What is Bittrex floor? Bittrex floor usage handbook from AZ (details)

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bittrex floor

Bittrex is a name not to be missed for anyone who cares a lot about security. Because most of the floor development team is a former member of large companies like Microsoft, Amazon and BlackBerry.

Besides, Bittrex currently supports more than 190 types Cryptocurrency. Therefore, Bittrex is still a name to be concerned about for those who wish to expand their portfolio.

However, the special feature of Bittrex is not only that. Therefore, today let us learn more about Bittrex as well as how to register and trade on the floor!

Let's start!

Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Seattle, United States. The floor was established quite early, in 2013. Moreover, Bittrex is one of the rare ones through strict legal registration in the US.

In the past, Bittrex was often in the top 3 of the world's leading exchanges, by trading volume.

As I said, Bittrex is the name of the best security today. There have not been any hacks or major incidents on the floor yet. Therefore, you guys do not worry!

Bittrex floor review

  • The volume on Bittrex floor is real statistics, not fake (as reported by Bitwise).
  • Bittrex supports multiple cryptocurrencies, with more than 250 trading pairs, from popular coins to newly launched tokens.
  • Bittrex is free of charge. Besides, you only pay a small fee enough to make transactions when withdrawing coins. This is a very competitive fee.
  • The floor does not require you to provide a lot of information. You only need to declare your name, address and date of birth. Bittrex, through Jumio - a local record check service - can verify more than 100 million people in more than 200 countries.
  • With KYC verification account and with 2FA enabled, you can withdraw up to 100 BTC / day. This is a huge limit. Often on other floors, you have to verify higher to get this level.
  • Transaction fees on Bittrex are quite high compared to the average, all at 0.25%.
  • Bittrex only supports English language. The exchange does not support Vietnamese as well as many other languages. This makes it difficult for some brothers who are not fluent in foreign languages.
  • Bittrex trading floor without Margin Trading.
  • The floor does not support technical via Telegram channel.
  • Bittrex has not developed mobile applications yet.

Instructions for using Bittrex floor

Step 1: Register a trading account on Bittrex

First, you access the link: https://international.bittrex.com/ and select "Sign up".

Then, you enter the email address and create a new password for the account. Note, you should set a password of at least 12 characters long.

You log into the email used to register.

At this time, the floor has sent you an email as shown below. Then, click on "Verify Email".

After clicking "Verify Email", you will be redirected to the "Terms of Services" page (as shown below) for you to read and understand the policy of the floor rules.

At this time, you click on "Accept Terms" is okay.

Normally, after this step, you can conduct transactions on the floor. However, to ensure security, the floor attaches great importance to account verification.

Therefore, you should perform KYC verification according to step 2 below.

Step 2: Verify your identity KYC

After clicking "Accept Terms", you will be redirected to the "Start Verification" page.

In this step, you need to complete the required information, including:

  • Select the city you live in.
  • Enter the name of the street you are currently living.
  • Enter the house number.
  • City.
  • Enter the name of the province where you live.
  • If you enter Ho Chi Minh City, enter 700000, Hanoi, then 100000 in the "Postal or zip code" box.
  • You enter your date of birth in the format: Month / Day / Year of birth.

Continue to click "Start Verification" and select one of the two options "Passport" or "Identity card" (ID card).

You should take three available photos: front and back of Passport or ID / ID card, along with a portrait of yourself. Then upload photos as required.

This ID verification process may take 5 - 10 minutes. After this step, you can trade on Bittrex.

However, to ensure account security and increase the withdrawal limit, please complete step 3, activate 2FA 2-step security!

Step 3: Activate 2-step 2FA security

You log back into the floor with the account registered above.

Then, click on the "Settings" box to be redirected to your account management page.

In the "Site Settings", you click on the second line "Two-Factor Authentication".

This step needs to use the application Google Authentication. If you do not have one, go to CH Play / App Store to download!

Useful articles for you: What is Google Authenticator? Complete guide to Google Authenticator

Once downloaded, please turn on the app and scan the QR code on the screen.

At this time, you will receive a code of 06 numbers. Enter this code in the blank box in the fourth dot as shown.

An important note is that you should save the Google Secret Key in the third dot.

Then, you check your email and click on the link in the middle as shown.

