What is VCC Exchange? How to use VCC Exchange?

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VCC Exchange floor

Having worked and co-organized a number of programs on digital assets & Blockchain with the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam, VCC Exchange is a new exchange in Vietnam, which is receiving much attention from the community.

In today's article, I invite you to learn about this exchange. Let's follow the article.

VCC Exchange is a digital asset exchange centralizing in Blockchain based in Singapore.

They position themselves not only as the platform of exchanges, but also as a platform to raise funds for the Blockchain startup community through various means like IEO and Incubators (incubators) programs for projects.

Review VCC Exchange

Great liquidity

VCC Exchange directly connected to the liquidity pool of Bittrex. This means that traders can enjoy trading volumes similar to Bittrex right on the VCC Exchange. This is also one of the great plus points of this exchange.

In addition, security infrastructures are also inherited from Bittrex. This will help bring a good user experience.

Allows Crypto transactions with VND

According to information provided from the exchange, from the beginning of December, traders can conduct transactions with fiat currency VND with pairs of BTC/VND, ETH/VND, USDT/VND, XRP/VND, DGX/VND. Moreover, they support all banks.

In my opinion, this is a difference and a big advantage of VCC compared to other Vietnamese exchanges.

Easy to use interface

The first time I accessed and opened the trading interface of this exchange, I was quite impressed with the bright interface, because it was intuitive and simple to look at, easy for operation, and it does not cause distractions.

The exchange also has full versions on platforms such as IOS, Android, and Desktop.

Support Services

VCC Exchange has a team of support both English and Vietnamese 24/7. Therefore, Vietnamese can be assured to use and be supported with problems related to the exchange easily.

Many interesting programs

Because it is a newly launched exchange, they often have programs to encourage new users.

Some programs they have been implementing such as Trade Fast, Trade Fiat, or Make profit, take Iphone. You can register for an account and join the program.

Instruction on registration and usage of VCC Exchange

Preparation before signing up

In order for the registration process & KYC to take place quickly, you should have the following documents ready:

  • ID card or Passport.
  • Email often used.
  • Phone number.
  • Google Authenticators application.
Register an account on VCC Exchange

You can access to the link https://coin98.net/go/vcc , and then go to the account registration page.

Here, you complete the information including: Email, password, confirm password and enter the referral code (Coin98's referral code is xSU33r).

The exchange will send you a confirmation link to the registered email address. You go to the mail and click on the link to complete the initial registration process.

Verify your identity KYC

You can withdraw / deposit and trade despite your not doing KYC, but your power will be very limited. Maximum withdrawal amount is only 2 BTC/day if the account has not been done KYC.

So I recommend you KYC account to get the best support from the exchange.

To verify KYC, you go to Home => Account => Submit Verification Documents.

Next, fill in the same basic information as KYC on other exchanges, and see the instructions below for more details.

After you have filled out the information and uploaded the required documents, click the Submit button to send it to the VCC team for confirmation.

Activate 2-step 2FA security

Also in the Account section, you select the Enable button in the section Google Authentication.

VCC Exchange will give you the QR Code of this Authenticator, you use the app on the phone to scan it, then enter the 6-digit sequence displayed on the app.

After this, when you login in the exchange or withdraw, the exchange will require you to enter 6 digits of Google Authenticator this. That will make your account more secure.

Introducing the VCC Exchange interface

On the homepage, you should pay attention to the areas:

  • [1] Exchange: Go to the Crypto exchange.
  • [2] Announcement: You go in there to read the latest announcements from the exchange.
  • [3] Support: Here, the support team of VCC will help you solve the problems that arise. Alternatively, you can chat with Supporters through the Messenger chat button below.
  • [4] For Projects: This is a separate area for projects. Those who have a Crypto project would like to issue an IEO on VCC or have a token that they want to list can enter this area.
  • [5] Account: It contains basic information about your account such as Funds capital, History transaction history ...
  • [6] The transaction interface is below: This interface is similar to other popular exchanges like Binance Or Huobi, you can find out more for yourself according to the image below.

Transfer money (deposit) to VCC exchange

You can transfer both Crypto and VND to VCC.

Transfer crypto to VCC

At the homepage, you choose Funds => Deposit => Choose the type of Crypto you want to deposit => Copy the address provided by the exchange and use the external wallet to transfer to this wallet address.

Transfer VND to VCC floor

Also at home interface => Funds => Deposit VND => Enter the amount of VND you want to deposit => Submit.

VCC will provide you with bank transfer information. You just need to transfer VND to this account, the exchange will check and update the balance in the Account section.

After having VND or Crypto on the exchange, you are able to start trading. In the below part, I will guide you to perform these basic transactions.

Notice: To be able to deposit VND into VCC, your account needs to be done KYC at level 3 or higher.

Withdrawal from the VCC exchange

Similar to deposit in the exchange, you can withdraw in either Crypto or VND.

Withdraw Crypto

At the main interface => Funds => Withdrawals => Select the type of Crypto you want to withdraw => Enter the address & the number of Crypto that you want to withdraw.

VND withdrawal

At the homepage interface => Funds => Withdraw VND => Enter the bank account information VND you want to withdraw.

Notice: Similar to depositing VND, you need KYC level 3 for your account to withdraw / deposit VND.

Buying and selling BTC and Altcoins on VCC


Currently VCC only supports limit orders, you enter the price BTC wants to buy & the amount you want to buy and then press the Buy BTC button.

