T-Rex Exchange: A T-Rex Flooring Handbook from AZ (details)

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T-Rex Exchange

There are two ways for you to convert VND to Crypto and from Crypto to VND is through Exchangers and Crypto-VND exchanges.

In today's article, I will introduce and guide you how to buy and sell on T-Rex. A new exchange but has many advantages compared to other P2P exchanges currently on the market.

T-Rex is a P2P exchange that allows to trade electronic assets (Cryptocurrency) securely and quickly.

On T-Rex, you can use VND to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) easily and quickly.

As a new exchange, T-Rex currently supports a lot of different bank accounts, including: Vietcombank, Vietinbank, ACB, BIDV ...

Some information of T-Rex floor.

  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Strategic investor: Rachel Limited Japan
  • Operating license: FVR000803, FRK000702 in Estonia
  • Lawyer: Kelvin Chia Partnership Singapore

At the time of writing, T-Rex has an Airdrop program for new subscribers. Specifically, you will receive a total of:

  • $ 10 (USDT) to USDT account on your exchange.
  • The first $ 5 received when KYC verification is successful.
  • The next $ 5 is received when the first trade arises.

Review T-Rex floor


Support many banks

In total, there are 20 support banks in T-Rex. This gives users a lot of options to link with the bank they are using.

This is one of the advantages of T-Rex that I really like compared to Remitano (Vietcombank only supports only).

Below is a list of banks supporting on T-Rex:

  • ACB
  • Vietinbank
  • Sacombank
  • NamAbank
  • Vietcombank
  • Eximbank
  • BIDV
  • DongA Bank
  • Maritime Bank
  • Techcombank
  • VPBank
  • SHBank
  • HDBank
  • LienVietPostBank
  • TP Bank
  • SeABank
  • BacABank
  • VIBBank
  • MB
  • HSBC

There is T-Rex Academy

A place to share knowledge about Blockchain and Crypto from basic to advanced. Help users can learn knowledge about Cryptocurrency right on the platform of the floor.

Vietnamese support team 24/7 and 365 days a year. Make sure to solve all user problems in the fastest time.

The Vietnamese support interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

There is T-Rex application on mobile devices.

Allow users the option to enable multi-layer authentication and separate transaction passwords. This helps to increase the security and safety of user accounts.

Store BTC on cold wallets

80% of Bitcoin is stored by T-Rex on cold wallets, and isolated from the network environment.

  • As a relatively new exchange, the number of users in the early stages is not as much as other exchanges.
  • The new exchange only supports: BTC, ETH, USDT, some other popular cryptocurrencies such as LTC, BNB, XRP will be supported in the future.
  • VND wallet not supported yet.

Instructions for using T-Rex flooring

The process of registering and using the T-Rex floor is also relatively simple and fast.

However, I will guide you in detail so that newbies who know about the Cryptocurrency market can register easily and conveniently.

Introducing the T-Rex floor interface

Before going to the withdrawal / deposit or trading on T-Rex, I would like to introduce a little about the interface on the T-Rex.


Show the best buy and sell prices at the moment on the floor.

If you want to make trading of BTC, ETH, USDT quickly at market prices, you can always choose on this Homepage.

The bottom is a list of buyers and sellers. These are the people Taker placed the ad on.

You can also point the mouse at these people to make transactions.


  • Select the currency you want to trade.
  • Filter the amount of money and the bank you want to trade.
  • The Fiat interface allows for more detailed display of Taker information so that you can evaluate and select reputable traders.

Academy and News

Contains information about courses and news from the T-Rex floor. You can find out more for yourself.


Contains information about the balance in your account.


Contains information of brother transactions. Includes both ongoing transactions and transaction history.

User Center

  • Contains the information of fraternal accounts here.
  • The operation of changing passwords, email, phone numbers Google Authenticator is done here.
  • You can also make changes / add / remove payment methods here.

Prepare before signing up

Before I get started, I list here a few things that you need to prepare in advance for the fastest registration process.

  • Email addresses that you use often.
  • Photo of identity card: 1 photo on the front and 1 photo on the back. You can use Passport or GPLX.
  • Your phone has Google Authenticator pre-installed.
  • The bank account you want to use for transaction. See the list of supported banks on T-Rex above.
Register a trading account on T-Rex

First, you click http://coin98.net/go/trex to enter the registration interface.

(The link above is the Ref referral link, you register through it to support the team Coin98 dentist. Or you can visit directly and the homepage of the floor to register).

You enter your email address and press the button SEND CODE TO EMAIL.

The system will send a confirmation code to the email address you just entered. Go to this email and get the 6 digits that the floor has just sent.

Enter these 6 numbers into the interface on T-Rex.

