What is Defiex Exchange? How to use Defiex Exchange?

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With high returns in a short time, derivative trading is currently one of the choices of many crypto investors. That's why more and more derivatives exchanges were born.

Today I will introduce to you about the derivatives trading exchange - Defiex, which is having an account registration event that gives a reward of 60 USDT to new user.


What is Defiex Exchange?

Defiex is China's margin cryptocurrency exchange. Defiex currently supports 8 major trading pairs with USDT: BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, BCH, ETC, XRP, and BSV.

Defiex's goal is to integrate a separate CFD trading model with less transaction fees, a more transparent market, and asset security for users.

How to receive 60 USDT from Defiex Exchange

Currently, Defiex is organizing an account registration program which gives a reward of 60 USDT. To join, you should follow the instructions below.

B1: Sign up for an account here, you will receive 10 USDT in your account.

B2: To receive the remaining 50 USDT from the exchange, you need to deposit a minimum of 200 USDT into your account.


  • 60 USDT you can trade margin with 100x leverage.
  • Interest will be used as a transaction fee later.

Defiex Exchange review


  • Lowest transaction fee among the current exchanges (0.04%).
  • Unlimited amount of money withdrawn.
  • The exchange organizes many programs with attractive incentives.
  • The interface of Defiex Exchange is simple, easy to understand, and suitable for newbies.
  • High trading leverage up to x100.


  • Slow transactions, deposit / withdrawal takes about 5-10 minutes.
  • The exchange is new so there are not many features.
  • The exchange only allow 1 order to open at the same time.
  • There are not many trading pairs for users, currently there are only 8 pairs.

Instructions on how to register an account on the Defiex Exchange

To register for Defiex, you need to prepare yourself an email or phone number often used.

Register a trading account on the Defiex Exchange

You can download the Defiex application directly from the website https://www.defiex.plus/.

Defiex exchange will soon complete trading on the web.

After downloading the application, you open up and follow the instructions as follows:

[1]: Select "Login / Register"

[2]: Select "Register"

[3]: Enter the required information to create an account and select "Confirm"

  • Enter email
  • Enter the verification code
  • Enter the Password
  • Enter the code

[4]: Enter your nickname and select "Login"

After successful registration, you will receive 10 USDT from Defiex.

So, the images have instructed you how to register Defiex Exchange. Below will be security guidelines as well as KYC.

Activate 2-step 2FA security

Defiex currently does not allow 2-step security with Google Authenticator or Authy code.

In the meantime, the project will add this feature to protect user assets against the threat of hackers.

You should enable this security as soon as when Defiex starts to support. I will update when there is notice from the exchange.

Verify your identity KYC

To verify your identity, you need to prepare yourself an ID card or passport. Here I use ID. Follow the instructions below.

[1]: Select "Account" in the bottom right corner

[2]: Select the humanoid icon above

[3]: Select "Verify identity" at the bottom

Next, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Enter information to KYC

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Document type: ID card
  • Enter name
  • Enter your ID number

Step 2: Download 3 images to verify including:

  • The front of ID card
  • The back of ID card
  • Photo taken with ID card and paper with the name "Defiex" and date of registration of the account

Deposit / withdraw Crypto from the Defiex platform

Deposit / withdraw Crypto on the Defiex Exchange is very simple. Follow the instructions below:

Instructions on how to load Crypto into the Defiex Exchange

You should deposit a minimum of 200 USDT to receive 50 USDt from the Defiex Exchange.

At the main interface of Defiex Exchange, you do the following:

[1] Select "Account"

[2] Select "Deposit"

[3] Copy the address of the wallet to the seller so they can top up the coin.


  • Currently, Defiex only supports a single currency, USDT.
  • Choose the chain accordingly (ERC20, TRC20, OMNI) to avoid losing coins.
  • It will take from 5 to 10 minutes to confirm coin loading to the exchange.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from the Defiex Exchange

Similar to how to deposit coins, you select the "Withdraw" and enter the following information.

[1] Select the appropriate sequence of USDT.

[2] Enter the wallet address you want to withdraw coins from.


  • The transaction will be made for a maximum of 1 hour.
  • For security reasons, you must complete a deposit transaction before you can withdraw your balance from your account.

Instructions on how to use the trading interface on the Defiex Exchange

As snapex, Defiex Exchange provides derivative products to users. Currently, Defiex only offers "Future" to users. In the future, Defiex will offer more new trading products.

