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Coin98 App

First of all, I want to thank all the community members who have trusted and been with Coin98 for the past 2 years.

Coin98 - Crypto Super App is one of the dedicated products of the Coin98 team to its brothers in crypto space. The goal is to help you access the most mainstream, reliable and fastest knowledge about the crypto market.

I am also very happy to inform you that in less than 70 hours of launching, Coin98 App has received the attention of more than 10,000 users who register and use the application.

Because the app is quite new to many brothers, my team receives a lot of basic questions when using the App. This will be the FAQs article to answer all the questions that you are most interested in (I will update continuously).

You wonder what the problem is Control + F to search keywords to search quickly.

Start writing yourselves!

You download directly to mobile devices on the official app stores here:

Here I take an example with Android:

  • [1] Go to Google Play store, search keywords: Coin98. Then select on application Coin98 - Crypto Super App.
  • [2] Click Install to start the installation.
  • [3] Select Open to start opening the App.

Thus the App download process is complete.

Instructions for installing Coin98 App

When opening the App, you install the following steps:

[1] Select the language used in the Coin98 App.

The App supports you in 2 languages: Vietnamese and English.

[2] Enter your registered phone number & Enter Ref Code referral code.

Who introduces you using App then enter the Ref code of that person. You can support yourself by entering Ref code = C98IEFRZWU dentist. I will regularly have research & Report articles on the App.

The system will send OTP code to the phone number you have registered. Enter this OTP code.

If you are a new user, you will need to enter your password and confirm your password. Or if you have already registered, just enter your password.

[3] Select Done for the Confirm section.

Some notes:

During the installation of this App, you may encounter the following error:

With this error, you completely turn off the App and turn it back on is OK.

Coin98 App user guide

Here, I will quickly introduce the Screen on Coin98 App.

Usage is very simple, you can find out more or watch the detailed video tutorial of Coin98 App below.

Before going into the details of each screen on Coin98 App, I note here some actions you need to do to ensure the smooth and safe use of the App.

The following list is organized in order of priority:

Restore TomoChain wallet

For you guys who have TomoChain wallet.

  • [1] At Wallet >> Select Restore Wallet.
  • [2] Enter the Key or Passphrase and press Restore.
  • [3] Restore successfully. The list of tokens currently in the wallet will appear here.

Note: This wallet will be used to receive gifts, redeem gifts, games, & Dapps on Coin98 App.

Create a new wallet on Coin98 App

For new brothers who don't have wallets.

  • [1] At Wallet >> Select Create Wallet.
  • [2] Confirm, click Create.
  • [3] Save the Passphrase Key & Private Key >> Done.
  • [4] Successful wallet creation. The amount of tokens in the wallet you receive will be displayed here.

*** Note [IMPORTANT]:

If you do not save the Private Key or Passphrase, when you remove the App and log back in, the previous address will be lost. All tokens saved in the previous wallet will also be no longer available.

This wallet will be used to receive gifts, redeem gifts, games, & Dapps on the Coin98 App.

Enter wallet to receive C98 reward

This is the wallet used to receive C98 tokens when you complete the task.

Note: This wallet is for reward only, you must save all your private keys carefully. Otherwise will not be able to access this wallet.

Enter wallet to receive reward from Coin98

[1] Go to Profile and select "Update the reward wallet here"

[2] Enter the wallet address (you must save the private key)

[3] Done, the amount of your previous C98 will show above

Deposit tokens

  • [1] At Wallet >> Click the Send icon.
  • [2] Enter recipient address & number of tokens to transfer. Confirm by dragging the Slide bar. You can scan your friend's wallet address without having to enter it.
  • [3] Confirm the transaction.
  • [4] Successful transaction. You can check the transaction information by clicking Transaction Details.
Get the token

  • [1] At Wallet >> Click the token icon.
  • [2] Give the QR code of the wallet address to a friend to scan. Or you can copy the wallet address and send.
How to redeem gifts (Redeem) on Coin98 App
  • [1] In Store, select items that want Redeem.
  • [2] Click Redeem.
  • [3] Enter recipient information.
  • [4] The Coin98 team will send and deliver these items to you.

Chu ý: The Redeem person will have to pay the Shipping Fee. With some items like Cards, or Coupon Coffee, you will receive codes right on the App.

