Top 6 most prestigious Bitcoin and Crypto exchanges in the world

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top 6 reputable Bitcoin exchanges

In today's article, I will share with you about the Top 6 Crypto exchanges in the world that are interested and used by the Vietnamese community. With these exchanges, you can comfortably trade, buy and sell with many different cryptocurrencies.

Each exchange has its own advantages and disadvantages, so I will give details for you to have an overview to choose the exchanges that are the most suitable for you.

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Here is a list of the top 6 crypto-crypto exchanges that currently support Vietnamese users:

Coin98 has posted articles on how to register an account, and how to use, as well as more details of the Top 6 Bitcoin and Crypto exchanges. You can refer to the below articles:

Binance exchange

Binance is the leading Bitcoin & Crypto exchange today. The word "Binance" stands for Binary & Finance.

You must be too familiar with the name Changpeng Zhao (or more commonly called as CZ). In July 07, CZ called for the first time for Binance exchange through ICO and earned 15 million USD. After more than 2 years of development, you can see Binance is a big name in the Crypto market.

Binance or CZ is also considered as one of the "captains" leading the cryptocurrency market, especially with IEO - token sale right on the exchanges.

I guess most of you here have accounts on Binance. If you are a newcomer to the Crypto market, Binance is definitely a name you can not ignore when choosing to trade Bitcoin as well as other Crypto.

Highlights of Binance exchange:

  • The ICO in July 07 helped Binance raise $ 2017 million.
  • 20,000 registrations in the early days.
  • Daily trading volume reaches over 2.4 billion USD.
  • Handles over 1.4 million transactions per second.
  • Traffic to Binance from Vietnam is ranked 4th, accounting for ~ 6%.

Advantages of the Binance exchange

The number of trading pairs is high

Currently on Binance, there are 171 coins with 580 trading pairs. This number is quite comfortable for people who want to trade multiple coins on the same exchange.

Real trading volume

Binance is one of the top exchanges with high real trading volume as reported by Bitwise in March 03.

Multilingual-supported exchange

Vietnamese is one of the languages ​​supported by Binance, and Binance has a suitable interface for Vietnamese people.

Good commission regime

You can enjoy up to 40% trading fee earned from inviting friends to join Binance through your referral link.

Binance can also be considered as the first exchange to take the lead in awarding commissions for referrals.

Low transaction fees

The transaction fee on Binance is currently only about 0.1% for both taker and maker fee. And it will decrease even more when users use BNB to pay for trading fees.

Compared to many other exchanges, this is the lowest fee, which is best for users to trade.

BNB - its utility coin

It is the coin of an exchange that has the most uses.

The ROI or profitability ratio of BNB coin compared to the time of ICO is the most obvious number that shows clearly the strength of this coin.

Diverse forms of trading

All trading orders from basic to advance ones are available on Binance.

Currently, Binance has supported spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, market, limit, stop-limit, and OCO.

Without KYC, you can withdraw 2 BTC per day

People who have just registered an account on the exchange, but not completed KYC are still able to trade and withdraw 2 BTC per day.

SAFU Insurance Fund

SAFU is Secure Asset Fund for Users - risk insurance fund for users. Binance will use 10% of the transaction fee collected to put into SAFU fund.

In case of the exchange hacked, which affects the user account, Binance will use the money from this fund to protect users. Most recently, Binance was hacked with API in May 05. The total amount of assets up to 2019 BTC has been deducted from SAFU fund to pay to the damaged user.

Binance is not just an exchange

This is my favorite thing about this exchange. Binance is more than just a crypto exchange. They can be considered as a complete Crypto ecosystem including (Crypto exchange), Binance DEX - decentralized exchange, and Binance Chain - Binance's own blockchain.

It was Binance that recently created a wave of "migration" to Binance Chain with the standard BEP-1. They also have their own official wallets, Trust Wallet and Binance Incubators, investing in Blockchain projects.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the ICO trend - Binance Launchpad , which is initiated by Binance. Besides, the latest products like Binance Futures, Binance Lending, etc. promises to create a new trend for the community.

To better understand the ecosystem of Binance, you refer to the articles of Coin98: Learn about Binance's ecosystem from AZ
Cons of Binance

Often targeted by hackers

Because it is a large exchange, Binance is always in the sights of many hackers.

