Where to buy Bitcoin? How to buy Bitcoin cheap in just 3 steps

By Le Anh | Experience

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The perpetual question of newcomers to Bitcoin is always where to buy Bitcoin? How to buy Bitcoin cheap, safe and most prestigious?

In this article, I will show you how to buy Bitcoin safely, simply and safely!

But before I can find the answer to where to buy Bitcoin, I think you have to understand what Bitcoin is.

If you do not know anything about Bitcoin, you should read the article What is Bitcoin (BTC)? Complete set of Bitcoin for beginners Then come back to this article!

If you understand the basics of Bitcoin then let's get started !!

As far as I know, trading Bitcoin in Vietnam is currently very easy with 2 common ways:

  1. Buy Bitcoin via an exchange (VCC Exchange ...)
  2. Buy Bitcoin through middlemen.


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Although there are many exchanges that allow Bitcoin trading in VND. But I saw buying Bitcoin on the floor VCC Exchange is the simplest.

Because of the 3 outstanding advantages:

  • Prestige and safety: Newly launched but widely used by the community. VCC Exchange is considered as one of the most prestigious Bitcoin trading floors in Vietnam.
  • Flexible amount: You can buy Bitcoin in large or small quantities, depending on your needs.
  • Cheap: Bitcoin price on VCC Exchange can be said to be the cheapest compared to other exchanges.
  • Spead between buy and sell prices is very low.

As follows:

  • Bitcoin trading fee: 0.25% of the total transaction amount.
  • Bitcoin deposit / withdrawal fee: 0.0005 BTC per deposit / withdrawal.

For example:

If you buy 1 BTC for 100 million, your transaction fee will be 0.25% of 100 million = 250 thousand VND / BTC.

The same fee applies for selling Bitcoin on VCC Exchange.


The form of buying and selling through intermediaries is a primitive way and many people make MMO (Make Money Online) most used before having an exchange.

In fact, the nature of the current trading floor is nothing but a reputable intermediary organization.

How does Bitcoin trading through middlemen work?

To explain this problem, see the example below!

For example:

Mr. B posts Bitcoin for sale in the group, you want to buy Bitcoin. After the two sides have agreed on a reasonable price, both buying and selling >> You seek a reputable intermediary to receive your VND first.

Seller transfers Bitcoin number to you >> After you receive Bitcoin, the middleman will transfer VND to the seller.

Note: Usually intermediaries will be the admin / mod of the forum or the prestigious group. When buying through middlemen, prices may be a bit cheaper on the exchange.

But now there are many components that fake the admin account to hijack. You should refrain from using this way. Especially for beginners to enter this cryptocurrency market.

However, if you still want to use this method because of its undeniable advantages, then you should choose to deal with really reputable people!

You can refer to one of OTC traders who have been verified by Coin98 at this link: Oanh Pham OTC

Once you have purchased Bitcoin & Crypto in VND, the next step will be to specialize on major international exchanges to trade with many other cryptocurrencies. Here is a list of floors not to be missed: Top 6 most prestigious Bitcoin and Crypto exchanges in the world

Guide to buying Bitcoin cheap

Firstly, please make sure you have prepared yourself a Vietcombank bank account with Internet Banking function.

If you do not have one, run to the nearest Vietcombank bank and register to make a card.

This only takes a little time for you.

After everything is ready, let's start buying Bitcoin through these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Bitcoin wallet address

First, in order to proceed with buying Bitcoin, you must have yourself a wallet address to store Bitcoin!

Currently, you can create Bitcoin wallet in a very simple way. And usually people will use the following:

Bitcoin wallet on the exchange

Creating a Bitcoin wallet right on the exchanges is the simplest way always.

You just need to register for that floor. After registration is complete, you also have a BTC wallet address.

For example: I usually trade on Binance Exchange > I created a Binance account> Then I just went to my Binance account and took the BTC wallet address.

Soft wallet

If you do not have enough BTC and you want to mobilize that BTC easily.

You can store Bitcoin on 2 reputable wallets Coinbase, Blockchain.info....

Besides, Coin98 wallet It is also a prestigious and convenient option for you. You can refer to the article below.

Besides, if you have a large amount of BTC to store, you can use the Ledger Nano S or Trezor hardware wallet to increase the security and safety.

Step 2: Register for a VCC Exchange account

After the brothers had a Bitcoin wallet address. The next thing you need to do is register and verify your VCC Exchange account.

This helps you to buy Bitcoin in VND quickly, safely and with prestige.

Quick start Guide:

  1. Access to: https://coin98.net/go/vcc
  2. Enter your registration email and click continue.
  3. Confirm Email.
  4. Identity verification for accounts.
You can refer to the full tutorial here: Instruction for registration and usage of VCC Exchange
Step 3: Proceed to buy Bitcoin

After successfully registering a VCC Exchange account. You can proceed to buy Bitcoin in a good way already!

Because, the guide to buy Bitcoin in VND is quite long and I also wrote it in another article.

So I will summarize the steps to buy Bitcoin as follows:

  1. Log into VCC Exchange.
  2. Deposit money from Vietcombank VND purse.
  3. Select the Bitcoin seller and click buy.
  4. Enter the purchase quantity and address BTC wallet into the.
  5. Click buy BTC.

See instructions on buying Bitcoin on VCC Exchange in full in the article: Guide to register and buy Bitcoin on VCC Exchange


Finally, through this article, I hope the new brothers know where to buy Bitcoin is reputable and safe.

At the same time, the brothers also knew how to buy Bitcoin in VND easily and simply. Wishing you a successful Bitcoin purchase!

If you have any questions about the article, leave a comment at the end of the article. Me as well as the team Coin98 will try to answer to you as soon as possible.

Goodbye and see you again in the next article!

Le Anh

Cryptocurrency is our chance to become the new 1% of the world.