Sell ​​BTC

Selling BTC or other Crypto is quite simple, similar to buying BTC. You also enter the selling price, the quantity sold and then select Sell BTC.

Experience in using other features on the VCC Exchange

How to trade margin on VCC Exchange

Currently, VCC Exchange does not yet support margin trading (margin trading) . To experience this feature, you can try trading on Binance, Snapex.

How to use stop-limit on VCC Exchange

VCC Exchange only has limit order. Market or stop-limit orders are not yet supported by the exchange.

Because it is a new exchange, it is possible that the trading features have not been fully updated. Hopefully they will add these types of transactions in the future to better support the needs of users.

How to use API Key on VCC Exchange

Like many other professional platforms like Binance, Huobi... VCC also provides API Key for users wishing to transact via 3rd party applications or software.

To get the API, go to the homepage, scroll down to the bottom and select the API.

The picture above is the API for users to use, anyone interested can learn more in detail.

How to get ref link to introduce VCC Exchange

Like many other exchanges, VCC also offers Referral codes.

You go to the Account section and scroll down the bottom of the page to see your ref link.

You can copy this link and send it to your friends to register. When friends arise withdrawals & transactions, you will receive a commission from the transaction fee on the exchange.

How to troubleshoot when losing 2FA on VCC Exchange

Once activated 2FA, I always advise you to record the 12-character key code to backup in case the application is reinstalled, or the phone is lost. If you have this code, simply enter it again on the app.

In case you do not save this string of characters, you can contact the customer support department directly by:

  • Text a problem report in the chatbox in the right corner of the screen.
  • Or the fastest way is to join the VCC Exchange community on Telegram and ask for help from the admin.
  • In addition, you can also send a Support request to the support team of the exchange at: https://support.vcc.exchange/hc/en-us/requests/new
How to contact VCC Exchange support

Option 1: Contact admin on the VCC community at the link: https://t.me/vccexchangechat

Option 2: Contact support via chatbox help on the website's interface.

Option 3: Send request support to the exchange via the link: https://support.vcc.exchange/hc/en-us/requests/new

Option 4: Chat with the support team in the chat box in the lower right corner.

In my opinion, the fastest and convenient way is to direct the admin of the exchange and discuss the issue. If you cannot contact with the admin, you can try the remaining methods.

Some common questions when trading coin on VCC Exchange

Should I trade on VCC Exchange?


First, VCC Exchange is a new exchange, they are based in Singapore and run by a team of Vietnamese people.

From the beginning of 2019 to now, you can see how their marketing goes straight to major programs and events involving a number of ministries and agencies such as the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam. This shows that the exchange also has a certain trust with the departments.

In addition, VCC Exchange is also receiving investment from some large funds such as Signum Capital, Axiom Associates.

Besides, VCC also has some other partners such as Pundi X, Kyber Network, Tomochain, SotaTek, Aelf...

Is VCC Exchange safe and reliable?


Not once has the exchange been hacked since its launch.

How much is the trading fee on VCC Exchange?

VCC Exchange charges:

  • 0.25% trading fee for order maker (taker).
  • 0.25% transaction fee for the order maker (maker).
Has VCC Exchange been hacked yet?

So far there is no information about the VCC Exchange being hacked.

How much is the deposit/withdrawal fee on VCC Exchange?

Deposit fee: 0 (free).

Withdrawal fee: Depending on the type of token, withdrawal fee will vary.

You can refer to the fee table at the link below: https://vcc.exchange/funds/withdrawals

As for VND withdrawal, VCC is completely free for users.

Which country is VCC Exchange from?

VCC Exchange is a Vietnamese cryptocurrency exchange established and operated by a Vietnamese team.

The exchange is based in Singapore.

What is VCC Exchange's Coin?

Currently, VCC Exchange has no its coins. Maybe in the near future, the exchange will issue its own coin.

When there is an official announcement, I will update it for you.

Does I need KYC to withdraw from the exchange?

You can withdraw coins without KYC, but the withdrawal limit is limited. For more withdrawal limit, KYC will be more convenient for trading.

Does VCC Exchange support Vietnam?


VCC Exchange is founded and operated by the Vietnamese team. So they have the interface and incentive programs suitable for the Vietnamese community.

The exchange is focusing on developing in the Vietnamese market, so their interface in Vietnamese language is simple & easy to use.

How much is the withdrawal limit on VCC Exchange?

With KYC accounts, users can withdraw 2 BTC per day.

Does VCC Exchange have app on Android, iOS?


You can go to the following official links to download the application to your device:

What types of transactions does VCC Exchange support?

Currently, VCC Exchange supports Limit Order for BTC, ETH, USDT pairs

Particularly for pairs trading with VND, the exchange fully supports Limit, Market, Stoplimit, Stop Market Order to diversify options for users.

Hopefully in the future, they will support more types of transactions to meet the diverse needs of users.


There are more and more exchanges, which means you have more options to participate in the Crypto market.

Recently, there have been a lot of hacks, or scams from exchanges. This shows that exchanges are always the target of the bad guys' attack.

Therefore, every time mentioning about the exchange, I always advise you to choose the exchange according to the criteria of prestige, good security, clear information, etc. then to its features or the preferential programs.

VCC Exchange is a new exchange and is worth considering. Transacting and withdrawing VND right on the exchange, reasonable transaction fees, as well as transparent operation, and helpful company staff are factors for you to use. Hopefully this article has helped you understand the basic information needed for VCC Exchange.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment at the end of the article. The team Coin98 and I will answer to you as soon as possible.

Goodbye and see you again in the next article!


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