At this time, the screen will switch to the interface to fill in the registration information. You enter your information as shown below.

Tick ​​the button I have read and agree to the "user agreement". Then press COMPLETED.

Note, the password should be 8 characters or longer. Include uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

So you have completed the account registration step on the T-Rex.

The next step will be Authenticating, click on the button START MAKING.

Verify your identity KYC

The identity verification on T-Rex consists of 3 steps: Authenticate phone numbers, Create transaction passwords, Identity authentication.

Verify phone number

First, you verify the phone number by entering your phone number in the box as below. Then click Get the SMS code.

The system will send a 6-digit phone number. You enter these 6 digits into the box Enter the SMS code then press ACCURACY is done.

Create a transaction password

You enter the transaction password as shown below.

Chu ý: This is the password when you make the transaction, not the login password.

Therefore, these 2 passwords must be different. Trading passwords should include uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Identity verification

Here, you enter your identity information in the boxes as shown below, then click NEXT STEP.

In the Identity Document interface, you choose the ID that you have prepared from the beginning.

Enter the ID card information, then upload the front, back and 1 brothers photos taken with paper Sign up for T-Rex on DD / MM / YYYY is the day you register your account.

Finally hit COMPLETED to send these documents to the floor.

T-Rex team will check these documents and approve them. This review process takes place relatively quickly, approximately 15-20 minutes.

My authentication account only takes more than 10 minutes to be approved.

Chu ý: You can use your Passport, or Driver's License, if you do not use ID.

Activate 2-step 2FA security

Enabling 2FA 2 layer security via Google Authenticator is very important and necessary to increase the security and safety of your transactions.

To enable this feature, go to User Center in the right corner and select Verify in the Google Authenticator line.

T-Rex will provide you with Google Authenticator Key Chains (Barcode image code and character string).

You use the Authenticator application that you have prepared to scan this code. Also save the string to back up later.

Then enter the 6-digit T-Rex account that appears in Google Authenticator into the box Enter the code to verify.

So you have opened the 2FA 2FA security settings.

This Google Authenticator code will be used to log in to your account, confirm transactions, confirm withdrawals, change passwords ...

If you do not know how to install Google Authenticator, you can read more: What is Google Authenticator? Complete guide to Google Authenticator
Enter payment method (VND bank account)

In the User Center, you scroll down to select the payment method.

Here, you enter your bank account information. This account will be used to make transactions of buying and selling Crypto - VND.

Then click Authentication to complete.

At the moment, T-Rex has supported payment with 20 banks in Vietnam. You see the list of supported banks above.

Transfer money to T-Rex

Currently, T-Rex has not supported VND wallets, so you cannot transfer VND directly from your bank account to the floor.

Next time, T-Rex will support this feature, I will update you as soon as the official information.

Trading BTC & Altcoin on T-Rex

In this section, I will take for example with Bitcoin (BTC), other currencies like ETH, USDT are similar.

There are 2 ways for you to make these purchases. It is dealing with people who are placing buy / sell ads on the floor. Or create Buy / Sell ads for your account.

Option 1: Buy and sell with people who have created ads on the floor

Buy BTC:

In the homepage, brother press the button BUY NOW.

Enter the number of BTC you want to buy in the box, as shown below.

T-Rex will filter out the list of sellers matching the amount of BTC you want to buy.


  • You should choose reputable sellers (with buttons Already verified).
  • Select sellers with a blue circle button. These are people online on the floor. Ensure you can conduct transactions and solve problems that arise immediately.
  • Select the bank that you have registered from the beginning.

Nhan Buy BTC.

In the payment information interface, you pay attention:

  • The maximum time to execute a transaction is 20 minutes. During the transaction, the seller's BTC amount will be locked.
  • When making a transfer, you enter exactly the amount you need to pay and the content of the transfer.
  • Please refer to the Transaction Information for details of the transaction you are making.

After making the transfer, you press the button I HAVE ALREADY PAID to notify the floor and seller know the status of the transaction.

You will receive BTC after the seller presses the Confirm button that has received the transfer money.

To cancel this transaction, click the button CANCELL THIS TRANSACTION.

Sell ​​BTC:

In the homepage, brother press the button SELL NOW.

In the next interface, you enter the number of BTC to sell.

Then choose a reputable seller. Attention in selling, similar to in buying. Brothers refer to above.

Next, enter the amount of BTC you want to sell. Check the amount of transfer you will receive. Then press Sell ​​BTC.

Figure below is the selling interface, in which you pay attention:

  • The maximum time to execute a transaction is 20 minutes. During this time, the amount of BTC that you sell will be locked.
  • After receiving the transfer money from the buyer. Brothers click the button CONFIRM I HAVE RECEIVED MONEY. For the transaction process is completed.

