5 Experience Using Grid Trading Bot To Optimize Profits

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experience using grid trading bot

Within 10 days, I have collected + 10.52% profit using BitUniverse's Grid Trading Bot.

I have a choice AION / BTC pair. This is a pair of coins that I recently researched and found it quite suitable for Grid Bot trading.

experience using grid trading bot 1

Early in 2019, from February 03 to February 02, Grid Bot has made a total of 138 transactions with a profit of 9.77% according to BTC.

experience using grid trading bot 2
experience using grid trading bot 3

After retesting the assets in the portfolio, your total profit reached 10.52% (from $ 290.80 to $ 321.38).

For me, this is a pretty big achievement when trading in a market near Sideway full time. Moreover, I also do not take much time due to the Bot has completely supported.

Within the scope of this article, I will share my experiences when I use Grid Bot.

Please pay attention to read and bookmark this article! Because setting up a trading Bot with stable profits is not easy.

However, once you know how, it will bring great effect and save you a lot of time.

Why is that?

Since December 12, prices Bitcoin Not much volatility. Bitcoin Sideway ranges in price from $ 3150 to $ 4200.

When Bitcoin fluctuated between 2019, GridTrading was not the optimal trading method. However, Grid is still very effective in the short term. Especially effective for Altcoin, fluctuating with a large amplitude in the short term. It is quite possible to make a big profit 3-4 times higher than the period of Bitcoin's low volatility at the beginning of the year.

Instead of choosing to become a HODLer, I decided to explore an alternative with the Grid Trading bot for the Sideway market.

Grid Trading Bot will allow you to make big profits from the sideway as well as quickly beating volatile coins.

One 2h BitUniverse

6.22% profit after only 3 hours running Grid Trading Bot ONE / BTC

For those who don't know: ONE is a token of Harmony, new listing floor after IEO on Binance. New time list floor is a time of sensitive, strong fluctuations.

Grid trading mechanism of Grid Trading Bot

Grid trading Bot is the name of a function in the BitUniverse app.

It will allow you to place multiple orders at the same time in the market and you can use bots to trade automatically without having to observe the market frequently.

Grid trading Bot will allow you to place buy and sell orders above and below the price. From Grid - net, a reference to the way the Bot trades.

Grid Trading Bot is very suitable for Sideway market due to its fluctuating characteristics in small price range.

The thicker the grid you set, the more you will be able to make profits because of the higher ability to execute orders.

experience using grid trading bot
experience using grid trading bot 5

In the picture, the blue lines are the prices for which I placed the Grid Trading Bot order. The yellow line is the assumed path of market price.

  1. I set up the Grid Bot to start and buy from price A.
  2. When the price goes up, the Bot will sell tokens in turn b1, b2 and b3, respectively.
  3. The price peaked at X.
  4. Then, Bot automatically acquires at the price of m3, m2.
  5. Finally the price returns to the original price = A.

After 5 moves of the market, I summarized the profit in 3 orders:

Using bots to trade in the form of a grid like this, you will earn a stable profit in the Sideway market.

The faster the sidewalk, the larger the amplitude, the more orders you match, the higher your profits.

The secret to choosing a pair of coins to trade with Grid Bot

My top criteria is to find Sideway pairs to trade. I divided myself into 4 options as follows:

  • Altcoin / Stablecoin (USDT / USDC, ...): pairs like this, I see only the new top long-term Sideway coins, the rest is quite risky.
  • Altcoin / BTC - these are the pairs that I observed with great potential.
  • Altcoin / ETH - The amplitude of fluctuations is quite large, suitable for short-term grid (<1 week)
  • Stablecoins / Stablecoins: Grid of these pairs is not high, but ensure regular profits and certainly no losses. Possibly long grid.

Each person has a different amount of capital and a different time fund. Therefore it is difficult to set up the same way for everyone.

The experience in the next section I share is only my personal opinion after using the Grid Bot.

5 Experience When Trade Coin With Grid Trading

Grid Trading is an effective strategy. However, everything has its weaknesses.

