What is Origin Protocol (OGN)? AMA with Co-Founder Josh Froser and Jane

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Origin Protocol (OGN) AMA

In the evening of February 06, 02, Coin98 had a chance to talk with Josh Froser - co-founder of Origin Protocol.

Following is some brief information in this AMA event.

Origin is a peer-to-peer open source platform. It allows anyone to build decentralized markets and e-commerce applications.

The team of Origin platform is experienced people who have held many important positions of PayPal, YouTube, Google, Dropbox ...

OGN is a token of the Origin Protocol platform released as ERC-20.

How does OGN work in the Blockchain ecosystem?

OGN is basically used in the incentive system for development and is also a way to advertise listings.

You can list the project on the marketplace for free, but if you want your project to stand out on the homepage, you need to pay a commission with OGN.

What is Origin technology developed to develop?

There are four reasons for a peer market to outperform competitors with existing platforms such as Uber, Airbnb and Amazon.

4 reasons are given by Josh as follows:

  1. Low fees, cut intermediaries, both buyers and sellers get better prices.
  2. With less censorship, the peer market is harder to be blocked or closed.
  3. Globalization is fast and suitable for everyone with an internet connection to participate, regardless of whether or not they have a bank account.
  4. Users can earn money by stake in the system to help Origin grow.

What attracts users to invest in a Blockchain company like Origin?

Origin Protocol has existed on the Ethereum platform for a year. Over 120,000 wallets interact with Origin's smart contract on the Marketplace and have created thousands of successful transactions between buyers and sellers.

What is OGN used for?


Users use OGN to make purchases, verify their identities, advertise on social networks, and recommend new users.

Commission / Advertising

To get better visibility on e-commerce and marketplace apps, users need to pay app developers with OGN.

Thanh Toan

The buyer uses OGN to pay the seller when buying goods or using the service.


Users can also use OGN to make money by staking.


Origin token (OGN) is used for the purpose of managing the Origin platform. In the future, OGN holders will have an influence on the development of business policies and platforms.

OGN holders have the right to vote on community management issues and deploy practical applications to further develop the project.

Update project information:

You can refer to and learn more information about the Origin Protocol project at:


Origin Protocol is currently one of the projects IEO most floating Binance LaunchPad when excellence doubled value after launch time.

See the success contributed by 50% from the community and 50% from the project. Origin Protocol will receive much support from the community and further development!

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