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By Le Thanh | Remitano

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When it comes to Bitcoin exchanges in Vietnam, Remitano is a prestigious and prominent name mentioned first.

In this article, Coin98 will guide how to register, verify your account as well as how to buy and sell Bitcoin on Remitano in the most complete and understandable way.

OK, got it Let's start it together!

Remitano is an exchange where you can use your VND to buy and sell platform coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tether (USDT) the easiest way.

Until now, Remitano has only supported to buy and sell through Vietcombank accounts.

This means that in order to trade securely quickly on Remitano, you should only trade with users of Vietcombank bank accounts.

Instructions for registering a Remitano account

First of all, so that you can understand the process of registering Remitano account quickly and smoothly, you should quickly look through the steps to create Remitano account below:

  1. Prepare
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Privacy settings
  4. Identity verification

Now, I will guide in detail step by step, you guys focus on tracking!

1 step: Prepare

Here are the things you need to prepare before proceeding to register for a Remitano account:

  • Email address that you often use
  • Photo of Identity Card includes: 1 front and 1 back (identification document)
  • Photo of driver's license or Passport (secondary identification document)
  • Vietcombank bank account has the function of Internet Banking: ATM card type, not Visa card
Step 2: Register for a Remitano account

First, you access the Remitano website address here:

Then click Register / Login in the right corner of the screen.

Next, you need to enter your email and click continue.

Remitano system will send an email to confirm the account creation.

Now you need to check your email and click "Sign me in Remitano" (This is also a login for Remitano).

Finally, you enter your nickname or nickname and click continue.

Note: Write without accents.

So you have completed 50% of the Remitano account registration process. Now, let's go together for the remaining 50%!

Step 3: Set up account security

The first thing you need to do is set up security for your account by activating the Authy security function.

To activate this function, follow the instructions below:

Brothers to find the right corner of the screen settings.

Click on the activation box, immediately a QR code will appear.

IMPORTANT: You need to save these 2 codes carefully in case you forget or lose your phone!

After saving carefully, you open the Authy / Google Authenticator application and scan the QR code above to get a 6-digit verification code (changing continuously after 30 seconds).

If you do not know how to use Authy / Google Authenticator, you can refer to the following article:

Useful articles for you: How to use Authy / Google Authenticator

Finally, you enter the code into the Authy Authentication box and click Security Authy.

Notice, you have successfully enabled the Authy security function.

Step 4: Verify Remitano account

**You will not be allowed to trade or sell transactions if your account has not been verified. Because identity verification helps increase the level of security, trust, and fraud protection **

Enter your text here ...

First, you find the item Profile to start the identity verification process.

Next, you need to enter your exact name as shown in your identity card in the box Tên.

Verify phone number

The verification of this phone number is quite simple, so I will guide you as quickly as follows:

Brothers click on the item add phone number > Enter your phone number > Click continue.

Within a few seconds, you will receive a message containing a 4-digit verification code.

You enter this code and click Accuracy. It is done!

Identity verification

First, you need to click on the item upload the document to start the account verification process.

Remitano will ask you to provide the following documents to conduct identity verification:

  • Two photos of identity card (01 front and 01 back): Identification document.
  • A photo of a driver's license or Passport: Document of secondary identification.
  • A photo of the ID card of the brothers on the paper with the words Remitano Verification.
  • Finally, a selfie with the front of the ID card: Hold close to the front and ask others to capture the focus.

Next, click Uploaded item and in turn download the documents requested by Remitano above to complete the account verification process!

Usually the authentication process will take about 1-3 minutes.

Note: Do not turn off the browser until the system notifies you that the verification has been successful.

If anything goes wrong, please ask for support by chat with support in the lower right corner.

Successfully authenticated account will look like this.

So you have successfully registered for your account Remitano already. Now you can buy and sell Bitcoin!

How to trade securely on Remitano

Before going into how to buy and sell Bitcoin, I want to flip through a bit of how to trade safely on Remitano first.

Why is that?

There are many people who say that Remitano cheats and so on and so forth. In short, you lose money when buying and selling.

So how to trade quickly, safely?

To buy Bitcoin quickly, I usually use the following transaction method:

Transfer money to VND wallet on Remitano> Make BTC purchases> The system automatically completes the transaction.

