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SnapEx floor

In the Crypto market, you have many ways to make profit from bounty, airdrop, to trading and trading Crypto together. In addition, you can also trade its derivative products.

Recently, many exchanges have added Contract Futures trading feature.

In today's article, I will work with you to learn about SnapEx, to see what this exchange has to offer!


What is SnapEx?

SnapEx is a trading platform for derivatives products of the Crypto market.

They aim to provide a platform for derivatives trading services of cryptocurrencies on a global scale.

With a team of leading experts, SnapEx wants to provide an effective, safe and simple trading system, and also include many other related services to meet the needs of users.

Some other information about SnapEx

SnapEx is based in the following countries: Seychelles, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam.

Vietnam is currently the 3rd country in terms of traffic to SnapEx in recent times.

Since its inception, SnapEx has established strategic partnerships with Ecotree, Coin25ex and Bestex.

In 2018, they won the "2018 New Digital Asset Exchange" award.


Coin98 currently has a special support team for those who register for SnapEx account through the link of Coin98.

You register an account via the link below and then contact Duc Viet https://t.me/tonychan98 to be added to the support group!

Review SnapEx floor

Although it is a new exchange, SnapEx has some advantages and disadvantages as follows:

  • Allow OTC trading: SnapEx allows traders to buy / sell OTC with a number of Merchants on their list.

    You can buy Crypto with Fiat (VND), then the exchange will switch to the corresponding USDT for you to trade.
  • Referral commission up to 60%: This is one of the ways SnapEx attracts users and supporters across the globe. The maximum commission of this floor is up to 1%.
  • Trading Competitions: They regularly organize trading contests with many attractive prizes. The latest contest has a prize of $ 600,000 USDT & free trade for participating traders.
  • Exclusive feature: K-line weighted average. This is a feature only SnapEx has. They will take the average price of 4 other major exchanges to display. Ensure transparency and fairness as possible.

    In addition, they also have the feature "zero spread and slippage" to ensure the spreads of Buy / Sell are lowest.
  • Flooring is supporting many languages, including Vietnamese.
  • Have App on mobile application.
  • Trading products are not diverse: This can be easily understood when SnapEx is a new market. Currently, they only offer Crypto derivative transactions and OTC trading.
  • The current trading pairs are quite limited. Currently there are only 8 trading pairs with USDT, including: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, ADA, BCH, ETC.
  • High withdrawal fee: SnapEx's Withdraw fee is 10 USDT per withdrawal. This is a relatively high fee compared to many other floors.

Instructions on how to register for an account on SnapEx

In this section, I will guide you to register and verify your KYC identity on SnapEx.

Introducing the SnapEx floor interface

At the main interface of SnapEx include:

[1] Contract: The main place of transaction on SnapEx. In it, you will directly trade derivative products.

[2] OTC: Access to make OTC purchases / sales with Crypto.

[3] Invitation: For those who have registered and KYC is successful, SnapEx will provide the Invitation code or referral link for you to recommend to your friends.

[4] Competition: Where you can check the information of Trading Competitions. Including real Demo and Trading contests.

[5] Affiliate: For those of you who are bloggers, or influencers ... you can join SnapEx's Affiliate program, introduce this platform through your media channels to receive Commission.

[6] Assets: This is a place that allows you to manage Fund, Deposit, Withdraw and SNAP tokens of assets.

Right below is the Trading interface of the SnapEx platform. I will talk more about this interface below.

Prepare before signing up
  • Email or phone number you use often.
  • Some personal papers such as ID card, identity card, passport, passport ...
Register a trading account on SnapEx

Brothers access the ref link https://coin98.net/go/snapex to support Coin98.

After you have registered and KYC is successful, you can join the discussion group, share signal of Coin98 only for those who have registered. Brothers inbox admin @ tonychan98 to be added to the group.

At the homepage, you select the Sign Up button to enter the registration page.

Here you enter the basic information to register.

Chu ý: In [5] you can enter the Invitation Code of the person who introduced you, or skip it.

Then click Submit to submit a registration request.

At the first step of this registration, you don't have to use email.

Verify your identity KYC

At the homepage, you select the Account to go to the authentication section.

Authentication with email

Under Account >> Select the Unlinked button >> Enter your email information >> Click the Send button.

Go to the registered email to get the code >> Enter Verification Code >> Click OK to finish.

After successfully verifying the email, you will see in the Account section there is a section of Bank Card.

Here, I only see that they allow more foreign bank accounts, not yet Vietnam.

KYC authentication with Passport

You choose to go to Verification.

Then enter the basic registration information. Here, you can use with Passport, ID card, or CCCD.

After you have entered the information and attached photos, you select Submit to send KYC requests to SnapEx.

That's it, now you just need to wait for the floor's team to check and validate for the last time.

Activate 2-step 2FA security

At the time of writing the article in August 08, I have not seen SnapEx allow using 2019-step security Google Authenticator or Authy code.

However, in the future, maybe they will add this feature to protect user assets.

I recommend that you enable this security on any account that supports it.

