What is Bvnex floor? Bvnex trading floor manual (details)

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Bvnex floor

Although newly launched recently, the Bvnex trading floor has also gained a lot of buzz from the community, gaining certain trust from Vietnamese traders.

So what does Bvnex have? Does the floor have new features to retain traders? Let me find out in the following article!

Is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The exchange was launched in 2019 with a team of experts from Vietnam, China, Germany ...

The exchange supports major trading markets with VND, USDT, BTC and about 11 other tokens.

Evaluating Bvnex floor


Easy to use interface

Bvnex floor has a quite friendly and simple interface. There is Vietnamese support for you to trade better.

Large draw limit

If not KYC, you can withdraw 1 BTC. When you complete the verification level, you can withdraw up to 100 BTC and there is no withdrawal limit with cash.

Support Services

The exchange supports a variety of support approaches, especially Vietnamese traders. If there is a problem, it is best that you ask at the telegram community of Bvnex.


Little information website

Bvnex trading floor does not have a white paper and information introducing about the specific floor.

Transaction volume

Trading volume of the floor is still relatively low, so when trading time matching order is also longer.

Instructions for using Bvnex floor

Introducing the Bvnex floor interface

At the homepage, you just need to pay attention to:

  • [1] Trading: Go to the Crypto exchange.
  • [2] Balance: Includes account information and transaction history.
  • [3] Order: Including open order, order history, transaction history.
  • [4] Invitation: Site gets referral link and referral ID.
  • [5] Support: News, notices from Bvnex.
  • [6] Account: Manage your personal information.

At the transaction interface:

  • [1]: The trading pairs, Bvnex exchange pairs with BTC, USDT, VNDT.
  • [2]: Price chart.
  • [3]: Buy and sell orders.
  • [4]: The trading order has been matched.
  • [5]: Order box.
Prepare before signing up

To save time to register and quickly switch to the trading step immediately, you need to prepare:

  • Email often used.
  • Phone number.
  • The Google Authenticator application is available in the phone.
  • Some personal papers such as ID card, ID card or passport, utility bill ...
Register an account on Bvnex floor

Brothers access the link http://coin98.net/go/bvnex to go to the account registration page.

Fill in the information, including: Email, password, confirm password and enter referral code (if any).

Then, click Register, drag and drop the image to verify Capcha code.

Another verification code will be sent to your email, copy the string and paste it into the box to complete the registration.

Verify your identity KYC

If your account has not KYC, you can withdraw 1 BTC / day. To increase the withdrawal limit, you need to perform the KYC identity verification operation.

To verify KYC, go to Account → KYC.

Next, fill out the information, including:

  • Surname and middle name
  • Tên
  • Country: You drag to choose VND.
  • ID type: Using ID card or Passport (passport)
  • ID number: Enter your ID number or passport number, depending on the type of ID you choose.

In the next step, take and upload photos of the front, back and selfie photos with ID in case you choose ID. The KYC brothers by passport do the same thing.

Click send to verify and wait for the floor to confirm the information.

note: KYC time of Bnvex floor is usually 2 working days.

Activate 2-step 2FA security

This is a fast, simple but very useful security operation. I always advise you to enable this feature if the exchange supports it.

note: Please save the 16 characters private key for backup in the unlikely event.

Also in the same account interface, you select "Activate now" in the Google Authenticator Code section.

Brothers open the application Google Authenticator In the phone and scan the QR code, then enter the code into the box.

Transfer money to Bvnex trading platform

Bvnex exchange only supports Vietcombank when transferring money to the floor.

To transfer money to the trading floor, you choose to go to the balance site → find to VNDT. Click deposit and enter the amount to transfer.

Next step, enter the amount to be transferred and click "send".

note: You need KYC before you can deposit VND into the exchange.

Buying and selling BTC and Altcoins on Bvnex


On Bvnex, you can buy BTC with Crypto as well as buy BTC directly in VND. And the transaction is quite similar.

Here I will guide you how to buy and sell BTC:

  • First, you go to the trading site. At VNDT, click BTC.
  • Enter the price you want to buy BTC and enter the number of BTC. On Bvnex, you can choose the percentage of capital to buy.

note: You need to make a deposit to the trading floor.

Sell ​​BTC

A BTC sale is similar to a BTC purchase.

You enter the price BTC wants to sell and the amount. Then press the Sell BTC button.

You can adjust the purchase percentage by selecting the percentage currently displayed in the transaction.

The process of buying and selling is quite simple, right?

Deposit / Withdraw Crypto from Bvnex Exchange

Deposit Crypto into Bvnex trading floor

The way to transfer Bitcoin and Altcoins is the same, so I will show you how to load Bitcoin into the floor.

You copy the address of Bvnex wallet, then perform the coin transfer operation at the exchange you are storing coins as usual.

Wait for the authentication time and receive a message to announce the successful deposit of BTC!

