What is TradingView? Instruction for using TradingView (detailed & easy to understand)

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What is TradingView

In today's article, I will together with you learn about TradingView, as well as how to register an account and use TradingView.

Let's start the article!


TradingView is a tool that provides financial market price charts. With friendly interface and easy-to-use toolkit, this website is very popular among investors.

TradingView is also a miniature social network for traders. Traders and investors can share their market analysis with other traders and discuss a wide range of markets on TradingView's platform.

TradingView also offers a paid version with an advanced toolkit. In this article, I will share a bit about this toolkit for you to refer and consider investing if you find them reasonable.

Why should you use TradingView?

Before TradingView, Trader brothers had to use price charts through software provided by the exchanges themselves. The chart software is mostly old and not many tools for you to use.

If you've ever traded in markets like stocks or Forex, you'll see this very clearly. People investing in securities in Vietnam often use Amibroker as an intermediary software to analyze the price of stock codes. As for Forex traders, they must manually add technical indicators to suit their analysis.

One of the reasons that exchanges rarely invest in price charts is the issue of costs. Building professional charts is quite expensive. On the other hand, each Trader has a unique trading system and investment system, so it is difficult for the exchanges to provide the full range of tools for everyone.

TradingView was born to solve these problems. Moreover, when using TradingView, you can access many types of markets that the exchanges have not provided. At the same time, you can discuss about market trends with traders trading that type of market.

How to register an account on TradingView

Instruction for registering TradingView account (free version)

To create a TradingView account, just click following link and click the Sign Up button to proceed to account registration.

You can always use your Google Account to register faster.

TradingView's free account will allow you to use the following features:

  • Access to market charts.
  • Added 3 technical indicators for each chart.
  • Saved 1 price chart on the folder of TradingView.
  • Saved 1 chart template.
  • Built a tracking list of market prices.
  • 1 indicator type is inserted into an existing indicator.

The free version of TradingView is also a bit inconvenient for you. You will see ads appear often. Advertising can be a bit annoying during the brother market transaction.

In general, with a free account, you can observe many types of markets with TradingView.

I will introduce the charged version along with the advanced tools in the following section for your reference.

Upgrade TradingView Pro account to use more advanced features

TradingView offers 4 types of Accounts (listed in order of cost):

  • Free version.
  • Pro version
  • Pro + version
  • Premium version

Brothers click this link To see a comparison of different versions of TradingView, please!

Basic TradingView user guide

General introduction about the interface of TradingView

Ok, now I will guide you about the interface of TradingView.

Before going through the charts, here's a quick tip: When you perform operations on the price chart, you can use the keyboard shortcut. ctrl + z / cmd + z to undo edits. Therefore, you do not have to be afraid of any trouble during the "dumb" TradingView.

In this picture, I have marked the numbers to help you easily observe the main tools of TradingView. I will go into details in each item below:

  1. This is the top toolbar, where you can find tools such as Change the time frame of the market, change the type of technical indicators, chart types (columns, candles, lines ...)
  1. This part is used a lot on TradingView so you should pay attention. This bar contains all the tools you need to apply to the price chart.
  1. This section is the price chart area. This is where you will observe the price of the market, observe the indicators and the display of the types of instruments you use.
  1. In this section, you will find the names of market types (stock codes, cryptocurrencies, Forex pairs, etc.). This section also displays the calendar of economic information, news and discussion groups for traders.
  1. The bottom toolbar is mainly used for notes and provides some market test functions - a form of advanced tools for you to check the stability of the trading method you are using. This location is also the place where your broker's trading account is connected to TradingView (provided the exchange provides this feature).
Price chart of TradingView

TradingView offers many types of financial market charts. If you have ever traded and have little knowledge of technical analysis, you will find it not too difficult to use TradingView.

For example, just a right click and select the Settings button, you can change the chart type and color as you like.

Here, you will also find the Scales section.

Some of you will definitely want the chart to always show the last candle on the price chart. Others just need the price displayed on a bar to know where the market price is. These features can be changed when you tick or uncheck the System Last Value Label position.

You can also change the color theme of the chart as you like and use the Template function to save your favorite chart format.

Trading or investing is still basically a personal nature, so I always advise you to change the price chart to your liking. This is also an important factor to help you trade more successfully.

Another interesting feature that you should pay attention to is the Alert Alert. I often use this function to set notifications for important prices on the chart. When the market price reaches that price, it will notify via email or the notification on the phone of the TradingView app.

Another trick you need to know about TradingView is the Logarithmic scale feature.

Given the high price volatility of the crypto market, this feature is very important. Because it helps display the price chart better than the normal chart format.

Instructions for using Top Tool Bar on TradingView

Above is an image of the Top Tool Bar - the toolbar at the top of the TradingView chart.

You should carefully observe the positions that you number, I will describe in detail the function of each item below:

  1. This section will help you adjust the time frame accordingly. For example, the letter D showing is the daily time frame - daily price chart. Some brothers who trade lower time frames like 4 hours, 1 hour will choose other time frame symbols such as H4, H1 ... Tradingview allows displaying charts on quite low time frames like M5 (5 minutes ) or M1 (1 minute).

  1. This section will allow you to change the chart format according to Japanese candlestick patterns or line charts, etc.
  1. Item for setting technical indicators.
  1. Section template help you install the charts that you have backed up before.
  1. Alert button - quickly set the market price that you want to notify.
  1. This item is an advanced function only for Pro version and above. The ability to split charts into multiple time frames, or display multiple types of charts at the same time on one screen.

