What is Exodus wallet? Instructions to use Exodus wallet

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Exodus wallet
Exodus wallet definition

Exodus is an online electronic wallet for storage Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin... and most ERC20 tokens.

In addition, Exodus also allows users to exchange coins with each other to diversify their portfolio.

Features of Exodus wallet

Exodus is the online crypto wallet of projects associated with hardware wallets Safe deposit to make your property more secure.

Currently, Exodus allows users to store 112 different crypto assets.

Purpose of using Exodus wallet

Like many other long-standing wallets, Exodus was founded with the main purpose of being a safe store of crypto assets for investors.

Some other information about Exodus wallet
  • Exodus was founded in 2015 by JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli.
  • Exodus is considered by the community of crypto investors to be the wallet with the most understandable interface.
  • Currently, Exodus has three products: Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Trezor Hardware Wallet.

Instructions for installing Exodus wallet

Exodus supports applications for both desktop and mobile.

The mobile version is being updated, so I'll walk through the desktop. Mobile installation is similar to desktop.

First you visit here: https://www.exodus.io/download/

Select "DOWNLOAD EXODUS 20.3.27". Next select "Download Windows app".

After downloading, open the file and complete the installation. That's it, very fast and simple.

Instructions to backup Exodus wallet

In the process of using Exodus wallet will inevitably condition such as broken desktop, mobile or brothers need to renew the device.

So, I will instruct you to backup the wallet so that you can still access Exodus from other devices.

Chu ý: You need to save the following information:

  • Mật khẩu
  • 12 keywords

Step 1: At the main interface of Exodus wallet select "Backup".

Next create passwords and remember them. Select "Next".

Step 2: Confirm the password and select "Next".

Step 3: Exodus wallet will give you 12 keywords. If you move the mouse over each number box, the word will appear.

  • You need to write these words down in order from 1-12 and store them carefully.
  • Select "Next".

Step 4: Exodus will ask a question "What words are in your keywords" contains four answers.

  • You need to choose the right answer to be successful.
  • After selecting the word, click "Finish".

After completing the backup, the screen will show two main items:

  • PASSWORD SET: You can reset the new password if desired.
  • 12-WORD RECOVERY PHRASE: You can review the 12 key words by entering the password.

Instructions to use Exodus wallet

Instructions to add coin / token to Exodus wallet

At the main interface of Exodus wallet:

Step 1: Select "Setting" → "Asset".

Step 2: Next, tick the coin / token you want to add. That's it, the coin / token will automatically be added to the "Wallet" section.

Instruction to deposit / withdraw coins / tokens from Exodus wallet

How to load coins

Step 1: In the main interface, select "Wallet" → select coin / token to be loaded into the wallet.

Select "Receive".

Step 2: Give this wallet address to the seller so they can add coins / tokens. Very fast transaction speed, less than 1 minute is done.

How to withdraw coins

Step 1: Also at the interface of Exodus wallet, select "Wallet" → select the coin / token you want to withdraw from the wallet.

Select "Send".

Step 2: Enter the information "wallet address to send coin / token", "amount of coin / token to withdraw".

Select "Send".

So, I have instructed you to finish loading / withdrawing coins / tokens from Exodus wallet.

Advantages of Exodus wallet

Exodus is one of the famous crypto storage wallets today. Exodus has several advantages:

  • Easy to install and use for newbies.
  • Support many types of coins / tokens.
  • There is an investment management portfolio for visual monitoring.
  • High anonymity and extremely safe security thanks to the combination with Trezor.
  • Allow Desktop and Mobile links to easily manage.
  • There is a team of enthusiastic support 24/7.
  • There is a chart to see the rise / fall of coins / tokens.

Disadvantages of Coinomi wallets

Not just Exodus, here are some disadvantages of early wallets:

  • There are not many applications to attract users such as staking, trading, and Dapp games.
  • There is no 2FA security feature.
  • The number of coins / tokens supported is still quite low compared to later online wallets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Exodus have a Vietnamese community?

Not yet.

Currently, Exodus only supports a few communities: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Github, Vimeo, Slack.

What coins does Exodus support?

Exodus supports 112 coins and tokens. Some popular coins like: BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, LTC ...

Does Exodus have Vietnamese?

Is not!

Currently, Exodus only supports English.

In the near future, Exodus development team will support more new languages ​​to serve users.

Has Exodus been hacked yet?

Not yet

Since its launch in 2015, Exodus has not recorded any loss of assets from users.

Does Exodus have frequent maintenance errors?

Exodus will update the software every 2 weeks. Quite annoying for users.

Does Exodus have App on phones?

Exodus wallets are currently supported on both Android and iOS.

Does Exodus wallet have a token?

Currently, Exodus has no separate token for the wallet. When there is official information from the floor I will update.

Can I install Exodus on a computer browser?


Exodus supports installation on three operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux.

How to contact Exodus support

Exodus has no community on Telegram. So, when you encounter a problem, you go to the link below to ask questions for the earliest support from Exodus team: https://www.exodus.io/contact-support/


Hopefully, my last post helped you to have an overview of Exodus wallet.

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