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SCF Token

SCF Token Wallet (SCF) is one of the projects posted by the community Coin98 Research Group to discuss. Some questions were raised about the transparency and model of this project.

Today, please join me to learn more details about this project, to answer the questions above!

SCF Token Wallet (SCF) introduces them as a wallet that stores a variety of digital assets.

Accordingly, this wallet is built on Blockchain, using offline signatures. Authentication of multi-system identification, storage technology and SST-encrypted encryption transmission.

In addition, it also integrates GPI technology of the International Financial Telecommunication Association. Based on that, they hope to bring payment and security experience to users.

What is SCF Token?

The SCF Token introduced by the project is the type of Token used inside SCF Wallet.

Accordingly, this wallet can manage multi-chain assets, exchange assets in a confidential and private manner.

Basic information about SCF Token

  • Ticker: SCF
  • Blockchain: Unknown
  • Smart Contract: Unknown
  • Token Standard: Unknown
  • Token type: Unknown
  • Total Supply: Unknown
  • Circulating Supply: Unknown

Token Allocation


Token Release Schedule


CF Token exchange rate today


At the moment, I have not seen any official listing of the SCF Token.

What is SCF Token Wallet?

Some features of SCF Token Wallet I found out:

  • Multi-Chain Wallet: Help users not have to perform complex backup operations.
  • Transact and transfer Token quickly and safely: Accordingly, the Private key is held by the users themselves, not through third parties. The combat is done quickly, efficiently and transparently.
  • DApp decentralized applications: User can use the friendly, unlimited dApp browser environment.

What are SCF tokens used for?

Use SCF Token to shop.

SCF Token transaction fee


How to earn and own SCF Token

Buy on SCF Token Wallet, or buy on the black market.

How to dig SCF Token?


SCF Token storage wallet

Store SCF Token right on the wallet of SCF Token Wallet.

SCF Token Exchange


The future of the SCF Token


Should we invest in SCF Token?

Here is some information I want to share so that I can better understand the project:

The official website of the project is, registered on February 21, 02.

The amount of information on the web consists of only 2 Categories, Home giving a brief introduction about the project and About information of team dev component.

Website is designed quite sketchy, there is no specific link about the profile or work of team dev. Information about the dev team I went to on LinkedIn searched but it did not work either.

On the project's Website, there is no information about their other official media channels such as Telegram or Twitter, nor the Whitepaper.

Currently you cannot find SCF Token Wallet app on App Stores or Play Store.

When I went to Telegram search SCF Token, the first proposals were the Groups of the Vietnamese community. In the Group, there are mainly SCF Token offering messages with "preferential" prices. When I asked a question about which platform SCF Token runs, I will not get the answer.

According to a Group of SCF Vietnam community, SCF stands for Super Coding Fly. SCF Token Wallet is a product of Coding Fly.

However, when searching for Coding Fly keyword on Google, Wikipedia, and LinkedIn, I did not receive any results about this Coding Fly company.

Searching in reverse from the wallet address admin provided for transaction, I found the Smart Contract of "SCF Token" as follows: 0xd3ebdaea9aeac98de723f640bce4aa07e2e44192.

Total supply is 500,000,000 SCF Token and there are 14,971 addresses.

Total supply of SCF Token

This is not an official source, so I did not include the Tokenomics information above.

Regarding the intended use of SCF Token, there is no official information from the project website or the Whitepaper.

However, according to information provided from a SCF Vietnam website explaining why SCF increased prices, some reasons are given by this website as follows:

  • In the first phase, only 50 million of these tokens were issued. Coinace will sell Private Sale using SCF Token.

    But, when searching for Coinace, I didn't see any results showing the existence of this exchange until now.
  • Due to the rapidly growing user community. However, what the community uses the SCF Token is not clear.
  • Profits used to distribute profits to participants are taken from the company's ability to make transfers when cryptocurrencies differ in price between exchanges.

    This model is relatively popular recently. One of the common names is CTO TokenYou can read my analysis Coin98 To better understand this project!
  • Also from the website above, the project's roadmap is introduced to launch SCF Token shopping mall in November 11.

Some questions I ask, you try to answer offline:

  • This project is about a storage wallet solution, why is SCF Token needed?
  • The token was introduced as a fast increase (from March 20 to May 03, 19 by 05 times) but the November 2019 route will apply SCF Token for shopping.

    Is it reasonable for a currency to change so quickly about the value of "always increasing prices" to go shopping?
  • Why aren't important project information such as team dev, headquarters, whitepaper, communication channels, partners, or basic information about tokens not posted on the project's official homepage?

    Why is it only reported by the Vietnamese media, but it is also incomplete and there is no clear evidence?


Add 1 project Coin98 labeled "Red Flags".

Here are some remarks of Coin98 About this project:

Information as well as source of revenue for the project is not clear.

The essence of SCF Token Wallet is one Ponzi pattern be put on a new shirt. Take the money of the latter to pay to the first.

If anyone has been in the market since 2017, it is already clear what the end result is, right?

For easy visualization, here is a summary of Coin98 Regarding the previous Lending and Ponzi model projects, you can refer to more.

ponzi table SCF Token

The above statements Coin98 also gave to the project Cloud Token Wallet, you can refer to see the similarities between these 2 projects!

Hopefully, through the above article, you grasp the nature of the models of "interest payment wallet", and then be alert to the "opportunities to get rich quick".

In the article above, there is a lot of information I can not find the official source for comparison and authentication "Unknown".

If you have information about the project, please share it with me!

Also, if there are any questions or concerns about SCF Token as well as the token / coin otherwise, leave a comment below the article. Me and the team Coin98 will answer as soon as possible.

You can also participate in exchanges with the community Coin98 Research Group On Facebook.

Goodbye and see you again in the next article!


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