What is EDA? Interview with Mr. TD with Grace Pham

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What is EDA

Serialize the AMA string with Coin98 Research Group, just now we had a passionate discussion with Mr. TD - EDA executive director. Below are the important contents that have been summarized from the session AMA Last.

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EDA stands for The Enterprise Digital Alliance - The Business Digital Alliance. This is a new generation of enterprise resource planning management ecosystem built on a value network.

EDA currently includes Consumer Star APP and Odoo System (the world's largest open source).

Overall, EDA is the value network of enterprise data sharing. The network ecosystem brings together the Odoo open source ERP platform with 3 million business users. Qixin serves the SaaS collaboration platform of 100.000 businesses. CS Cons Cons Stars (small program from wechat) serves many famous retail brands with more than 50.000 customers.

The goal of the EDA is to gather the latest enterprise resource management concepts and enterprise-class Blockchain technology. Using new technologies, valuable Internet technologies and artificial intelligence IoT technology.

Who are the potential users of EDA?

Anyone can become an EDA user. This is the foundation launched with the purpose of allowing people to own their own digital assets.

What is the vision of EDA?

Within 5 years will help 100 million people own their own digital assets.

Currently EDA has 8 functional modules. In the future, does EDA have any plan to add more modules?

As for D-ERP (Odoo), there are more than 10.000 modules online.

Does EDA own a token?

You can buy tokens through the platform biki.com and bitsg.com.

How to solve difficult personnel issues when starting a project?

The EDA founding team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of B. Serving more than 100.000 businesses and has developed more than 300 offline channel providers across the country. Covering nearly 100 cities in China.

Currently, the core technology team has been internationalized. These include: Odoo Global Community Director Odoo; Director of IBM big data array; Blockchain expert ... with 20 years of industry experience.

There are also financial experts who have worked at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the Canadian Securities Archive, the TSX Trust Company, the Economic Insurance Company, the Extendicare Company and other businesses. other big karma. EDA has been using this biz model for nearly 2 years and is quite effective.

With the supply chain management system, what is the EDA support for people? Does EDA technology help reduce manpower in supply chain management systems?

With supply chain management module, EDA can use other free system like E-ERP (Odoo).

The platform includes all types of modules suitable for all types of companies. Especially for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), saving a lot of human resources and improving their efficiency.

The bear market has been raging for the past two years. So, what did the EDA team do to survive in this tough market?

In the past 2 years, the market price has dropped, making EDA team forced to focus on technical aspects. Mainly supporting projects in cooperation with EDA. At this point, the EDA token will be increasingly valuable as the team has more practical projects to be implemented.

What is "DERP"? What is the application of DERP in the EDA ecosystem?

DERP stands for Decentralized Enter-prise Resource Planning. Decentralization here is not completely decentralized but distributed to a certain extent. That is the concept of decentralized enterprise resource planning.

EDA integrates the best ERP technology into the value network through a layered System Architecture enterprise. Manage digital resource planning from decentralized businesses including new decentralized enterprise applications, distributed ledgers, distributed shared data, distributed shared storage, and computer environments Other special decentralization.

The EDA value network is built on the basis of the shared EDA ledger and is built on the basic Blockchain infrastructure. Blockchain infrastructure is based on core technologies such as cloud computing, big data, mobile internet, RDBMS, artificial intelligence and Internet of things.

EDA Network builds digital alliances that connect businesses. So, what are the benefits of individual customers and retail investors holding EDA in the long term?

Blockchain achieves decentralization through various distributed consensus protocols.

Decentralization is distinguished by the following five logic:

  1. Who maintains (stores / exchanges) the transaction ledger?
  2. Who is authorized to decide whether a transaction is legal?
  3. Who was the original manufacturer of digital assets?
  4. Who can modify the system rules?
  5. How to profit from digital asset trading?

Value created for sellers: Refreshing existing reviews and bad ones is not good

Advertiser value: Create transparency for data collected, avoid virtual data from seeding armies.

For user values: Record user behavior and value contribution. The higher the POCP value, the more contributions and the more valuable distribution and incentive tasks.

Active value of the product: Products must be valuable to retain customers for a long time. POCP is an essential leverage in social money.

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