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Vietnam Crypto Report 2023

The Vietnam Crypto Report 2023 is the annual report compiled by Coin98 Insights team. The report provides a comprehensive and in-depth picture on the Vietnamese crypto market, as well as the investment trends among investors in the year 2023.
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Published Jan 06 2024
Updated Jan 22 2024
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Vietnam Crypto Report

January 17th 2024

With the aim of providing readers with a comprehensive overview of the Vietnamese crypto market in 2023 and offering insights for 2024, Coin98 Insights releases the Vietnam Crypto Report 2023.

The report furnishes detailed information on the crypto industry landscape in Vietnam, investor profiles, and the development status of blockchain projects in this region.


Based on the report, Vietnam is one of the markets with the highest crypto adoption rate. This creates an opportunity for projects to capture and elevate Vietnam's position on the global crypto map.

Following key content in Report:

Vietnam is actively researching and experimenting with blockchain technology in various aspects, such as applying blockchain to business operations, developing legal frameworks, etc.
According to the Crypto Adoption Index conducted by the Coin98 Insights team, Vietnam ranks 9th globally in terms of crypto acceptance levels.
Vietnam has prominent crypto projects and product ecosystems that could serve as platforms to enhance the country's position on the global blockchain map.
Major global crypto projects have shown increased interest in the Vietnamese market by organizing large-scale crypto events.
Based on years of experience, there is a clear differentiation in the investment styles and returns of Vietnamese investors. Specifically, experienced investors adopt a more in-depth investment style and yield higher profits.

The results from this report can assist individual investors in Vietnam in the most meticulous preparation for 2024 and provide insights into career opportunities in the crypto field. This report also offers foreign investment funds and projects a more authentic and objective perspective on the potential of the Vietnamese crypto market.

We sincerely appreciate our partners for their invaluable support in this report. Special gratitude is extended to CoinGecko for providing valuable insights into Vietnamese investors' behavior. We also acknowledge our supporting contributor partner, crypto communities, and media groups for their collaborative efforts and steadfast support during the reporting process.