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Cubiex (CBIX)

After the information about Cubiex (CBIX) moved on Binance Chain with BEP2 Token standard. The project has further confirmed that it will conduct IDO on Binance DEX.

So what is so special about this project and where are our investment opportunities? Invite you to join us to learn about the project Cubiex and CBIX Token!

Cubiex (CBIX) is a service Blockchain project in the field of eSport. This is a tokenized social network for the community of eSport players.

The goal of team dev is to connect Gamers all over the world into one ecosystem. In it, they can receive rewards for creating content, participating in CryptoBattle Challenger P1P, livestreaming, or trading in-game items.

Cubiex's goal is to connect more than 400 million Players to the decentralized Blockchain social network. In particular, these players can interact, connect with each other, form a team, or participate in challenging each other.

In addition, features for Content Creators, livestreaming will also help these people earn income.

What is the problem that Cubiex (CBIX) poses to solve?

  • There are 400 million players and Content Creators worldwide, but only a small number of them make a profit from their eSports activities.
  • The demand for experience and interaction between gamers across the globe has not really satisfied the platform yet. The need for a social network allows all game players to interact and make friends with each other, as well as exchange items in the game easily.
  • New gamers lack the incentive to play long term and can actually make money from their participation.

How does Cubiex (CBIX) solve that problem?

By creating an independent platform - Cubiex's social network will help all gamers, players can connect with each other, form a team, or challenge each other with tokens wherever they are.

In addition, Content Creators who produce game-related content such as blogs, articles, and videos all receive Token rewards based on their products to the community.

In addition, gamers in this ecosystem can use services such as Livestreaming games or buy and sell in-game items to make a profit.

What is CBIX token?

CBIX is the Utility Token within the Cubiex ecosystem.

CBIX Token is considered as a means and motivation for all the above components to participate and contribute to the Cubiex ecosystem.

In addition, inside Cubiex there is POWER Token. All internal transactions will be processed through this off-chain POWER Token.

I will explain more about this Dual Token mechanism below.

Basic information about CBIX Token

  • Ticker: CBIX
  • Blockchain: Binance Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-2
  • Owner: bnb1jlm66w38gpfuqr4s2jcfwlcrlx46p05thdnv7g
  • Token type: Utility Token
  • Total Supply: 150,000,000 CBIX
  • Circulating Supply: 0 CBIX (token has not been officially sold, so there is no circulation)

Token Allocation

Token Sale

Token Release Schedule

Updating ...

CBIX Token exchange rate today

What is CBIX token used for?

As I mentioned above, Cubiex uses Dual Token mechanism with 2 types of tokens: CBIX and POWER.

CBIX follows the above BEP2 standard Binance Chain used to access the Cubiex ecosystem. Meanwhile POWER is considered as the internal currency within Cubiex.

POWER is only used in that ecosystem and cannot be transferred out for trading. The ratio of these 2 types of tokens is 1: 1.

Their specific functions are as follows:


  • Use CBIX Token to convert from CBIX BEP2 to POWER. From there use this POWER to access the Cubiex platform.
  • Once you have the POWER gamer, you can use it to: buy in-game items.
  • POWER is also given to Gamers when they win game tournaments.
  • Use POWER to withdraw to CBIX Token and bring it to the trading floor.

Content Creators

They are content producers, blogs, articles, reviews, streaming, or game reports. POWER will be used to pay rewards for these components.


They use POWER to pay Content Creators when the two parties agree to work together. Content viewers on Cubiex can also reward creators with POWER.

One of the remarkable features of this Dual Token mechanism is that he wants to convert from CBIX to POWER Token and can do it immediately at a 1: 1 ratio.

However, when you want to change back from POWER to CBIX BEP2 to put on the exchanges, you will only receive 50% of the corresponding CBIX, the remaining 50% will be vesting within 4 weeks.

Information about IDO Cubiex (CBIX)

At the time of writing this article (July 04, 07), the Cubiex team sent Proposal to perform Token issuance via IDO (Initial DEX Offering).

In case of success, the project will officially IDO around July 22, 07.

The information about this IDO batch I will update you as soon as the official information.

CBIX Token transaction fee

CBIX is BEP2 Token on Binance Chain, so when conducting transactions on Binance DEX, you are subject to the following fees:

  • Transaction fees on Binance Chain's Blockchain network.
  • Transaction fee on Binance DEX.

How to earn and own CBIX tokens

  • Buy directly on the exchanges.
  • Or you can become Content Creators to receive POWER rewards and then exchange them for CBIX.
  • Anyone with POWER can change to CBIX.

How to mine CBIX Token?

It is not possible to mine CBIX Token with miners as it is for BTC or ETH.

But you can earn CBIX Token in the ways listed above.

CBIX Token storage wallet

As a BEP 2 Token on Binance's Blockchain, you can store CBIX Token on all wallets that support this standard:

  • Binance DEX wallet wallet.
  • Trust Wallet, CoolWallet S, Ledger Nano.

CBIX Token exchange

Currently (July 04, 07) CBIX Token has not been officially traded on any exchange. Information about the trading floor, I will update after the official CBIX is listed.

The future of CBIX tokens

To join the Cubiex ecosystem, CBIX is required to convert to POWER. Especially if you want to convert from POWER to CBIX, you have to wait for 4 weeks to receive all the CBIX. This is quite strange mechanism.

Considering the purpose of use and the participation of components, we can easily see, if the number of gamers inside their platform increases, the demand for POWER to use services also increases. In order to have POWER, it is required to change from CBIX, thereby increasing the demand for buying CIBX.

Besides, we also see the need to sell when Gamers, Content Creators receive POWER Reward. They will have a part to change in CBIX. These two trends depend on the participants.

There should invest in CBIX Token

In general, you can see that Cubiex is trying to create an ecosystem that they call a social network for gamers, content creators, viewers to participate, exchange, contribute and receive benefits.

Here are some key points I want to note for your reference, then learn more and make your own investment decisions:

Roadmap / Product

The project has released MVP 1, they plan to release MVP 2 after IDO. In Q4 2019, Cubiex Public Release will be released. This means we do not have an official product until Q4


Some notable names in the list of partners that the dev team put on the homepage: Bravado Gaming (the company specializing in providing games and services in Africa).


CBIX Token is only used for external trading. To join the Cubiex ecosystem, users must trade from CBIX for POWER.

When reversing, users will need 4 weeks to vesting all the tokens they want to exchange. This will somewhat limit the amount of CBIX tokens circulating on exchanges.


Hopefully the last article has helped you to know more about their Cubiex project and CBIX Token.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below the article. Or comment at Group Coin98 Research .

Hello and see you in the next article!


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