Below I will guide you how to trade on Defiex. In the main interface of the exchange, select the "Future" to participate.

Limit order

Here I will guide with the Buy/Long order.

The order placement is similar to other exchanges:

  • [1] Choose the crypto pair you want to trade.
  • [2] Choose the order you want to play: Market order and Limit order.
  • [3] Choose leverage from 5x - 100x.
  • [4] Enter the price you want to order.
  • [5] Set Take Profit.
  • [6] Set Stop Loss.

Select "Buy / Long".

Market order

Market order is similar to Limit. The different part is only that Defiex will automatically choose the best price for traders.

You can find out more about this order by yourself.

With Sell / Short order, you do the same thing.

Experience in using other features on the Defiex Exchange

How to trade margin on the Defiex Exchange

This is the main feature of Defiex Exchange. Trade margin is high, but also comes with high risk. To minimize risk, you should join the group Margin ATM.

To receive the signals as well as share from other experienced people.

How to use the Stop-Limit function at the Defiex Exchange

Currently, Defiex only offers Limit and Market transactions, not the Stop-Limit feature.

When the exchange officially updates this feature, I will update it as soon as possible.

How to use the OTC function at the Defiex Exchange

Currently, Defiex Exchange does not offer this feature. You can only buy and sell coins outside and load them in.

In the future, when Defiex Exchange adds this feature, I will update it immediately for you.

How to use API key at the Defiex Exchange

Defiex has just launched not so long ago, so API has not been available for users yet. However, this feature will be launched in the near future.

When there is a notice from the exchange, I will update immediately for you.

How to get the ref link of the introduction to Defiex Exchange

Currently, Defiex has organized a program to invite you to receive prizes. You can get commission up to 60% of transaction fee.

To get ref link, you do the following

  • [1] At the interface of the app, select "Account" >> "Commission"
  • [2] Copy the link and send it to your friends to register

How to solve the problem of losing 2FA at the Defiex Exchange

At the time of writing 07/2020, Defiex has not supported 2FA features yet. However, if the project later adds this feature, you need to store the KEY code to prevent from the case of phone loss or damage.

How to contact with support department

If you have problems registering an account or trading on Defiex, you can go to the project's Telegram to receive support from the admin: https://t.me/DefiexOfficial

Some common questions when trading coin on Defiex

Should I trade on Defiex?


Currently, Defiex is offering a discount of 10 USDT when registering an account and 50 USDT when depositing money on the exchange. You should enlist to register to receive other benefits from the exchange.

Is Defiex Exchange safe and reliable?


I have not seen any articles or media outlets mentioning that Defiex is less secure or reputable.

What is the transaction fee at the Defiex Exchange?

Defiex only charges the first transaction fee when you place an order. Transaction fee is 1%.

Has the Defiex Exchange been hacked yet?

Not yet

Since launched until now, Defiex Exchange has not been recorded any cases of hacked.

How much is the deposit / withdrawal fee on Defiex Exchange?

Recharge fee: Free.

Withdrawal fee:

  • USDT (ERC20): 1 USDT
  • USDT (TRC20): 0.01 USDT

Does Defiex Exchange have maintenance errors?


Up to now, Defiex Exchange has never had a maintenance error.

Is Defiex a scam?


Which country is the Defiex Exchange from?

Defiex Exchange was established in China.

What is Defiex Exchange's coin?

Currently, Defiex Exchange has no its official coin.

In the future, if there is information about its exchange's coin, I will update immediately for you.

How much is the loading and withdrawal limit on Defiex Exchange?


  • Minimum charge limit: None
  • Maximum deposit limit: None


  • Minimum withdrawal limit: 2 USDT
  • Maximum withdrawal limit of 1 day: None

Does Defiex have app on iOS, Android?


Currently, Defiex is available on Android & iOS, so you can download it to experience.

Which markets does Defiex support?

Defiex only supports derivative products.

In the future, the exchange will launch more new products and features.

Does Defiex have an IEO?


I will update the information when there is a notice from the exchange.


Hopefully this article has brought a lot of valuable information for you about the Defiex Exchange. If you have any questions about Defiex Exchange as well as the reward program, do not hesitate to comment below. The Coin98 team and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Do not forget to access channels to the Telegram channel Margin ATM to get the latest information from the market as well as the experience from the experienced people.

Goodbye and see you again in the upcoming article!

Le Anh

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