Below are instructions for using other basic features on the Coin98 App.



News Feed: Includes brief research articles about a certain angle of crypto presented in infographic format for you to follow.

You can interact Like, comment or share similar to the popular social networks today.

In addition, there is more Kudos part by C98, I will talk more clearly below.

Flash News: The latest information has been synthesized & verified by the Coin98 team.

Events: Includes detailed information about Crypto and Blockchain events around the globe.


Market: Includes general information about crypto market (Market Cap, Volume, BTC Dominance ...), Long / Short Ratio on the exchange ...

Note, when clicking you will see the Heat Map MA line table by the time frame. From there, you know the overall trend of the top coins & make a Long / Short decision.

All Coins: Contains information all cryptocurrencies currently on the market today.

Terminal: You can understand as simple as small tools to help users check market information. Because quite a lot of tools & simple usage, you can find out more!


  • The data about this crypto is real time, i.e. how the market fluctuates, it will be updated immediately on the App.
  • Data provided officially by Coingecko - one of the largest websites providing Data Market in the field of crypto, so you are completely assured. Coingecko has also been a partner of Coin98 since February 02.

This is where the information related to the user's wallet is stored.

  • Wallet: You can see the list of tokens in the wallet (created).
  • Earn: The place allows you to perform quests to earn more C98.
  • Swap: Allow users to swap directly TOMO to C98 or swap back from C98 to TOMO.

Chu ý: Only VIP Accounts can swap backwards from C98 through TOMO.


This is a "store" of actual items, you can use C98 to redeem these items and use them.

Currently, there are many types of items in the "Available" status on Store Rewards: T-Shirt in crypto, Ledger Nano S, USB, Voucher Cafe, Mobile Card ... and some other items.

The Coin98 team will constantly update new items on this Store. You only need to do the task, owning C98 can redeem items.


This can be considered as a library of crypto for all brothers who want to learn more in-depth information about crypto.

Token: Here are brief but important information related to each cryptocurrency. This information was researched and verified by myself and the Coin98 team before being uploaded to the App.

Realtime token information is provided by Coingecko. So you can be assured of the accuracy of the information.

Articles: Allow you to read all of the Articles above right on the Coin98 App.

Videos: All the videos about crypto produced by Coin98 can be found and viewed here.

Reports: Including Reports, Research on crypto by the Coin98 team. In addition, there are also reports from Coin98's partner units such as Coingecko ...

FAQ - frequently asked questions with Coin98 App

What is the Coin98 App used for?

Coin98 App or full name is Coin98 - Crypto Super App is a Dapp for users Cryptocurrency all around the world.

You can go up there and search for all the information on the crypto market & more. Some salient features of Coin98 App:

Store allows users to redeem gifts when they have C98 tokens

This is a useful feature for all end users like us. C98 is converted into real and usable items, rather than the numbers displayed on the wallet.

C98 is the token used on the Coin98 App

Users can earn C98 by performing tasks & using tokens to redeem many items right on the App Store.

Quality research articles from the Coin98 team

You rely on these research articles to know specific insights specific to each segment of the market. From there, make your investment decisions.

I will post research & report on Coin98 App continuously. The brothers only need regular access to monitor.

Flash news

The latest and most accurate news from the crypto market worldwide will be updated as soon as possible on the App. Coin98 always has an online team to search, confirm & process news posted on the App.

Look up in-depth information related to tokens

This information was researched and verified by myself and the Coin98 team before being uploaded to the App.

Realtime token information is provided by Coingecko. So you can be assured of the accuracy of the data.

In addition, there are many other useful features for users such as crypto event information, Coin98 App also analyzes articles about tokens, markets or Research, Reports from Coin98 or Coingecko team. ..

What is C98 token?
  • C98 is the Utility token used within the Coin98 App.
  • This is a token issued according to the TRC-21 standard of TomoChain.
  • The total supply of C98 is 100 million tokens.
  • C98 tokens are not issued through any token sale, or ICO programs, IEO. All C98 circulating on the market is earned by users on the App by performing tasks. Or swap from TOMO to C98.
  • C98 Holders can use tokens to redeem items in Store Rewards. In the below, I will explain more clearly about how to use C98.
What is Kudos?