You will not achieve the desired profits if you do not master the Grid Bot. Here are the mistakes I made when trading with Grid Bot:

# 1: Choose the Sideway pair the amplitude is too small

On February 03, I grided the NEO / USDT pair. NEO's chart is quite nice, sideways and large volume. However, the amplitude of price fluctuations is too small, so the price touched the grid very little.

I have been running the Gird bot for 4 days (February 03 to February 02).


As a result, only 15 Transactions were matched and earned a mere 0.23% profit (including transaction fees).

experience using grid trading bot 6
#2. Do not set Stop Loss

This time I chose the trading pair NPXS / ETH. The price range is quite large, so in 7 days Grid Trading Bot has matched 174 orders and earned 10.96% of the profit.

However, after the NPXS price plummeted, Grid Bot continued to buy more NPXS. The price finally fell below the Low Price mark.

And I had to stop Grid Bot and sell off at 0.00000488 ETH.

Final result: 0.6% interest.

The NPXS / ETH pair is a relatively risky trade pair because of its pump dump. Placing a Stop Loss will ensure the safety of your investment.

experience using grid trading bot 7
# 3. Setting Profit per grid too high

On Binance Exchange You can analyze the "Amplitude" of candles to assess the price movement.

experience using grid trading bot 8

Amplitude is the percentage (%) of the price difference of the lowest and highest price of a candle.

In the picture, it is 1.21% according to the hourly chart of ETH / USDT pair.

If you set the desired interest rate of a grid of 1%, then on average each hour you can match 1 Transaction.

If you set the profit per grid (profit per grid) too high, the number of orders matching will not be high and profits from Grid Bot too.

# 4. Transaction fee

Another point you need to pay attention is the transaction fee. Each exchange has its own way of calculating fees.

For Binance, if using BNB to pay transaction fees, the total purchase and sale fee: 0.15%, and for Huobi it is 0.4%.

So you need to pay attention to this point to set up a proper Grid Bot.

I usually set the grid so that profit per grid from 0.5% to 2% is the best profit guarantee.

# 5. About number of grid

Setting a high grid number means that you divide your capital more times. The profit per grid is 1%, but if you have 10 grids, you will earn 0.1% on the total investment (excluding transaction fees).

experience using grid trading bot 9

I have placed a grid for BNB / USDT pairs of 30 Grids. This means dividing your capital 30 times.

The profit on each grid is 1% => The profit on the total amount I invest in this grid pair is 1%: 30 = 0.033%.

If we matched 100 orders, we would have gained 3,3%. As you can see on the picture, although matching 96 Transactions, the Grid profit is only 2,55%.


Grid Trading Bot is likely to become an extremely effective profit making tool in the Crypto market this year.

However, using it to make the most profit, you need to pay attention to the experiences you share in this article:

  • Choose a pair of Sideway trading with a sufficiently large margin.
  • Always put a Stoploss.
  • Set appropriate grid, should not set too high will reduce your total profit. Also do not set too low will be difficult to match.
  • Note the transaction fee of each exchange to set up with appropriate profit per grid.
  • Volume. This is the minimum requirement of trade coin. You should choose a trade pair with enough volume to match the order!

Experience trading coin with bot is really an interesting experience. Profits depend entirely on the chart you choose and your settings.

If you choose a suitable trading pair and set it correctly. The brothers' job then was to let the bot run on its own, checking profit daily. When the profit from the grid is large enough, even if there is a stop loss, I still have a profit.

Here are my achievements and the team achieved using the Grid Trading Bot.

experience using grid trading bot 10

I'm trying out some experience using new bots and settings for other coin pairs. After use, may share it for your reference. Remember to follow your next posts and the team Coin98 For more updates!

Thank you so much for watching your sharing on the Grid Trading Bot. If you have any questions about GradTradingBot, you can comment below. Or alternatively you can discuss directly with you at: https://t.me/BitUniverseVietnam.

Thank You again, Cheers!

experience using grid trading bot 11


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