Method 2: Create a sale ad

At the homepage of T-Rex, click the button CREATE AD.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the type of buy or sell order.

Step 2: Select the type of Crypto you want to trade.

Step 3: Choose price types, there are 2 types: fixed price and floating price.


  • Fixed price is the price that you set for your buy / sell transaction.

    For example: In the sale transaction, you set a price of 150,000,000 VND for 1 BTC. That is, you are expected to sell BTC at this price, although the current market price is not right for this price.
  • Floating price is the reference price of the floor multiplied by the amplitude% set by brothers from the beginning.

    For example: The reference price is 100,000,000 VND for 1 BTC with a margin of 5%, the price displayed on T-Rex for this ad will be 105,000,000 VND. Margin percentage is optional by brothers. However, you should set from 1% - 2% for quick order matching.

Step 4: Enter the unit price you want to sell for 1 BTC.

Step 5: Enter the number of BTC to sell.

Step 6: Enter the minimum number of BTC you want to match for each trade.

Step 7: Enter the maximum number of BTC you want to match for each trade.

Step 8: Select a payment method. Here you choose the type of floor and choose the account you want to make this transaction.

Finally press the button CREATE SELL AD to formally create ads.

After that, you can use the newly created advertising link to share on facebook, telegram, zalo, etc. to increase liquidity.

Partners who buy and sell coins with their brothers and sisters without T-Rex account can still carry out transactions with only phone numbers.

This is a pretty good feature of T-Rex.

The creation of a buy ad is similar.

Now all you have to do is wait for other users to see this ad and go to match.

The creation of a buy ad is similar.

Chu ý: Reference price is taken by T-Rex from BitStamp Exchange.

Option 3: Trade via T-Rex Escrow

This is a nice feature of T-Rex, allowing users to trade with each other via T-Rex intermediary accounts with just a phone number.

If you are a seller, follow these 5 steps:

Step 1: Access to https://t-rex.exchange > select Escrow> click create secured transaction.

Step 2: Enter phone number> Press Get OTP code> Enter OTP code and press verify

Step 3: Select the digital asset you want to sell> Fill out the transfer information> Fill the digital asset sale price agreed with the buyer.

After completing, you click verification to ask the buyer to submit identity information and click Create transaction.

Step 4: Load digital assets into an intermediary wallet of T-Rex. Here my example is Bitcoin (BTC).

You need to deposit the agreed BTC sale into the wallet address shown below. After the transfer is complete, click confirm BTC deposit.

After that, you need to copy the transaction link shown below and send it to the buyer.

Wait for the buyer to send ID card for you to check your identity and make payment.

Step 5: Check the information of the buyer. If you have received money, select I have received money for T-Rex to release the digital assets to the buyer. And the transaction completed successfully.

In case, after 5 minutes you have not seen the money in your account, you need to click on the Dispute box. The T-Rex team will assist you in resolving disputes.

If you are a buyer, follow these 05 steps:

Step 1: Receive and access the transaction link given by the seller> click start transaction.

Step 2: Enter phone number> Get OTP code> Verify OTP code

Step 3: Proceed to payment.

You check the number of digital assets received and transaction fees. Then enter the wallet address to receive your property. Continue, download 02 ID photos and click Confirm.

Step 4: Transfer money to the bank account / e-wallet provided by the seller. After that, you check your wallet address is correct or not and click I have transferred money.

Immediately, Popup confirmed the transaction appears, you double check again and click Confirm.

Step 5: The seller receives the money and T-Rex will release the digital assets for you, the transaction ends successfully.

If within 05 minutes no digital assets are released into the wallet. You need to click Dispute to have the T-Rex team conduct a dispute.

Deposit / Withdraw Crypto from T-Rex

In addition to trading Cryptocurrency with fiat fiat currency, you can also deposit or withdraw Crypto directly from your personal wallet to your T-Rex account.

The section below, I will guide you how to withdraw money with BTC.

Instructions to Deposit BTC on T-Rex

Step 1: You go to the Balance section.

Step 2: In the BTC Account, you select the button Loaded.

In the next interface, you will see your BTC wallet address on the T-Rex.

Step 3: In a personal wallet account (MyEtherWallet, Metamask wallets or cold wallets ...), you perform the transfer of BTC into the wallet address that you have just obtained in step 2.

Step 4: Wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

Once confirmed, the amount of BTC that you transfer will be in the BTC wallet that your T-Rex account is holding.

Chu ý: When depositing BTC into BTC wallet on T-Rex:

  • Deposit at least 0.001 BTC.
  • Only send BTC to the BTC wallet address on T-Rex. If you send another crypto, you won't get it back.
  • T-Rex wallet address may be changed. T-Rex exchange will notify you when there is a change in the wallet address.