With this purchase, you minimize the possibility of fraud, transfer of wrong content or billions of other issues that make your Bitcoin purchase trouble.

If you have any problems or bugs, please chat directly with support in the lower right corner for assistance.

Guide to buy and sell Bitcoin on Remitano

In this section, I will guide you to buy and sell on Remitano in a way that I feel is the easiest and safest!

Currently, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and USDT on Remitano.

Because the way of trading of these coins is the same, I just choose the Bitcoin brother as a guide, other brothers and sisters do the same!

Add Vietcombank account to VND wallet

Adding a Vietcombank account to a VND wallet on Remitano will have two purposes:

  • When you want to sell Bitcoin on Remitano, you will be asked to enter your Vietcombank account number.
  • So when you withdraw money from Remitano you don't need to re-enter your account information.

To add Vietcombank account, please access

Then click Create New Account.

Next, you enter your account information and click Create .

Attention: You can withdraw to your Vietcombank account only!

How to buy Bitcoin

Step 1: Recharge Remitano

To start buying Bitcoin, you need to have VND money in your Remitano account. Therefore, you need to top up your VND wallet on Remitano by following the steps below:

First, the brothers visit Select VND wallet as shown below.

Next, enter the amount of VND you need to top up to buy USDT and press the Deposit button.

After clicking load, Remitano will give transfer information to you.

What you need to do now is:

Transfer the right amount to the correct account number with the exact transfer content that Remitano provides you.

I repeat once more: All information must be absolutely accurate!

After transferring money from your Vietcombank account to Remitano's account number. You wait a bit will see the amount of VND will appear in the left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Choose a seller

Brothers visit here then scroll down to see the list of Bitcoin sellers.

Usually will choose the first one.

However, only deal with people with words fast seller and bank use Vietcombank. As shown below is okay!

Step 3: Buy BTC

After selecting a reputable Bitcoin seller, click the Buy button on the right.

Next, you need to enter the purchase amount, the Bitcoin wallet address you want to transfer.

Double check your Bitcoin wallet address and click buy BTC.

Wait a moment to complete the transaction.

Once you have BTC in hand, if you have questions about how to store it safely and most conveniently, do not ignore the Coin98 wallet - Coin98 Wallet!

How to sell Bitcoin

Before selling BTC, you must transfer Bitcoin to the BTC wallet on Remitano.

Step 1: Get the Bitcoin wallet address

Brothers visit here to get BTC wallet offline!

After transferring BTC to the BTC wallet address on Remitano. You can already start the process of selling BTC.

Step 2: Choose a reputable buyer

First, you drag down the buyer list area. Select the first one and press Sell.

Note: Only deal with people who have instant transaction marks and use Vietcombank.

Step 3: Conduct BTC sale

After selecting a reputable Bitcoin buyer, click the Sell button on the right.

Next, you need to enter the quantity sold and press sell BTC

Your bank account information will appear. Brothers to check for accuracy and click continue.

Wait a moment for the system to complete the transaction. When the sale of BTC is successful, you will see the amount of VND will be updated in the left corner of the screen.

Withdraw money to Vietcombank account

Withdrawing money from Remitano to Vietcombank account is quite simple. You follow the steps you do!

First, you visit here

Click on Vietcombank account.

Then enter the amount you want to withdraw and press Confirm.

Next, Remitano will ask you to confirm it once more. You wait a few minutes before the money will come to your Vietcombank account.

Transaction fees on Remitano

In my opinion, the transaction fee on Remitano is quite high. Specifically calculated as follows:

Buying and selling fees: 1% of the total transaction amount

Deposit and withdrawal fees:

  • USDT: 10 USDT
  • Bitcoin: 0,0005BTC
  • Ethereum: 0,005 ETH
  • Bitcoin Cash: 0,0001 BCH


After reading this article, you can create your own Remitano account. Simple right?

In addition, you also know how to buy and sell Bitcoin quickly and safely on Remitano.

Hope that it is helpful to you. Especially for the beginners to get involved Cryptocurency market in general and Bitcoin investment in particular.

Hello and see you again in the next article.

Le Thanh

Cryptocurrency is a type of high-risk investment that yields high returns. Get involved with venture capital and always consider it before investing.

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