What is Airpay? Complete guide how to use Airpay wallet

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What is Airpay

The Covid-19 epidemic caused users to tend to shop and pay online. This is the era of e-wallets to the throne.

In previous articles, I introduced about wallets like Zalo Pay, Mocha, ViettelPay ... let's serialize the electronic wallet series with Airpay in this article.

Come on, follow me!

Airpay is an electronic wallet application on mobile that meets all payment needs quickly with high information security.

AirPay is a product of AirPay Joint Stock Company licensed to provide intermediary services No. 29 / GP-NHNN issued by the State Bank on December 16, 12.

You can use Airpay wallet to transfer money, pay bills and pay for other shopping and entertainment services.

Instructions on how to create an Airpay account

You can download APP Airpay for iOS and Android at the Apple Store or Play Store app store.

After successful download, you open the APP and start creating accounts.

Step 1: Enter the phone number → Continue.

Step 2: Verification code will be sent to SMS. You enter the box to move to the next step.

Step 3: Accomplished!

Instructions for setting up personal information and security of Airpay wallet account

Instructions for installing personal information on Airpay wallet

Step 1: Open APP → Me → Click on an avatar or phone number.


  • You can change Avatar.
  • Set your nickname by selecting settings.
  • Set up AirPay ID (a sibling's unique identifier and this code is unchanged after registration).

Email link

Enter email address → Verify email address → Check mail and select confirm.

Verify information

You need to enter some information as follows:

  • ID card information
  • ID number
  • Issued by
  • Date Range
  • Expiry date (Optional)
  • Personal information
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Where to eat:
  • Permanent address of the brothers

After the import is complete, click continue.

Download the image of the front and back of the ID card and then next.

Your information needs about 24 hours to confirm.

Instructions to link your AirPay account with a bank card

Step 1: Choose wallet → You can link to bank account credit / debit card → Add link → Select bank.

Step 2: Then, click the install now button to set the order password → Enter your name and ID number → Continue → Brothers and sisters set password (6 digits) → Select the link now.

Finally, you enter your bank i-banking account and click the view button to check information and done!

Note: Only bank accounts that use internet banking, online payment, or SMS banking are eligible for card association.

Instructions on how to deposit and withdraw money on AirPay wallet

How to top up AirPay wallet

There are three ways to top up an AirPay wallet: Deposit money from an affiliated bank, top up via a bank transfer payment order & topup via Internet Banking.

Hereafter, I will hInstructions on how to recharge your AirPay wallet:

Option 1: Deposit money from affiliated banks

Step 1: Enter the balance on the screen.

Step 2: Choose recharge.

Step 3: Enter the amount of deposit and select Next.

Step 4: Choose to top up from the linked bank card.

Step 5: Click recharge. Accomplished!

Method 2: Deposit money via Internet Banking

Step 1: Select the money display in the wallet.

Step 2: Choose recharge.

Step 3: Choose another deposit method.

Step 4: Choose an electronic bank.

Step 5: Select a bank and enter the amount to top up.

Step 6: Check the information again and choose continue.

Step 7: Enter payment information, including: Cardholder's name, card number, validity card and payment.

Step 8: OTP authentication.

Note: Your bank account must be registered for internet banking services to work this way.

Option 3: Deposit money into AirPay at the bank counter

You go to the bank's counter and ask for an authorization to pay money to AirPay's wallet. The teller will give you a voucher and guide you to fill out the information.

The information to top up AirPay card depends on your bank:


  • Account number: 1440201026405
  • Company name: AirPay Joint Stock Company
  • Branch: North Hanoi


  • Account number: 21210002225566
  • Company name: AirPay Joint Stock Company
  • Branch: Tay Ho

Vietcombank bank

  • Account number: 00991000015017
  • Company name: AirPay Joint Stock Company
  • Branch: Tay Ho

Sacombank Bank

  • Account number: 060095506170
  • Company name: AirPay Joint Stock Company
  • Branch: Cho Lon

Eximbank Bank

  • Account number: 200014851251992
  • Company name: AirPay Joint Stock Company
  • Branch: Ho Chi Minh

Note: You do NOT transfer directly from your account to the account number of AirPay Joint Stock Company. You must ask the bank to issue a payment order to deposit the above accounts.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from the AirPay wallet

Step 1: Select wallet icon at home page.

Step 2: Click withdraw money.

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to withdraw and press "Next".

Step 4: Enter the password and done!

The utility services of AirPay wallet


You can transfer money via phone number stored in the phone book or transfer money via AirPay ID.

Step 1: Select phone number in the phone book.