Withdraw Crypto from Bvnex Market

Click on the balance then find the Crypto you want to withdraw from Bvnex and then click Withdraw.

You enter the BTC address you want to withdraw and enter the number of BTC. Click Submit is complete.

Experience using other features on Bvnex trading floor

How to trade margin on Bvnex

Currently, the Bvnex exchange does not support margin trading (margin trading). To experience this feature, you can try trading on Binance, Bitmex ...

How to use stop-limit on Bvnex trading floor

Bvnex trading floor has no stop-limit order.

How to use API Key on Bvnex trading floor

To use the API, you need to complete KYC verification.

API Key help you can make transactions without direct access to the floor.

How to get ref link to introduce Bvnex floor

You go to the contest page of Bvnex to get a referral link (Referral Link).

How to troubleshoot when losing 2FA on the floor of Bvnex

If you have saved 12 characters private key for back-up, you can easily handle the loss of 2FA.

However, if unfortunately not saved, you should contact the support of the floor immediately by:

  • Text a problem report in the chatbox in the right corner of the screen.
  • Or the fastest way is to join the Bvnex community on telegram https://t.me/Bvnex_Vietnam and thanks to the admin for support.
  • If not, you can also email the address [Email protected]. However, this way is quite passive waiting for the floor to check and respond.
How to contact Bvnex support

How 1: Contact the admin on the Bvnex Vietnam community at the link https://t.me/Bvnex_Vietnam

How 2: Contact support via chatbox help on the website's interface.

How 3: Send email to Bvnex trading floor [Email protected].

How 4: Submit your request using the form available on Bvnex trading floor via this link: https://bvnex.zendesk.com/hc/vi-vn/requests/new

In my opinion, the fastest and most convenient way is to direct the admin of the exchange and discuss your issues. If you cannot contact the admin, you can try the remaining methods.

Frequently asked questions when trading coin on Bvnex

Should I trade on Bvnex?

Although Bvnex trading floor is quite new in Vietnam market, it has many cooperation with big exchanges such as Binance floor to list BNB for Vietnamese brothers to transact and buy directly BNB in ​​VND.

Besides, you can both trade Crypto with Crypto as well as Crypto with VND on this exchange. And the Vietnamese support team can help you solve problems when unfortunately encountered.

In your opinion, you can experience the trial before deciding to stick with a fixed floor.

Is Bvnex trading floor safe and reliable?

Since its launch, Bvnex has not had any errors or hacks.

Bvnex is constantly developing, cooperating with many projects to bring more trading experience to you in Vietnam and international markets.

What is the transaction fee on Bvnex?

Bvnex trading platform charges:

  • 0.15% trading fee for order maker (taker).
  • 0.25% transaction fee for the order maker (maker).
Has Bvnex floor been hacked yet?

So far there is no information about the Bvnex floor being hacked.

What are the fees for depositing / withdrawing coins on Bvnex floor?

Bvnex trading floor does not charge to add coins to the exchange. However, the withdrawal fee of Bvnex exchange depends on each coin.

You can refer to the fee table below:

Bvnex floor of which country?

Bvnex exchange is a Vietnamese cryptocurrency exchange founded by a team of Vietnamese and Chinese experts. The exchange is based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

What is Bvnex trading floor?

Currently, the floor of Bvnex has not had a floor coin yet. But in the near future, it is sure that the exchange will issue its own tokens and offer incentives for users.

Does KYC need to be withdrawn from the floor?

You can withdraw coins without KYC. But the withdrawal level is limited. To withdraw more, you should KYC to be more convenient in trading.

Does Bvnex support Vietnam?

100% yes! Bvnex exchange focuses on Vietnam's Crypto trading market.

What is the withdrawal limit on Bvnex?

Bvnex trading floor has the minimum withdrawal limit for VNDT of 100,000 VND. As for the token, you need to withdraw more than the Blockchain transaction fee of that token.

As I mentioned above, depending on the level of information verification, the withdrawal limit is also different as the table below:

Does Bvnex floor have apps on Android, iOS?

Currently the floor has launched applications on the iOS operating system. You can scan the QR code below to download the installation.

Which trading markets does Bvnex support?

Limit order

Currently, the Bvnex exchange only supports limit orders, allowing you to buy and sell at the specific price and quantity you want to buy / sell.

Market order

The floor is slowly developing and expanding into different markets. Market order will be available on Bvnex shortly.


Although newly launched, Bvnex trading floor is quite active, regularly holds trading contests and offers many valuable prizes to traders.

Especially, the program of cooperating with famous projects like Binance to list Binance Coin on the floor creates the most favorable conditions for traders to buy BNB directly in VND.

In the future, Bvnex promises to have more development campaigns. Let's wait and see what updates Bvnex will have next?

Hope this article can help you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below. Me and the team Coin98 will answer to you in the shortest time.

Hello and see you again in the following article!

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