Metamask wallet: Instructions for installing and using Metamask

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metamask wallet

In this article, I will guide you to install and how to use the Metamask wallet in the simplest and most detailed way possible!

Au au! Let's begin.

Metamask is a plugin, an addon that allows you to run an Ethereum Dapps right in your browser. With the aim of making Ethereum easy to use by many people.

Currently, Metamask supports Chorme, FireFox, Opera and Brave browsers.

Instructions for installing Metamask

Installing Metamask addon is quite simple. Here I will guide the installation on the browser Chorme. Other browsers you do the same!

Step 1: Install Addon

Brothers to visit Then follow these steps:

Get chorme extention> add to chorme> add utility> done.

After the add is complete, you will see the Metamask icon on the browser like this:

Step 2: Create a Metamask wallet

Brothers click on the fox icon as shown above. Then click Accept.

Next, you read term of use and scroll down to click Accept.

Then, you choose the password to login Metamask and press Create.

Metamask will give you 12 keywords. This is used to recover your account if you forgot the password.

Note: These 12 words are very important, you should write them down or save them.

After you have definitely saved these 12 words, click I've copied it somewhere save.

And BOOM !!! This is done creating the Metamask wallet.

Step 3: Login to Metamask wallet

Each time you close the browser, Metamask automatically logs out. This means that you need to log back into your Metamask wallet every time you need to use it.

To login Metamask wallet, you just need to enter the correct password and press unlock .

Instructions for using Metamask wallet

Get ETH / Token.

The receipt is simple then. You just need to click on the 3 dots and select Copy the address clipboard to get wallet address.

Then, ask the sender to transfer ETH / Token to that wallet address.

Deposit ETH / Token

To transfer ETH or token, click the button Send.

Then enter the wallet address you want to send, the number and press Next.

Next, you adjust the Gas limit and Gwei accordingly and press Submit .

How to add MyEtherWallet wallet to Metamask

The purpose of this is to help you easily transfer money, manage your MyEtherWallet wallet balance without having to log in directly.

If you do not have a MEW wallet, you should read the instructions in your article below:

To add MEW wallet to Metamask we do the following:

You choose the symbol Account then select Import Account.

Next, there will be two options Private Key , and JSON File.

Here, I select the Private Key and enter the Private Key and then press Import.

BAM! So I have successfully added the MEW wallet to Metamask.


So I have instructed you how to create and use Metamask in a specific way, the easiest to understand! Hope it will be useful to you.

Coin98 has made a video about Metamask below for your convenience:

If you have any questions during the installation or use, please leave a comment below so I can answer for you as soon as possible !!

Hello and see you in the next article.

Le Anh

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