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If you were or are Learn about Bitcoin there's one thing you can't help but know about. That is wallet.

In today's article, I will guide how to create and use the wallet in the easiest way to understand so that you can understand and practice right after viewing this article.

OK! Let's get started!

As Coinbase wallet & Coin98 wallet, wallet is one of the most prestigious Bitcoin wallet service currently.

The purpose of Blockchain wallet is just a place to store Bitcoin, not a place to buy, buy and sell. Please note this for me!

Guide to creating Blockchain wallet

In this section, I will guide you to register, login and set up security for Blockchain wallet.

Register a Blockchain account

First, visit to start signing up for an account!

Then, you fill in the information: Email, password, choose me agree with the terms and click continue.

Congratulations message you have successfully registered your account => click Start.

At the same time,'s system sent you an email.

What you need to do is check your email and do the following two things:

  • First: Click in the Yes box. This is my email - Verify account registration
  • Monday: Save ID Wallet at the end of the email - This is the ID so you can login your account.

Notice of successful account registration.

Login to Blockchain wallet

After registration is complete, Blockchain will force you to log in again. Steps to log in Blockchain wallet:

Access to > enter wallet ID> enter password> click Sign in.

Set up Blockchain wallet security

The next, after signing up for any account, you should turn on the two-layer security with Google Authenticator.

Useful articles for you: How to use Google Authenticator

To enable this function, you access:

Then at level 2, choose number 2 as shown below:

Next, you click on the box Enable.

QR code appears, used Google Authenticator to scan and get fill code as shown below.

Notice of successful double layer security!

Instructions for using Blockchain wallet

As of the time of writing, Blockchain wallet is supporting 3 basic coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

And here, I will show you how to create and use these 3 coins!

Create Bitcoin wallet on Blockchain

How to create a Bitcoin wallet on Blockchain is very simple. Follow me, please:

Access to At the top you will see two Send and Receive buttons.

choose Take and Bitcoin wallet address will appear, your job is to save this wallet address to receive Bitcoin from others.

How to transfer Bitcoin to Blockchain wallet

If you do not have Bitcoin, you can enter Remitano floor To buy yourself some!

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If you already have Bitcoin, you just need to paste the Bitcoin wallet address you just took into the receiving address.

For example: I made Bitcoin transfer from Binance Exchange into Blockchain wallet for you to understand!

How to withdraw Bitcoin from Blockchain

Contrary to receiving, withdrawing Bitcoin from Blockchain wallet you just need to select the box Gui.

After that, you need to enter the recipient address, the number of transfers and press continue to complete.

How to create an Ethereum wallet on Blockchain

To create an Ethereum wallet on Blockchain, visit here

Then you select the recipient box, this time the Ethereum wallet will appear. You need to save that address to receive ETH from others.

How to transfer Ethereum to Blockchain wallet

If you don't have Ethereum then you can go in Remitano floor To buy yourself some!

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If you already have Ethereum, you just need to paste the address of the Ethereum wallet just taken into the receiving and trading address.

For example: I made Ethereum transfer from MyEtherWallet wallet into Blockchain wallet.

How to withdraw Ethereum from Blockchain

If you need to use Ethereum to trade or to sell cash, you only need to do the following:

Access to> Click Send> Enter the address of ETH wallet to transfer> Enter the amount to transfer> click Continue.

Those are the steps you need to take to withdraw Ethereum from the Blockchain wallet.

How to create a Bitcoin Cash wallet on Blockchain

Bitcoin Cash has also been supported by the Blockchain wallet (at the time of writing). And the way to create a Bitcoin Cash wallet is similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Brothers to enter > press receive> save wallet address to use receive BCH.

How to get Bitcoin Cash into Blockchain wallet

Currently, in Vietnam, you can only buy Bitcoin Cash at Remitano floor.

In case you already have Bitcoin Cash available on the exchange and then you manipulate the way to transfer Bitcoin offline.

For example: I will move BCH from CoinEx about the BCH wallet on the Blockchain.

How to withdraw Bitcoin Cash from Blockchain

This part is quite simple and it is similar to the Bitcoin or Ethereum withdrawal above.

So, please do not repeat.


Thus, through this article you can understand how to create Bitcoin / Ethereum / Bitcoin Cash wallets on Blockchain. As well as how to receive and send these coins from the Blockchain wallet.

Here are some points you need to remember:

  • Wallet ID - Used to log into Blockchain wallet, so save it carefully.
  • Bitcoin / Ethereum / Bitcoin Cash wallet address - You must save to use.
  • If Bitcoin / Ethereum / Bitcoin Cash is not available - Go to Remitano Market.

Thank you for watching my article. Hello and see you again in the next article!

Le Anh

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