Step 2: Enter the amount.

Step 3: Enter the content (optional).

Top up your phone and buy a phone card

You just need to enter the phone number and choose the operator. Then select the value to submit and click continue to complete the submission.

Note: AirPay has only four operators: MobiFone, VinaPhone, Vietnamobile and Gmobile.

To top up your phone card to phone card site and select phone card face value and make the same payment operation as above.

Pay the bill

Visit AirPay's invoice site to pay the bills you are using including electricity, water, television, Internet, postpaid cell phones, landline phones, financial services ...

Load the PC game

AirPay supports direct deposit to three games: FIFA Online, League of Legends, Blade & Soul.

You need to enter your Garena ID or game username.

Select the charge level, AirPay will calculate the amount you will pay and press continue to pay.


Ordering and delivery service, just choose the food / drink you want to buy. After ordering, select the payment method.

You need an Now account to place an order.

Vietlott lottery utility

AirPay has links with Vietlot lottery tickets.

However, you cannot buy lottery tickets directly with AirPay, you need an account to log in to Mobilott and use AirPay to pay money.

Movie ticket service

You can book movie tickets at BHD Star theater.

Some other utilities

In addition, there are many other utilities such as services of The Coffee House, Hotel, Insurance, airline tickets ...

Some frequently asked questions about AirPay wallet

Is AirPay wallet safe?

Have! AirPay wallet is extremely popular in payment services for delivery and shipping parties.

Has AirPay wallet been hacked yet?

Not yet

However, to keep your AirPay account secure. Absolutely not to disclose information about bank accounts to others.

Do not use personal information, ID card or passport number as the password.

Do not enter your AirPay account into untrusted websites.

Is it possible to transact via AirPay wallet?

Deposit and withdraw money completely free for all linked banks.

If you pay with a Visa / MasterCard / JCB card for some services, you need to pay a fee.


  • Payment of air tickets: 1.6% x Trading value + 2000
  • Pay the bill: 2% x Trading value + 3000

Which bank does AirPay wallet link to?

Currently AirPay wallet is associated with the following banks:

  • Saigon Bank
  • SCB
  • SeABank
  • SHB Bank
  • Shinhan Bank
  • Techcombank
  • TP Bank
  • VIB
  • Viet A Bank
  • Viet Bank
  • Viet Capital Digibank
  • Vietcombank
  • Vietinbank
  • VP Bank
  • ACB
  • Agribank
  • BacA Bank
  • Baoviet Bank
  • BIDV
  • DongA Bank
  • Eximbank
  • GP Bank
  • HD Bank
  • KienLong Bank
  • Lien Viet Bank
  • Maritime Bank
  • MB
  • Nam A Bank
  • NCB
  • OCB
  • Ocean Bank
  • PG Bank
  • PV Bank
  • Sacombank

What is the maximum transaction limit of AirPay wallet?

Depending on the bank, the transaction level is also different.

Minimum transaction limit of most banks is: VND 10.000 (except for Agribank VND 50.000 and OCB is VND 20.000)

For users who have not verified information:

  • Maximum transaction limit / time: VND 10.000.000 (except for SCB and VIB is VND 5.000.000, TP Bank is VND 1.000.000).
  • Daily transaction limit: 10.000.000 VND (except for TP Bank 5.000.000 VND / day).

For verified users:

Maximum transaction limit / time:

  • 1 million: TP Bank
  • 5 million: SCB
  • 10 million: Vietinbank, Agribank, MB, Nam A Bank, NCB, SeaA Bank, Viet Capital Digibank
  • 20 million: Eximbank, VIB, VP Bank
  • 30 million: BIDV, ABBANK, OCB
  • 35 million: Bac A Bank,
  • 300 million: Sacombank

Transaction limit / day:

  • 5 million: TP Bank
  • 10 million: NCB
  • 20 million: Eximbank, MB, VIB, VP Bank
  • 25 million: Vietcombank
  • 30 million: Vietinbank, ABBANK, Nam A Bank, OCB
  • 50 million: BIDV, Agribank, SCB, SeABank, Viet Capital DIGI Bank
  • 55 million: BAC A Bank
  • 300 million: Sacombank

How to contact Customer Service department of AirPay wallet?

You can fill it out complaint form of AirPay and send to your email address [Email protected].

Or, you can fill it out here For a response within 24 hours or contact messenger by AirPay.


E-wallets become more and more popular and convenient for users, AirPay cooperates with many partners, payment services, shipping, shopping and online payment via AirPay application.

If you have any questions can comment below, Coin98 will quickly respond to you.

See you in the next posts!

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