After more than 2 years of launching, Binance has been attacked twice. The first time was in July 2, when the hacker took away 7 BTC. And the last time a hacker took advantage of the API attack vulnerability, and took away 2018 BTC.

OTC transactions has not been available for Vietnam yet

Huobi Global exchange

Huobi is the leading Bitcoin and Crypto exchange today. Huobi exchange was established in 2013 in China.

In 2017, when the country issued a ban on Crypto and ICO exchanges, Huobi moved to expand in South Korea, Japan, the US, etc.

Advantages of Huobi exchange

Support multiple coins

Currently, Huobi allows trading with 224 coins, and 538 trading pairs. You can freely choose to trade many altcoins on Huobi.

HT - its utility coin

HT is the Huobi exchange's own coin.

HT is used to pay/reduce transaction fees, as well as to participate in other products and services on Huobi.

Especially from the beginning of 2019, the price of HT has increased by more than 5x (the highest price).

There are many different forms of trading

Huobi offers spot trading, margin trading, futures and OTC trading.

OTC transactions with VND

This is one of the few international exchanges to support OTC trading directly with Crypto for the Vietnamese community. That is, you can use VND in your bank account to buy Crypto directly.

The exchange has many forms to attract users

Besides the familiar types of transactions, Huobi also caught up with the IEO trend with Huobi Prime.

Besides, the exchange also launched the FastTrack program, which allows the community to use HT to vote for projects that users want to list on the exchange. These forms directly use HT tokens, thereby affecting its price.

The interface with Vietnamese language

Currently Huobi's Vietnamese interface has been updated and is easy to use for Vietnamese users.

In particular, traffic from Vietnam to Huobi Exchange is ranked 2nd, and accounts for more than 8% of the total global traffic.

Disadvantages of Huobi exchange

The transaction fee is quite high

The trading fee on Huobi is currently 0.2% for Taker/Maker fee. This is a relatively high transaction fee compared to many other exchanges.

People who use HT as a transaction fee will be reduced to only 0.07%.

Bittrex exchange

Bittrex is a Bitcoin and Crypto exchange based in Seattle, USA. The exchange was established in 2013.

Currently, the traffic to Bittrex from Vietnamese accounts for nearly 7%, and it is ranked 3rd.

Advantages of Bittrex Exchange

Real trading volume

As reported by Bitwise in March 03, Bittrex and Binance are exchanges with good real trading volume.

Good security

Bittrex is one of the best security platforms at the moment; they have never been hacked or any problems.

Disadvantages of Bittrex Exchange

Strict legal

As a US-registered exchange, Bittrex must comply with many strict regulations of this country. Therefore, sometimes you will have some difficulties in registering or withdrawing on this exchange.

The interface is difficult to use

During the experience of using Bittrex, I found it very difficult to use, and the interface was not intuitive. Open/History Order display areas, and trading orders on the market are difficult to see.

High transaction fee of 0.25%

The transaction fee of 0.25% is high compared to many other exchanges at only 0.1%.

There are not many trading options on Bittrex

Currently, the exchange only supports crypto-crypto spot trading with Limit orders and Stop-Limit. This can be considered a relatively big drawback of this exchange. Some other exchanges like Binance or Huobi all have trade margin or futures trading options.

There are no its utility coin

I suppose that this may be due to problems related to the US laws ,so they cannot issue their own coin. Hopefully, in the future, Bittrex will soon have its own utility token.

No phone apps

Gate exchange is one of the oldest exchanges in China. The exchange was founded in 2013 with the first domain name -, under the leadership of CEO Lin Han.

In 2017, China introduced a strict regulation on exchanges and ICOs, and changed its name to

Advantages of Gate Exchange

High security

In fact, Gate Exchange (formerly was once stolen by 7,000 BTC. Then, they have tightened security issues of the exchange to protect users.

In addition to the password-logining layer, users also have the transaction and withdrawal password layer

GT - its utility coin

GT is its utility coin that Gate launched in April 04.

There are many forms of trading

Gate currently not only has spot trading for crypto-crypto, but also supports margin trading, futures trading, and margin lending/borrowing.

The exchange has many services that attract users

Not only catching up with the IEO 2019 trend, Gate also launched a number of its own services such as HODL & Earn, Margin Lending, Borrowing, etc. These services will help the exchange attract users as well as increase demand of GT token.