Instructions to withdraw BTC from T-Rex exchange to personal wallets

Step 1: You go to the Balance section.

Step 2: In the BTC Account, you select the button Withdraw.

Step 3: Enter the BTC withdrawal information to the wallet.

  • Address: Enter the personal wallet address that you want to withdraw BTC.
  • Value: Enter the amount of BTC that you want to withdraw.
  • Then press the Submit button to perform withdrawal.

Step 4: Enter the Google Authenticator code in your phone.

This step helps to ensure account security.

Notes on withdrawing BTC from T-Rex:

  • Withdrawal fee: 0.0002 BTC
  • Minimal withdraw 0.0002 BTC

Experience using other features on the T-Rex floor

How to trade margin on T-Rex

T-Rex is P2P and Crypto - Fiat, so it does not have Trade Margin.

How to use the stop-limit function on the T-Rex floor?

T-Rex floors do not have a Stop-limit function.

How to use API key on T-Rex

T-Rex floor does not support API features.

How to get ref link to introduce T-Rex floor

In the User Center section. On the left you can click on the button Copy to get the Ref link.

In addition, your brother's UID number is Code Ref.

You can send this number to your friends to enter each time they create an account.

How to troubleshoot when losing 2FA on the T-Rex

I always want to emphasize that you should save this Google Authenticator code right before activating this function. Because losing this code takes a lot of time and effort.

However, there is a way in case you accidentally lost this Google Authenticator code.

It is immediately contact the Supporter team of the floor. Chat button with support person is always on the right to support you 24/7.

Even if you suspect your Google Authenticator is leaking, you should contact T-Rex for a new code.

How to contact T-Rex support

T-Rex support is always available to support users. You can click on the chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

In addition, for issues that need detailed answers, you contact T-Rex directly via the Support function (at the bottom of the homepage).

Here, you enter your problem clearly presented to the T-Rex team and will receive feedback via email.

Frequently asked questions when trading coin on T-Rex

Should I trade on T-Rex?


Because this is a new exchange, there are many incentives for new members to register.

You can test the floor by trading with small amounts first.

Is T-Rex floor safe and reliable?


T-Rex also emphasizes that Security is their vital issue.

I have experienced from the user interface, the way the support team works, the public information of the floor is transparent.

Read more about T-Rex's privacy policy here: https://www.t-rex.exchange/about/about.html?id=6

What are the trading fees on T-Rex?

Transaction fee:

  • Taker fee: 1% (on total transaction volume)
  • Maker fee: 0

Has T-Rex been hacked yet?

The answer is no!!

What are the deposit / withdrawal fees on T-Rex?

Reputable account:

  • Transaction fee: 0%
  • Recharge fee: Free
  • Withdrawal fee: Free

KYC approved account:

  • Transaction fee: 0%
  • Recharge fee: Free
  • Withdrawal fee: Free

Registered account but not yet completed KYC:

  • Transaction fee: 0.5%
  • Recharge fee: Free
  • Withdrawal fee: Free
Does T-Rex floor often have maintenance error?

Is not!

T-Rex has just come into operation, I have not seen any maintenance schedule.

Is T-Rex a scam?

The answer is No !!

What is the T-Rex wallet address?

Currently, T-Rex is supporting 3 cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT.

Address of the wallet, you go to Balance, then click the Deposit button of each corresponding currency to see your wallet address on T-Rex.

You can find the transaction Block here:

T-Rex floor of which country?


Operating license is registered in Estonia.

Location: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Punane tn 6-219, 13619, Estonia.

Registration number: 14616779

What is T-Rex coin?

T-Rex exchanges do not have their own coins.

Do KYC need to withdraw money from T-Rex?

You have to KYC to withdraw and trade on the floor.

Does T-Rex support Vietnam?


What is the deposit and withdrawal limit on T-Rex?

There is no maximum limit.

Minimum withdrawal limit is:

  • USDT: Minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT with fee of 5 USDT.
  • BTC: The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC with 0.0002 BTC fee.
  • ETH: Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.015 ETH with fee of 0.005 ETH.
Does T-Rex have Android, iOS apps?

Coming soon!!

According to the information I learned, the T-Rex team is finishing.

Which trading markets does T-Rex support?

Currently only Vietnam.


T-Rex is a relatively new Crypto - Fiat and P2P transaction. However, there are many advantages to you.

Crypto market is getting warmer, adding another Crypto-Fiat exchange also gives you more options to participate in the market.

Above is the user manual and trading on the floor of T-Rex and his team Coin98. Hope to help you understand more about this exchange.

If you have any questions, please comment below. Or you can join in discussion Coin98 Research Group.

Hello and see you again in the next article!

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