What is reddit? Instructions for registering and using Reddit

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What is reddit


Reddit defines itself as a front page of the internet. A place to share aggregated information, a large social network divided by each topic. Reddit is a place where the community can discuss the weirdest things.

Reddit has absolutely no marketer. That means you will not be bothered by paid posts, or be monitored for online behavior like Facebook, Twitter.

Every post you see will be displayed based on the votes of the community, not the server.

Reddit differs from other social networks in that it has upvotes and downvotes (can be considered Likes and Dislikes). It's a tool to sift through posts and comments to create a quality Reddit community.

Other platforms usually only like but not dislike. Therefore, Reddit posts are better selected, posts with many downvotes will not be recommended.


Reddit was founded by two members Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005.

Initially, Reddit was just a small news site with the name snew, which stands for "what's new?". But they cannot register the domain name snew.com.

The two founders tried the following domain names but failed 360scope.com, oobaloo.com, hotsnoo.com, dosedose.com ...

Finally, Ohanion proposed the name Reddit, which stands for read it, "I read it on reddit". The name snew was later changed to Snoo and that is also the symbolic name of Reddit.

In 2006, Reddit was acquired by Condé Nast Publisher - a subsidiary of Advance Publications (USA). It then operates independently but still holds the most shares in Advance Publications.


Reddit is always honest about advertising. They do not advertise as much as Facebook. They do not access personal information or extract data from users' posts / comments. You can even turn off ads with Reddit Gold or Reddit Premium.

In 2019, after being invested by Tencent, Reddit was valued at $ 3 billion, ready to compete for ad revenue with Facebook and Google.

They are also the nearest largest company that has not been listed yet. This is really where many investors peek.


Reddit has a very famous companion term called NSFW. So what does nsfw stand for?

This is the acronym for Not safe for work. It means referring to unsafe information when reading / viewing at work, in public places.

The content may be barbaric, nudity, political content ... Therefore, you should note when using Reddit offline!

How to use Reddit

What is subreddit?

Reddit is organized as a forum, each forum is a Subreddit.

Subreddit are Reddit forums by topic.

For example: Like film, news, bitcoin ...

How each subreddit has consistent article content, focusing on one topic. That's thanks to the admin / mode and the upvote / downvote feature.

Community is the most effective filter so that spam posts or wrong topics will not show up on the subreddit that you follow.

In addition, subreddit has its own rules set and moderated by mods like Facebook group admin. Invalid posts will be deleted. Therefore, the quality of Reddit is always good in terms of content.

However, due to the amount of information too with thousands of subreddit. The Front Page of Internet platform still does not attract the majority of users because it is considered difficult to use, the interface is not friendly, the information is widespread ...

Upvote and Downvote

As mentioned above, upvote and downvote is the mechanism that makes Reddit special, good control over post and comment quality.

Any post that gets upvote a lot will be on top of that subreddit. Conversely, if there are many downvotes, they will be relegated, reducing the possibility of suggestions on that subreddit.

Comments that get too much downvote may be hidden or deleted in the comments.

What is reddit gold?

Reddit gold is a cryptocurrency used to unlock new features on Reddit. Reddit Gold can be used to:

  • Turn off ads: Buy some gold and you can turn off ads on Reddit.
  • Customize the interface: You can change the look and feel to personalize your Reddit.
  • Highlight new comment: With gold, you can highlight new comments starting from where you last visited.
  • Remember the links on many different computers: You can follow the links you have visited. No matter what computer you're using, just log in to your Reddit account.

What is Karma reddit?

Reddit karma is the cumulative credit you get when users use your website to post / comment. It's like giving a reward.

Reddit karma also has no material value. It is used to evaluate the contribution of an account on Reddit. Accounts with lots of karma can be sold.

What is Cake Day?

Cake day is Reddit day of account participation. This information is together with Karma Reddit to assess the creditworthiness of an account.

Term / wiki

Some Subreddit - forums that use certain technical terms / terms or abbreviations will be listed in the Subreddit Wiki section.

In addition, the Wiki also has all the basic information about the topic of Subreddit so that a new person can easily reach the new topic of interest.

Instruction for registration / login

The official Reddit website is: https://www.reddit.com/ To login and register you need to access this address first.


Step 1: At the homepage, click Sign Up.

Step 2: Enter your brother's email address then click Next, enter your username and password. Then click capcha I'm not a robot and select Sign Up to finish.

Step 3: Reddit will suggest a list of popular subreddit for the Join brothers.

Step 4: Access to the email mailbox to verify Reddit registration email is that you can freely experience Reddit already.


Step 1: At the homepage, click LOG IN.

Step 2: Enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can use the email to retrieve it by clicking the Forgot Username / Forgot password button.

Mobile application

Reddit has all versions for iOS and Android. You can download and install here:

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/reddit/id1064216828

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.reddit.frontpage&hl=vi


Reddit is a social networking platform that focuses on topic-based discussions - just like Group / Forum but has many advantages over other platforms.

Exchange on Reddit towards the freedom of quality and quantity. Hopefully the short article of Coin98 can give you an overview of Reddit.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the article. I and Coin98 team will answer for you as soon as possible.

Hello and see you again in the next article!


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