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OceanEx AMA floor

OceanEx is the crystallization of two giants BitOcean and Vechain, was established in 2018. This is the first exchange to be applied on VeChain's platform. OceanEx is applied AI technology, a great combination of Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

To learn more about OceanEx, you can refer to the important content summarized from the last AMA session.


What is OceanEx?

oceanex is a transfer platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide a secure and flexible cryptocurrency trading market.

OceanEx is capable of comprehensive quantitative transactions. Provide a rich set of investment tools and products to meet the needs of all investors and investment strategies.

OceanEx is one of the original 12 partners of Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance from CoinMarketCap.

The core members are from Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Deloitte, Samsung Electronics Research Institute, Cisco and other internationally renowned companies.

Is it too late when OceanEX has just started to build and develop in Vietnam?

OceanEx is a fast growing trading platform, established in November 11 - a time when many large exchanges existed.

However, OceanEx still chose to enter the industry because of the potential of Blockchain technology. More importantly, the exchange still upholds the belief to build a professional trading platform.

2018 was a pretty heavy time for the crypto market. Therefore, having access to the Vietnamese market at that time did not bring much benefit to users. Therefore, this is the appropriate time when OceanEX joined Vietnam.

After hosting the first meet-up this year, OceanEX has received a lot of positive feedback and desire to join the community of the floor.

As is known, OceanEX has OTC support for Chinese and Vietnamese markets. So, what conditions can become an OTC agent?

Fiat support will be available in Q4 / 2019. You can track information from OceanEX to know more about this new service.

For now, OcenaEX can not reveal anything more without an official announcement to the community.

What methods does OceanEX have to support the KYC process for users?

Security is always a top priority of OceanEX.

First, OceanEX is cooperating with many leading legal agencies such as KOI, in order to adjust it in accordance with regulations. OceanEx will always focus on building the most legitimate platform.

Secondly, in terms of security, OceanEX's AI technology is extremely worth mentioning. OceanEX has AI Powered Security that provides Banking-grade SSL security technology and advanced machine learning algorithms. It proactively detects attacks, protects 100% of user assets and transactions.

Who is OceanEX's strongest competitor currently?

OceanEX has completed the construction of a solid foundation. Therefore, OceanEX is moving to provide diverse and legal services.

In the near future, the floor will continue to provide a variety of products for users.

According to the project's spokesperson, the strongest competitor should be ourselves.

Does OceanEx use an API-based model that connects to multiple Exchange Platforms? Does the platform require full access to user accounts? And if so, how safe is this feature?

OceanEX fully owns this feature through cooperation with CyberX.

You can find out more here.

After the successful IEO JUR round, does OceanEX have any plan to open the second round?

Definitely yes!

You can wait to see this information from the channel Telegram of OceanEX!

With the combination of AI + VechainThor ecosystem, what advantages does OceanEX have compared to other exchanges?

OceanEX's strong point is in AI technology, focusing entirely on security. Meanwhile, VeChain Ecology is the first one that OceanEX supports. Therefore, the exchange fully believes and has the same vision with VeChain on Blockchain development.

OceanEX is also constantly supporting more Public Blockchain and projects to promote the development of the whole industry.

Does OceanEX have any plan to reduce transaction costs on the exchange?

The exchange is establishing a fee calculation structure. Regarding this plan, the floor will announce later.

Why should I use OceanEx to exchange my assets? What is OceanEx different from other famous exchanges?

Great question!

Now we devote a great deal of effort to building solid foundations, moving forward. And, will provide more and more diverse financial products.

We have CryptoFarm, OceanEx GO! and Turbo. Hope to roll out more innovative products to give investors more choices and for the industry.

We will continue to provide projects with appropriate services so that users can have high value token options to transact.

What are the attractions for users to use the OceanEx platform? What is special about OceanEx compared to other famous exchanges?

OceanEX is currently focusing on building a solid foundation. And in the future, the exchange will offer more diversified financial products, offering investors more choices.

Currently, the platform has developed CryptoFarm, OceanEx GO! and Turbo. Besides, OceanEX will continue to provide Blockchain projects with appropriate services so that users can have many high value token options to trade.

In the current bearish market, does OceanEX have any plan to increase the liquidity of the floor?

Liquidity is still important for OceanEX.

On the one hand, OceanEX will expand and enhance marketing globally. Provide appropriate services to the community through online marketing and competitive marketing campaigns.

In addition, OceanEX also works closely with the project to interact with the community on the value of the project through OceanTrip and OceanTalk.

In the future, which products will OceanEX develop? Does the floor have any plan in implementing future contracts, margin or lending?

OceanEX futures are about to enter the market. And other products are also in the plan of the floor.

What is the goal of OceanEx's Buy Back program? What is the profit rate of participants?

OceanEX's program is Burn, not Buy Back.

OceanEX is currently burning profits from Father. This is definitely for OceanEX users and community.

What is the current vision of OceanEX? Which markets does OceanEX focus on? What will the team do to increase the popularity and acceptance of OceanEX, especially in Asia?

Currently, OceanEX is a "value exchange tool" and they are providing the community with professional financial products.

OceanEX focuses on the global market. Song, Asia and Europe are the focus of the floor.

Currently, the major exchanges are fiercely competing with each other. So, how does OceanEx position its brand?

OceanEx will definitely focus on building the foundations. At the same time, strengthening cooperation between major exchanges, facilitating the development of the whole industry.

OceanEX still positions itself as a legal, safe, professional and user-friendly trading platform.

In the future, OceanEX will focus more on providing professional financial products to meet the needs of investors.

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