Finally, you continue to enter 6 Google Authenticator codes on the phone screen into the box (as shown below) and click "Enable Two-Factor Authentication".

After completing this step, you have successfully enabled 2-layer security for the account.

For accounts that have fully verified the above factors, you can withdraw up to 100 BTC / day already.

You can go to "My Activity" and check the number of BTC allowed to be withdrawn each day at the "Daily Withdrawal Limit".

Step 4: Transfer money to Bittrex

In this step, I will show you how to transfer BTC to Bittrex. You can follow the same steps with ETH or USDT.

First, click on "Wallets". Then enter the name or code you want to deposit. Here I use Bitcoin As a model, I will enter BTC into the search box.

Finished this step, you click on the blue arrow and copy the wallet address to load coins on Bittrex.

After loading, you need to wait 30-60 minutes to confirm the transaction. You can follow this process in the "Status" section in "Pending Deposit".

Step 5: Buy and sell Bitcoin & Altcoin on Bittrex

To participate in buying and selling coins on Bittrex, click on "Markets". You drag your mouse down the Bitcoin market into the search box with the name or symbol of the coin you want to trade.

Here I will take the example of BTC / ETH trading pair offline!

In the interface as shown below, you can change the trading pair in the left corner.

The remaining corner of the screen is the price chart. You can change the way the price chart is displayed in the Display section.

To buy and sell coins on Bittrex, please pay attention to the "Buy - Sell" box with the following commands:

Order type: Select "Limit".

Quantity: Enter the number of coins you want to buy.

Price: Enter the price of coin you want to pay.

  • Choose "Bid" if you want to buy a bit cheaper. However, the waiting time for orders was quite long.
  • Choose "Ask" if you want to buy now, the price will be a bit higher than Bid (but still not significantly higher).
  • Select "Last" if you want to choose the average and average prices of Bid and Ask.

Total: Total money you have to pay.

Time in force: Brothers leave the default.

Step 6: Withdraw money from Bittrex floor

This step is similar to step 4. You also go to "Wallets", enter the name or coin code you want to withdraw.

Here I still use Bitcoin as a model. Therefore, I will enter BTC into the search box!

After this step, you click on the red arrow and fill in two information as required:

  • Wallet address to withdraw coins (first frame).
  • Number of coins to withdraw.

After checking the information and find that the transaction fee is okay, click "Withdraw BTC" and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

Experience using other features on Bittrex floor

How to trade margin on Bittrex

As I said in the downside, Bittrex currently does not support trade margin.

If there is a need, you can refer to trade margin on other exchanges such as Snapex, BitMax, BitMex, Huobi good OKEx.

How to use the stop-limit function on Bittrex floor

At the time of writing this article, the stop - limit function on Bittrex is being paused to upgrade.

When the floor works again, I will update this guide for you guys!

How to use API key on Bittrex floor

You access to "Settings", select "API Keys" as shown and click on "Add new key".

Then, you click on "Enable" all the options "READ", "INFO", "TRADE", "WITHDRAW" as shown.

You press "Save" and enter the required 6 numbers from Google Authenticator is done this step.

However, note that API Keys only support when you have over 100 BTC.

How to get ref link to introduce Bittrex floor

This is a question that many people ask. But, as I found out, Bittrex hasn't implemented a commission program yet.

Maybe in the future, the floor will consider this. Please wait and see! If there is any news, I will update you immediately.

How to troubleshoot when losing 2FA on Bittrex floor

There are two common situations in which 2FA authentication is performed on Bittrex. Therefore, I will list below.

Not receiving 2FA

The reason why you often encounter this problem is that Bittrex only provided two minutes to confirm 2FA. So if the watch on your phone exceeds that, you won't be able to log in.

Therefore, I recommend that you make sure your phone is always configured to synchronize time with the mobile network.

Lost 2FA

In this case, you can contact support from Bittrex in the ways I suggest below!

How to contact Bittrex support

If you have any problems, you can contact the Bittrex support center through the following ways:

Frequently asked questions when trading coin on Bittrex

Should I trade on Bittrex?

Like I said before Binance, Bittrex was one of the top choices of investors / traders.

Moreover, Bittrex is also on the list of non-counterfeit volumes, according to research from Bitwise.

Therefore, if you are in need of large liquidity, less than 30 BTC / day, Bittrex is a reasonable choice.

