What is the Hyper Speed ​​Network (HSN)? Interview with HSN with Grace Pham

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Hyper Speed ​​Network AMA

The Hyper Speed ​​Network (HSN) is the world's first 5G integrated app ecosystem, using Blockchain technology to create a strong security mechanism.

Recently, HSN held two meetups in Vietnam with a large number of users participating. With the vision of 5G and the strong development of Blockchain, HSN is looking forward to a future of high-speed secure 5G network.

In the plan to popularize new projects to Vietnam market, Hyper Speed ​​Network (HSN) has cooperated with Coin98 hold a vibrant AMA session at community group Coin98 Finance.

Following are the important contents summarized from the AMA with 4 guests from the project. Including Tommy Chai - Co-founder and CEO of HSN; Peter Jia - Co-founder and COO of HSN; Richard Sheh - CTO of HSN; Daniel Sun - Chief Scientist from HSN and Frank Cui - Chief Adviser.

The Hyper Speed ​​Network is the world's first 5G hybrid application ecosystem. The project will focus on complex scenarios for 5G adoption in everyday life.

Overall, Hyper Speed ​​Network is a Blockchain Platform, focused on building a high-performance, low-cost platform. Lets build applications that leverage the power of 5G networks in everyday life.

Some areas HSN is targeting: Streaming VR / AR, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Smart City, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) ...

What is the value of an HSN token created by? What are HSN tokens used for? What role does HSN play in the HSN ecosystem?

HSN plays an important role in the economic ecosystem of Hyper Speed ​​Network. This is the key to overall ecological activity.

The super nodes and edge nodes act as manufacturers to contribute storage, compute and manage network resources to receive HSN tokens.

Application developers need to pay by HSN, ensuring efficient system value transfer throughout the system.

What is the Hyper Speed ​​Network (HSN) trying to solve for the market? Is HSN's market really potential?

In the current 4G era, real-time data transmission is limited to network bandwidth. This restricts applications in related industries.

The 5G feature of low latency and large bandwidth will accelerate the speed of the video communications industry and will be heavily used in smart cities, security systems ...

Hyper Speed ​​Network will create an open ecological model, mutually beneficial partners and long-term development cooperation.

HSN will provide 5G modules, APIs, and SDKs to ease developer difficulties. This saves time for developers to study complex logic and internal implementations. Instead, they will focus more on setting up their own interface.

HSN mainnet has been released and will be gradually applied in the above areas.

Hyper Speed ​​Network (HSN) is the cornerstone project of the 5G era. So, what are the challenges of combining Blockchain technology and 5G?

The biggest technical difficulty of the HSN project compared to other public chains is the need to implement a unique two-tier network architecture.

One of the boundary networks will consist of a large number of boundary nodes. And their job is how to manage these nodes more effectively and effectively than distributed computing and storage tasks.

The HSN team has accumulated nearly 10 years of development experience in IoT field and designed a system called HSN Edge Network to solve these problems.

What specifications does a normal PC need to use its idle computing power?

The HSN node is divided into two categories. Super nodes and edge nodes. Super nodes have high hardware and software requirements. The project will provide appropriate reference configurations for specific groups of people.

However, the requirements for edge nodes will be lower. Also supports multiple software and hardware platforms, including windows, linux, macos ...

Who is the rival of Hyper Speed ​​Network?

So far, Hyper Speed ​​Network has not had any direct rivals.

In this area, the highlight of this project is having practical tools that combine software and hardware solutions.

How many HSN customers use the network?

In the field of traditional communications, HSN has tens of thousands of IoT nodes operating worldwide. In the field of Blockchain, the project owns more than 3.000 customers running related equipment.

In addition, HSN is currently developing the Blockchain basic network infrastructure and related development networks that are about to be released online. You can view relevant transaction information at that time.

What technological breakthroughs does the HSN project have?

We can mention three technological turning points such as:

  1. Encryption anti-duplication technology protects users' privacy while reducing storage costs.
  2. pbft-dpose and consensus pot, improve block efficiency.
  3. Based on 5G, HSN will build a complete ecosystem, users will pay attention API and dApp, reducing development difficulty.

Acceptance is one of the key factors that all Blockchain projects are always focused on to attract more investors. So, what has the Hyper Speed ​​Network done to enhance this adoption trend?

HSN focuses on developing practical applications because the project already has real network equipment in traditional data communications. Moreover, HSN has also cooperated with many major manufacturers, such as Lenovo, Konka ...

Blockchain technology + datacom equipment will initially help the project go further. After that, the data privacy of users will be protected, the cost of use will also be lower than usual.

What advantages does Vietnam have when applying Hyper Speed ​​Network's technology? Does Hyper Speed ​​Network have any development plans in Vietnam in the future?

In Vietnam, there are many potential applications of HSN solutions such as banking security, 5G communications and smart cities.

HSN also thought of a plan to develop stronger in Vietnam and establish a support team.

Recently, Huawei has launched a smart router for 5G network. Does this affect the Hyper Speed ​​Network?

Currently, Huawei's 5G equipment mainly focuses on main devices such as 5G base stations and core networks.

The HSN solution consists of an HSN chain and a 5G MEC module - an important technical device of 5G. HSN's solution does not belong to 5G base stations and core networks.

But they are similar to a terminal module in mobile phones. The bandwidth bandwidth chipset is taken directly from major equipment vendors like Qualcomm.

Moreover, HSN has no need and will never access or detect data sent via the 5G MEC module. Therefore, the impact from Huawei on HSN is negligible.

HSN provides users with basic services such as data storage. There, user data is encrypted and stored continuously. Only users who are authorized or have a key user can access the data. Therefore, data storage confidentiality is guaranteed.

Overall, the impact from Huawei could delay the integration process of 5G coverage around the world. But they can never stop the coming 5G era.

What are the plans for the next 2 years?

Currently, Hyper Speed ​​Network has applied a number of products in the field of smart home and Internet of things. Such as smart lights, smart door locks, smart washing machines ...

Over the next two years, the Hyper Speed ​​Network will evolve further to create its advantage in smart home software and hardware.

What are short-term and long-term goals of the project?

In short, Hyper Speed ​​Network will launch commercial 5G products. Then the next step in the plan is to test the product line online.

After the testing process, the project will integrate 5G + hardware products of Blockchain technology to create a public chain with real application value.

What are the main achievements of HSN? Which milestones are planned in the next 6 months, 1 year and 5 years?

  1. The team will research and develop more, build more partnerships and customers. In addition, HSN will release many SD-WAN technology applications, wireless network technology applications, MIFI products, camera + Blockchain storage solutions and automotive network systems + Blockchain solutions. Mify and HSN Blockchain Explorer products will be launched in Q4 / 2019.
  2. Continue deploying the released Node Master Master (PMN) project. In addition, HSN will actively attract more users in the community to participate and share as well as manage and jointly promote the HSN ecology, sharing return on investment.
  3. Implementing more promotional campaigns around the globe, HSN list on international exchanges.
  4. Launching many new initiatives to support the community.

Where is the next market the team is aiming for?

Hyper Speed ​​Network is promoting worldwide. Especially Europe, America, Austria and Asia. The project has a lot of partners there.

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