What is Coinomi wallet? Instructions for installing and using Coinomi wallet

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Coinomi wallet

In today's article, I will show you how to install and use the Coinomi wallet.

Let's get started!

Coinomi wallet definition

Coinomi is the leading cryptocurrency wallet service in the world. It supports storage Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens and many other altcoins.

In addition, Coinomi also allows users to exchange coins with each other through Changelly.

Features of Coinomi wallets

Coinomi is a multi wallet wallet that supports storage on five different platforms: BNB, Ethereum, Nem, OmniLayer, Tron.

Currently, Coinomi allows users to store more than 1770 other crypto assets.

Purpose of using Coinomi wallet

Coinomi was founded with the main purpose of storing crypto assets for investors.

Some other information about Coinomi wallets
  • Coinomi was established in 2014, is the oldest multi wallet available.
  • Coinomi is proud to provide native support for over 125 blockchains and thousands of tokens.
  • Coinomi wallets activate SegWit and give over 168 different fiat (the largest number in the storage wallet industry).
  • Currently, Coinomi wallets are supported on mobile devices and desktops.

Instructions to install Coinomi wallet

Step 1: First, you access the link: https://www.coinomi.com/en/downloads/ Then scroll down to download the application.

Currently, there are 5 versions for: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.

Here, I will guide with Windows. Other versions are the same.

Step 2: After successful installation, you open the application and select "Create a new wallet".

Coinomi will give you 24 keyword backup (backup) wallet. If you forget your password or lose your PC or exchange your PC, you can use these 24 words to recover your wallet. You need to take notes and store them carefully, without letting anyone know.

Tick ​​the box and click "Next".

Step 3: Coinomi will ask to confirm the 24 keywords earlier, you enter the mouse in the same order as before.

After selecting, click "Next".

Step 4: Next, you need to set a password. Enter the password in the two boxes below and select "Next".

Step 5: Select the "Coin" or "Token" that you want to display in the Coinomi wallet. Later, if you want you can add more. Select "Next".

Step 6: Select "Accept".

So after creating the wallet, I will show you how to use the wallet in the next section.

Instructions for using Coinomi wallet

Instructions to add coin / token to Coinomi wallet

How to add coins

At the main interface of Coinomi wallet:

Step 1: Select Wallet → Add Asset → Add Coin.

Step 2: Enter the name of the coin to add. Tick ​​choose and click "Add".

Step 3: Enter the password and select "Unlock".

How to add tokens

Step 1: Select Wallet → Add Asset → Add Token.

Step 2: You need to confirm which platform the Token belongs to. Coinomi supports 5 platforms: BNB, Ethereum, Nem, OmniLayer, Tron.

Here, I choose "Ethereum".

Step 3: Coinomi requires you to have an account to add tokens.

Select "Add account".

Step 4: Enter the password and select "Unlock.

Step 5: Enter the name or scroll down to select the Token you want to add and select "Add" as the way I added the coin above.

Or manually enter token information with "Add token manually".

Here, you enter the information of the token including: Contract Address, Name, Symbol, Decimal.

That's it, I showed you how to add coin / token to Coinomi wallet.

Instruction to deposit / withdraw coin / token from Coinomi wallet

How to load coins

Step 1: Choose coin / token to be loaded, I will choose "Bitcoin". Select "Receive".

Step 2: You add BTC to this wallet address. Coin loading speed is very fast, less than 1 minute.

How to withdraw coins

Step 1: Select the coin / token to be loaded, I will select "Bitcoin". Select "send".

Step 2: You enter the wallet address you want to withdraw and the number of BTC. Select "Send".

Advantages of Coinomi wallet

Coinomi is one of the oldest crypto storage wallets that still exists and evolves to this day. It has many advantages:

  • Multi-chain: Supports bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies on the market today.
  • Zero fees: There are no transaction fees for sending and receiving crypto. You only pay transaction fees to the miners.
  • Security and security: Since its inception (in 2014), Coinomi has not recorded a hack.
  • Buy crypto with tokens: Coinomi allows users to pay through Simplex.
  • Support 24/7/365.
  • Lets convert crypto into gift cards of your favorite stores at Bidali.

Disadvantages of Coinomi wallets

In addition to the purpose of storing crypto, Coinomi still does not have many attractive features to attract users.

Meanwhile, emerging online wallet platforms have integrated an entire ecosystem: staking, trading, joining Dapp games ...

Frequently asked questions about Coinomi Wallet

Does Coinomi have a Vietnamese community?

Not yet!

Currently, Coinomi only supports the global telegram community. You can go up there to exchange.

Which coins does Coinomi support?

Coinomi supports tokens of 125 blockchains corresponding to 1770 tokens. Some popular coins like: BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, LTC.

Does Coinomi have Vietnamese?


Currently, Coinomi only supports languages ​​of 6 countries: English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian.

In the near future, the Coinomi development team will support more new languages ​​to serve users.

Has Coinomi been hacked yet?

Not yet

Since its launch in June 06 until now, Coinomi has not recorded any loss of assets from users.

Does Coinomi often have maintenance errors?


Aside from maintenance updates on new features, Coinomi has almost no maintenance errors.

Does Coinomi have an App on your phone?

Currently, Coinomi wallets are available on both CH Play and AppStore. You can download to experience.

Can Coinomi be installed on the computer browser?

Of course!

This is the advantage of Coinomi compared to other online storage wallets today. Coinomi supports installation on Windows, macOS, Linux browsers to help users have many options for installation.

How to contact Coinomi support

When difficulties occur during use, you can go to the link below to find the answer: https://coinomi.freshdesk.com/support/solutions

Or the fastest is that you can join Coinomi's Telegram to ask questions directly and get support from the admin. The admin supports very fast.

You join Telegram by this link: https://t.me/coinomi_official


Hopefully, my last article helped you have a better overview of Coinomi wallet.

And what do you think after this article? Please share your opinion in the comment section or inside Coin98 Finance.

Goodbye and see you in the following article.


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