Is Bittrex floor safe and reliable? Has Bittrex been hacked yet?

According to my research, Bittrex is a highly secure exchange that has never been hacked.

Moreover, Bittrex also has policy support "Multi-storey storage wallet", make sure 80% - 90% of your accounts are always safe.

In addition, two-layer security is always enabled when you withdraw money.

Therefore, Bittrex objectively said that the floor was quite safe and reputable, up to this point.

How much is Bittrex trading fee?

This is the downside of Bittrex. Transaction fees on Bittrex are quite high compared to the general level, about 0.25% / transaction.

This fee will be a big obstacle for brothers who need to trade more than once a day. For every 10 transactions, you have lost 2.5% of the 10 transactions.

What is the deposit / withdrawal fee on Bittrex trading floor?

Contrary to the expensive transaction fees, like most other exchanges, Bittrex does not charge a fee to recharge.

However, Bittrex will charge a small fee to make your withdrawal transaction possible. When withdrawing money, Bittrex will show you the withdrawal fee immediately.

Does Bittrex floor often have maintenance errors?

Periodic maintenance is the work every exchange does. As far as I know, Bittrex has not encountered any major maintenance error.

However, you can monitor the situation of floor maintenance at the two channels below:

Is Bittrex a scam?

As I have introduced to you, Bittrex is a large legal floor of the US.

Therefore, every move of Bittrex is always strictly monitored by US authorities.

Up to now, I have not heard any fraud from Bittrex. Therefore, you can be assured of this.

What is the address of Bittrex wallet?

You can use etherscan.io to check the Bittrex wallet address.

Here, the exact wallet address of Bittrex is 0xFBb1b73C4f0BDa4f67dcA266ce6Ef42f520fBB98.

However, please note not to transfer coins into Bittrex without purpose.

In case of accidental transfer to a floor wallet, Bittrex will not refund. Or the refund process will take a long time.

Which country is the Bittrex floor?

Bittrex is a Cryptocurrency exchange established by Bill Shihara in 2014 in the United States.

Due to the strict supervision of US authorities, citizens in countries such as North Korea, Iran, Crimea, Syria and Cuba will not be allowed to access Bittrex.

What is Bittrex floor coin?

Please inform you, Bittrex does not currently have floor coins. Please wait! If there is anything new, I will inform you immediately!

Does KYC need to be withdrawn from Bittrex?

All of your Bittrex accounts must be verified to withdraw.

Moreover, the process of identity verification does not take much time but also ensures safety for you.

Therefore, I recommend that you should only deposit and trade after your account has been verified.

Does Bittrex floor support Vietnam?

Currently, our brothers in Vietnam can still use Bittrex floor as usual.

However, the floor does not support Vietnamese. Therefore, this will cause difficulties if anyone is not too fluent in English.

If you want to use Vietnamese support floor, please refer to platforms like Binance, CoinAll.

What is the withdrawal limit on Bittrex floor?

You only need to perform a few basic ID verification steps when signing up for an account and have withdrawn 1 BTC / day.

For accounts with 2FA enabled, you can withdraw up to 100 BTC / day. This is a huge limit. Often on other floors, you have to verify higher to get this level.

Does Bittrex floor have app on Android, iOS?

As I mentioned this point on the downside of Bittrex. Currently, the floor has not developed mobile applications on Android and iOS operating systems.

Therefore, you should be careful not to log into your account on any applications not released by Bittrex. To prevent unfortunate circumstances.

Which trading markets does Bittrex support?

Spot trading is Bittrex's main trading market. You can buy and sell coins through 04 coins Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and USD.

Bittrex will add more new markets soon.


Overall, Bittrex is a notable exchange. The biggest plus point of the exchange is passing Bitwise's true volume assessment test.

Therefore, you can be assured of the liquidity of the floor. They are not counterfeited like many other names in the top 20 floors with the highest volume.

The biggest drawback is still the high transaction fee. If you regularly surf and trade a lot, this is the biggest obstacle.

In addition, I have personally used the customer support feature of Bittrex. And I find their service poor. When submitting support, Bittrex responded very long and the answer was not clear.

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you take a closer look at Bittrex.

If you have any questions regarding Bittrex, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Or send to the community group Coin98 Please!

Hello and see you again in the next article!

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