  1. Layout Saving button - used to back up the charts you are analyzing, very necessary for you or save the chart to your computer for further study.
  1. General settings button.
  1. Button Full Screen - sprung up the big screen.
Instructions for using the Right Tool Bar on TradingView

The toolbar on the right is for social networking interactions, information on financial market types and newsletters.

In the picture above, I have marked items Details and Headlines, here are 2 parts of information about market prices and market news. If you are not very interested in this news, you should drag it down with your mouse to hide it.

If you use TradingView more, you will need to observe the prices on many types of markets, so the above price information should be displayed more.

The Add Symbol box will help you easily find the type of market you are looking for.

For example, find BTCUSD, XRPUSD, BNBUSDT and so on.

Tradingview not only introduces a unique type of market chart, it also introduces a lot of charts from different exchanges.

Instructions for using the Left Tool Bar on TradingView

This is the most important area of ​​TradingView, where you will find lots of tools to support the analysis of market price charts. Just drag the mouse on each function box, then click. TradingView will help display small feature listings in each cell.

You will probably use the Drawing Tools function many times to graph the market price.

TradingView offers many pricing models for technical analysis followers. If you are familiar with applying a price model to market analysis, TradingView will save you a lot of time when doing this operation.

Another function I like about TradingView is Long Position and Short Position.

Try this feature a few times, you will love it because it allows you to calculate the appropriate profit-taking and stop-loss rates. At the same time, it also helps you keep the price just right for the method you're using.

Instructions for using Bottom Tool Bar on TradingView

The toolbar below the TradingView chart can be a little uncomfortable for you to use. But rest assured, you continue to read your general instructions below to understand how to use.

The first line of the toolbar below will quickly display the time frames of the price chart. If you do not use the function to change the time frame on the toolbar above, the tool below also proved quite effective.

At the end of this section are%, log, auto. Try clicking on each icon to see the change of the price chart.

The log feature will be essential for brothers trading or trading Crypto markets. I also mentioned this important tip in the first part of the article.

Advanced TradingView user guide

Guide to using TradingView to filter good trading signals for Crypto market

It is not too difficult to find investment signals from TradingView!

As you know, TradingView is now a social network trading financial markets. TradingView will automatically aggregate trading signals across market types and aggregate them for users.

Click on the Screener tab on the main interface of TradingView. After that, please continue to click on the section Crypto Screener to find trading signals for the cryptocurrency market.

On the Crypto Screener page, you can freely choose the trading signals that suit your wishes. Normally, you can choose trading signals with Performance, Oscillators and Trend-Following.

Section Oscillators, you can also select filtering signals according to technical indicators such as MACD, RSI etc ...

Section Trend-Following, you will select the trend trading signals such as MA, Bollinger Bands.

You can also filter signals by each exchange. As in the example below, I filter the trading signal by Binance floor from the Overview section.

I also continue to choose the signals of strong price increases provided by TradingView - Strong Buy.

At this point, after filtering out the trading signals, the number of signals has become much less.

I will continue to filter one more filter with time frame.

I usually choose signals in the day frame because I don't have much time to observe the market price. Select the button to change the time frame, you click on the 1D icon is done.

This is a successful example when using transaction filters from TradingView.

In this way, you can simplify the search for market trading signals. Moreover, you can choose a more objective signal, regardless of the subjective signal from the person. Such trading signals also proved neutral, easy to tally later.

Instructions to use TradingView to read signal analysis from experts

To find trading ideas from experts on TradingView, click on the Ideas tab.

In this column, please choose your preferred trading method. For example, I am quite interested in trading signals from Elliott wave.

You see the next picture below.

After clicking the instructions, you will see the trading ideas only from this analytical method.

Using this method has a big drawback is that not all markets have signals to trade according to the desired method.

Take Elliott wave, for example, this is a pretty good wave analysis method on the Forex and stock market. But it rarely applies to the Crypto market. If any, I mostly see appear in the top coin markets like Bitcoin, Ethereum. Very few experts publish their analysis of small cap altcoins.

Another drawback is that analytical problems are sometimes subjective to subjective perspectives from experts. Therefore, the error in the analysis process is also larger than the use of technical indicators.

A small tip for you when using this way to refer to trading signals: When reading signals from experts, you should carefully read how they reason and how they use methods to analyze the market. When you feel like a professional, follow them regularly and read many articles about them.

The unfollowing of an expert in the middle and "standing here and there looking mountains" is very easy for you to make mistakes when trading and make market investment become vague and depressed.

Instructions to get widget of TradingView

Widgets will allow displaying real-time charts, figures ... from TradingView on your website.

To get these widgets, in the home screen, select More >> Widgets. Then choose the type of Widgets that suits your needs and then press the Get Widget button.

Now you just need to copy the code provided by TradingView and paste it into your website.

App TradingView

TradingView currently has a full app on devices running IOS and Android.

  • Download TradingView for IOS here.
  • Download TradingView for Android here.

The version of TradingView's mobile apps is highly rated by users (rating of 4.8 stars). You can find out more for yourself.


TradingView is a useful and handy tool for all of you, from newcomers to veteran traders. Not only in the stock market, forex ... but also Cryptocurrency It is also very suitable to use TradingView to support your brother's trade coin.

Hopefully this article has helped you know more ways to use TradingView to trade coins.

See you in the following posts!


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