Deposit / withdraw Crypto from SnapEx

Instructions for loading Crypto into the SnapEx platform

There are 2 ways to fund your SnapEx account.

How 1: In the Assets >> Deposit section

Here, you will see BTC & USDT wallet address on your SnapEx. You transfer BTC or USDT to this wallet address.

After 6 confirmations on the Blockchain, the transfer is complete, you will see the corresponding balance in the account.

Chu ý:

  • If you deposit BTC, that amount of BTC will be converted to the corresponding USDT after depositing.
  • This is the address for USDT Ohmni wallet. Brothers absolutely do not transfer USDT ERC-20 or USDT Tron.
  • Minimum deposit limit is 50 USDT or 0.002 BTC.

How 2: You use OTC (Credit Card) to load directly into SnapEx.

The amount of Fiat you buy from OTC will be converted accordingly to USDT.

In the section below, I will introduce in detail about how to recharge with this Credit Card.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from SnapEx

There are 2 ways for you to withdraw money from SnapEx floor:

How 1: Withdraw USDT from SnapEx to external wallet.

In the Withdraw section, you enter the address information for receiving USDT and the amount you want to transfer.

At the bottom, you press SMS Code.

SnapEx will send to the phone number where you have registered the verification code. Enter that number in the Verification Code box. Finally click Confirm is done.

Chu ý:

  • Minimum withdrawal of 50 USDT.
  • Draw up to 3 times per day.
  • The withdrawal limit is $ 20,000 USDT.
  • Withdrawal fee: USD 10 / time.

How 2: Sell ​​USDT directly on Snapex and withdraw VND into bank accounts.

I will guide in more detail below.

Instructions for using the trading interface on SnapEx

SnapEx is a derivative exchange, so their trading tools are not diverse.

In the homepage, you select Contract to enter the Trading screen.

Limit command

Below I will guide you with the Buy / Long command.

The steps to set up the order are similar to those of other Margin Trading platforms.

  • Limit: Enter the Limit price you want to join.
  • Margin: Enter the amount you want to participate in this order.
  • Leverage: Choose leverage level x10, x25, x50, x100.
  • SP, TP: Next, you choose SL and TP.

After installation is complete and sure with this command, you choose Buy / Long.

Before officially entering the order, SnapEx will show you the option of the Fee you need to pay.

You have 2 options to pay Fee in USDT or SNAP (token of the floor).

Here I choose to pay Fee by SNAP. Thus, the total capital required to start this order is 100 USDT.

Click OK to place the order.

Attention: Below SnapEx has calculated for you the total amount of capital (Fund) needed to place this order.

For example, in the picture, I need 101.35 USDT to be able to place orders with the settings as above. The amount of 1.35 USDT is the Fee that you have to pay to borrow the above x10 leverage.

Market order

Market orders are similar to Limit. The only other part is that SnapEx automatically selects the Limit Price level according to the market price and is optimal for Traders.

You can find out more about this command yourself.

With the Sell / Short command, you also perform the same settings.

Experience using other features on the SnapEx platform

How to trade margin on SnapEx

This is the feature, the main way of trading on SnapEx.

You should also note that SnapEx is a derivatives exchange. Therefore, all of the above transactions are not crypto-crypto brothers and sisters but only an index of trading pairs.

And, your account balance is always calculated in USDT units. The deposit of BTC into the exchange will also be converted into USDT.

You can refer to the section "Instructions for using the Trading interface on SnapEx".

How to use the Stop-Limit function on the SnapEx platform

Currently, SnapEx only offers Limit and Market transactions, not the Stop-Limit feature.

When the floor officially updates this feature, I will update it as soon as possible.

How to use the OTC function on the SnapEx platform?

OTC is one of the advantages available on the SnapEx. At OTC, you can deposit Fiat into your SnapEx account to exchange for USDT, or withdraw USDT from the exchange, sell through OTC and collect Fiat money.

In this section, I will show you how to buy / sell OTC on SnapEx.

Buy USDT with Fiat on SnapEx

Here, you can buy with Credit Card or buy through Snapex's OTC Merchant.

With buying by Credit Card

Enter the amount you want to buy, the side will display the corresponding amount of BTC purchased >> Click the Buy button.

Chu ý: Purchase with Credit Card will cost you 5% fee (this fee Simplex collected).

In the next step, you enter the information Credit Card payment. Finally submit this information to complete the purchase procedure.

Buy directly through SnapEx's OTC Merchant

There are two types of Merchant OTC on SnapEx: MitchGlobaEx (allows buying from VND to USDT) and SnapExOTC ERC-2 (allowing conversion from USDT (Ohmni, ERC-20) to USDT on SnapEx).

You choose to go to Merchant and select their channels to exchange transactions.

However, this way I find quite complicated, lengthy and time consuming.

Sell ​​USDT for VND on SnapEx

In OTC >> Sell >> Select Merchant to sell.

Here you do not sell directly on SnapEx, you need to contact Merchant as shown below via WeChat or WhatsApp / Phone.

I find this way not convenient. Especially with the Vietnamese brothers.