Kudos is the brothers rewarding C98 tokens for authors who provide quality content on Coin98 App.

How to reward (Kudos) for writers?

Below each article you like >> Click on Kudos >> Select the amount of C98 you want to give >> Kudos.

How to get referral code Ref Code

  • [1] Click on the Profile icon in the upper left corner.
  • [2] Select the Invited item.
  • [3] Click on the QR Code icon. In this step, if you can enter the Ref Code of a friend who introduced you.
  • [4] The screen shows QR Code Ref. You can give this picture to your friends scanning the code. Or click on Ref Code below to copy send to friends.

Referral will receive 2 C98. This is also one of the ways to help you earn the most C98.

Or you can follow the instructions in the following Video:

Has the price of C98 increased?

C98 token is designed to increase value according to users' needs.

Some highlights about C98 are as follows:

  • Total supply 100 million C98.
  • Cannot print more.
  • No Public Sale, Private Sale or any round of ICO, IEO sale.
  • All tokens circulating in the market can be obtained from users on duty or swap from TOMO.
  • All C98 tokens that users redeem (redeem) will be: 90% C98 will be permanently burned out of circulation. 10% will be put into the Coin98 Charity Foundation. The amount of Redeem you can check realtime at the following bot: This will help reduce the total market supply of C98.
How to get more C98 tokens

To get more C98 tokens, you can do the following:

How 1: Go to Wallet >> Earn >> Perform tasks.

  • Perform the tasks on the Coin98 App: Link Facebook / Telegram, Daily Checkin, Link Chatbot.
  • Ideas & Bugs Contributes: You contribute Ideas or Bugs to Coin98 team so that your team can improve and serve you better on the App.
  • Join some Games on Coin98 App.

How 2: Become a Coin98 Partner, post research Articles to the Coin98 App and get Kudos from users. This way you can get unlimited C98 based on your quality content on the App.

How 3: Swap directly from TOMO to C98.

How 4: Transfer C98 to each other. As a token on the TomoChain platform, you can transfer to each other as usual.

Note, in the wallet there must be TOMO as Gas fee.

What is a redeem item?

That is, the brothers use C98 earned in exchange for real usable items.

How to earn C98 brothers can perform as the above suggestions.

Why can't I redeem items?

This error is because there is not enough TOMO in your wallet as a Gas Fee.

When redeeming items, the backend will have a C98 transfer. So a Gas Fee is required.

C98 is a token on the network Blockchain of TomoChain, so a small amount of TOMO is needed to make the transaction fee.

Overcome: You send a small amount of TOMO to that wallet address to make transaction fees on TomoChain's Blockchain network.

How do I log in but get an error?

Error as shown below.

You do one of three ways:

How 1: Turn off the App >> Open it again.

How 2: Uninstall App >> Reinstall.

How 3: Restart the device. If it still does not work, then it is possible that you have not granted the App full permissions so the error is reported.


  • [1] Go to the Settings section of the phone.
  • [2] Click on Coin98.
  • [3] Select Permissions.
  • [4] Give the application full rights.

After that, you turn off the App and go back in.

Why register and create a wallet with TOMO

When creating a new wallet, our team will send a 0.01 TOMO amount to the wallet address for you.

The purpose is to redeem gifts. This amount of TOMO will be used as Gas fee on TomoChain's Blockchain network.

Without TOMO in the wallet, it is not possible to redeem gifts, or make transactions.


  • You should not swap this amount of TOMO 0.01 into C98, because you must have it to make Gas Fee.
  • If you use up this TOMO, you can deposit additional TOMO from outside to make gas.
How to do Partners on Coin98 App?

Brothers direct inbox @imlethanh to discuss cooperation.

Error linking to Facebook?

This error can be caused by the unstable Facebook API, some people do, some people do not. You can wait and redo the association with Facebook later.

The missions if not done are still there, so there is no fear of losing tokens.

How to earn 7 C98 tokens in 07 days?

This is the user incentive program of Coin98. You will receive 7 C98 while maintaining login for 7 consecutive days.

Note: The program will take place only once.

Your FAQs are still being updated regularly by the Coin98 team to best serve you.

Follow my research articles on Coin98 App via Ref Code: C98IEFRZWU

Thank you for supporting Coin98.

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