboratoire Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques in France.


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