Hopefully in the future, SnapEx will perfect this OTC trading feature to better serve users.

How to use API key on SnapEx?

At the moment, SnapEx does not offer service API. When they provide this feature, I will update it in the article.

How to get ref link to introduce SnapEx floor

The Referral program is being favored by SnapEx, especially at this early stage.

You can access the Ref link by selecting the Invitation button directly on the homepage.

Here, the exchange offers both the Referral link and the Invitation Code. You can choose 1 of these 2 types to send your friends to register for an account.

A 20% rebate will be paid to successful referrals to friends. The largest rebate that can be achieved is 38%.

How to troubleshoot 2FA loss on Snapex

SnapEx does not support 2FA security, so you will not encounter problems related to this 2FA code.

However, according to me in the near future, SnapEx will soon integrate this 2-layer security layer for their exchanges.

How to contact support

To connect with the SnapEx exchange admin, you can use the chatbox in the bottom right corner of the screen to chat with customer support.

You can also contact customer care through the chatbox in the right corner of the interface. Or, join the community of SnapEx to directly ask the admin.

Telegram: https://t.me/snapex_en

WeChat: snapex

Option 3: You can send email to: [Email protected] for assistance.

Frequently asked questions when trading coins on SnapEx

Should I trade on SnapEx?


Especially the brothers who want to trade leverage, derivatives.

Currently, SnapEx only offers Contract / Margin Trading (Limit & Market) & OTC types. There are no crypto-crypto transactions. Not convenient with many brothers who want to trade different forms.

However, you can see the clear orientation of SnapEx as they focus on trading derivative leverage.

Focusing on one (few) of such products will help them improve the product better, as well as other dedicated customer service. In my opinion this is also a plus point of SnapEx.

In addition, this floor has also supported the Vietnamese interface, so it is convenient for many brothers to participate in trading.

Is SnapEx floor safe and reliable?


Since its inception, SnapEx has established strategic partnerships with Ecotree, Coin25ex and Bestex.

In 2018, they won the "2018 New Digital Asset Exchange" award.

I have not seen any articles or media outlets mentioning SnapEx's less reputable platform.

What are the trading fees on SnapEx?

When trading on SnapEx, brothers and sisters will have to pay the following fees:

  • Transaction Fee: 0.15%. This fee is only charged if you place an order and that order is in an "on position" position.
  • Overnight Fees: You are charged this fee only when the Order runs past the 5:00 pm Vietnam time GMT + 7.

    This fee is calculated as follows: Overnight Fees = Margin x (Leverage - 1) x 0.045%
  • Withdraw Fees: 10 USDT / Withdraws.
Has SnapEx been hacked yet?

Not yet

As of the time of writing (August 08), SnapEx has never been hacked.

What are the deposit / withdrawal fees on SnapEx?
  • Withdraw Fees: 10 USDT / Withdraws.
  • Deposit Fees: Free.
Does SnapEx floor have a maintenance error?

Is not!

I've never seen a maintenance error SnapEx.

However, because it is a new floor, they may have to upgrade their features. Before performing these updates, exchanges will often notify users fully.

Is SnapEx a scam?

Is not!

Which country is SnapEx?

Updating ...

What is SnapEx Coin?

Currently, SnapEx has no official coin floor.

However, they have SNAP is the (Point) inside this floor. Once you have accumulated 10,000 SNAP, you can exchange them for 100 USDT. And this amount of USDT you use to trade or withdraw to your personal wallet at will.

In normal use cases, SNAP is used to reduce transaction fees.

What is the deposit and withdrawal limit on SnapEx?


  • Minimum withdrawal limit: 50 USDT.
  • Maximum withdrawal limit: 20,000 USDT.
  • Daily withdrawal: 3 times


  • Minimum deposit: 50 USDT or 0.002 BTC.
  • Maximum charge limit: None.
Does SnapEx have app on iOS, Android?


You can download the application on your phone with the following links:

What trading markets does SnapEx support?


This is a form of buying / selling Crypto with Fiat between users and merchants of the exchange. Not yet a form of P2P.

I find this way quite complicated. Hopefully soon upgrade this feature.

Margin Contract

This is the most basic type of transaction on SnapEx.

Does SnapEx have an IEO?

Is not!

Currently, SnapEx has no token sale program on their exchange. When there is information from the floor, I will update in the article.


More and more exchanges are launching to cater to your different needs.

SnapEx is a new exchange, they are in the trend of derivatives & Contract exchanges of Crypto. This is also a trend that many other major crypto exchanges are also adding Huobi, Bibox, OKEx.

Hopefully the article will bring more value to you. If you have any questions about SnapEx, please leave a comment below the article for me and the team Coin98 can update as soon as possible for you.

Or you can join the discussion with 10,000+ brothers at Coin98 Research Group.

In addition Coin98 also has its own group to discuss & share signal to support the brothers who have registered through the referral link of Coin98. You can directly inbox admin @ tonychan98 (Telegram) to be added to the group.

Hello and see you again in the next article!

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