Disadvantages of Gate Exchange

The transaction fee is quite high

Trading fee for maker/taker is 0.2% as high as Huobi.

Complex KYC process

The exchange has been hacked, so the review and documentation requirements for KYC will cost users more time.

Floor Gate has supported Vietnamese

However, according to my experience, this Vietnamese interface is not good. Many words are still translated quite unnaturally.

Those who do not like this interface can use English interface to be more comfortable.

KuCoin exchange

KuCoin is one of the Chinese exchanges to be launched at the same time as Binance.

Although not growing as fast and as strong as Binance of CZ, KuCoin is currently one of the exchanges interested by the Vietnamese community.

Advantages of KuCoin exchange

Low transaction fees

Currently, trading fee on KuCoin is 0.1% for Maker and Taker, which is similar to Binance. This can be considered as the currently lowest transaction fee.

Secure cold wallet storage

According to my research, KuCoin has a cold wallet system that securely stores users' trading accounts. Therefore, you are somewhat more reassured when trading on this exchange.

Receive bonus when owning its utility token - KCS

KCS (KuCoin Share Token) differs from other exchange's coins in that the holders of KCS coins will receive a Bonus deducted from 50% of the exchange fee collected.

There are many programs that attract more users

KuCoin also has IEO Spotlight, which helps to sell tokens on the exchange using KCS.

In addition, the exchange also launched various programs such as Pool-X, or KuMex (KuCoin's derivatives exchange), and Soft Staking - allowing users to receive bonuses from the project while holding and trading 1 coin on the exchange.

Disadvantages of KuCoin exchange

There have been no margin trading

Currently, apart from spot trading and KuMEX (derivative transaction), KuCoin has no Margin transaction. This is KuCoin's shortcoming compared to other exchanges.

Fake trading volume

According to Bitwise's report, KuCoin is also one of the exchanges with large fake trading volumes.

In addition, other large and reputable exchanges in the world also have Coinbase - this is the largest and reputable exchange in the US, with a real trading volume.

However, this exchange currently only serves the US and European markets, not supporting transactions for the Vietnamese market. Hopefully, in the future, they will expand to other markets, and support Vietnamese users.

BitMax exchange

BitMax is a Bitcoin and Crypto exchange based in Singapore. The BitMax exchange was established in July 07, and until the beginning of 2018, the BTMX coin was officially listed, which drew much attention from the community.

It is reported that Bitmain is the one to support for BitMax behind to compete directly with Binance and BitMEX.

Advantages of BitMax Exchange

Low transaction fees

Currently, the transaction fee on BitMax is only 0.04% for maker and taker. This price is almost the cheapest at present.

Utility token - BTMX - with many services provided

BitMax is not just Crypto exchanges. On BitMax, there are also other services, for example, BitTreasure - a lock coin program that gives interest for users.

This form is usually for the newly-listed coin, and the card-buying program with BTMX to receive the exchange's incentives.

Providing many of these services will help to attract more users to participate, and directly impact the demand for BTMX.

Margin trading

BitMax allows trading margin with different trading pairs.

When it was just launched, many people still compared BitMax as the combined version of Binance (at that time, there was only spot trading, and no margin trading) & BitMEX (the exchange specialized in Margin trading).

There is a mobile application

BitMax now has enough apps for mobile devices.

Disadvantages of BitMax Exchange

Transaction mining mechanism

At the beginning, the exchange has a Transaction mining mechanism. That is, the more users trade, the more its exchange's coins are unlocked.

However, in September 09, BitMax announced the termination of this program. In my opinion this is good news for BTMX because its unlocking number is no longer dependent on transaction volume.

The exchange has not supported Vietnamese language yet


In the above article, I have introduced to you top 6 of the world's leading Bitcoin and Crypto exchanges that support Vietnamese users.

In the upcoming articles, I will introduce and compare more details about exchanges that feature margin trading, derivative transactions, futures contracts, etc. so that you can know better and have more options when participating in this market.

Which of the 6 exchanges do you currently have an account with? What are the exchanges you trust to buy and sell Bitcoin daily?

Feel free to comment below, do not forget to join the chat channels, discuss with Coin98 at Facebook & Telegram!

Goodbye and see you again in the next article!


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