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Agoric - Everything you need to know about BLD Token

Coinlist, a platform that connects blue-chip crypto projects with new token holders, recently announced the launch of Agoric, a new project that will use Javascript, the world's most popular programming language, to become blockchain-codeable. Today, let's learn about the Agoric project with Coin98 Insights!
Published Dec 26 2021
Updated Jul 19 2023
6 min read

What is Agoric?

Agoric is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain-based smart contract platform that utilizes JavaScrip as a programming language. Because of its safe and stable environment, Agoric's Hardened JavaScript makes it easier to access the 10+ million JavaScript developers. 

website agoric

Agoric Website:

Agoric provides a secure and comfortable environment for developers to build, deploy, and operate sophisticated Dapps, NFTs, and DeFi markets without having to learn everything from scratch.

Furthermore, the Agoric programming model will allow for the creation of a cryptoeconomic standard library with the same composability that will fuel the growth of the Node.js, React.js, and other JavaScript ecosystems.

How does Agoric work? 


The Agoric chain has three systems: 

The Dapp Economy: Like other blockchains, the Dapp Economy is the place where Dapps are deployed. It also allows market participants to transact and create digital assets with each other (both fungible and non-fungible)

The Run Protocol mints RUN, the stable currency that is pegged 1:1 to the dollar (USD). All protocol fees, including those for gas, are paid in RUN. RUN serves as a medium of exchange, unit of account, and store of value for users. The RUN protocol is governed by BLD holders and includes an integrated Automated Market Maker (AMM). 

run stable local currency

The RUN stable currency

Participants borrow RUN by depositing digital collateral in a participant-controlled vault where RUN is collateralized by assets like ATOM, ETH, USDC, etc. 

Therefore, the more economic activity on the Agoric chain, the greater the demand for RUN.

The Staking Economy is where BLD holders stake their tokens with validators to ensure the Agoric chain’s security and ongoing operation.

These systems work collaboratively to ensure a vibrant crypto economy in which economic activity secures, stabilizes, and rewards network participants.

the staking economy

Agoric Tech Stack

The Agoric chain will initially launch as part of the Cosmos ecosystem, as a sovereign blockchain built on the Tendermint consensus engine. 

Why Agoric blockchain? 

  • Familiar: Program in JavaScript, the most widely-used programming language. Agoric has added enhanced security, determinism, and asynchrony features to JavaScript to meet smart contract development’s unique demands. 
  • Secure: Agoric invented the Object-Capability (OCap) security model to provide multi-layer defence in depth, with better separation and containment of risk. 
  • Composable: Agoric uses the ERTP (Electronic Rights Transfer Protocol) token standard, which enables developers to rapidly build smart contracts from reusable components. The growing library of components uniformly supports diverse types of digital assets and contracts, including fungible tokens, NFTs, and assets from other chains.

features of agoric

Agoric Features

  • First-Class DeFi: It has a built-in Zoe contract framework along with its integrated stable currency and automated market maker (AMM) to empower DeFi developers to quickly launch Dapps.
  • Interoperable: The Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) lets the Agoric chain make use of other chains’ assets, collateral, and services and operate across chains. 

The Agoric Technology Stack

The Zoe Smart Contract Framework is illustrated as below: 

agoric technology stack

Agoric Tech Stack

ERTP: Agoric’s Electronic Rights Transfer Protocol (ERTP) provides a standard way to create and exchange assets. With ERTP, developers can easily represent digital assets and cryptoeconomic abstractions in a standard way

Zoe: Zoe is Agoric's smart contract framework. Use Zoe to run your code on-chain, mint new digital asset and credibly trade assets. Zoe relies on Agoric's Electronic Rights Transfer Protocol (ERTP), Agoric’s token standard

System-defined contracts: The blockchain itself leverages Zoe to implement governance, staking, staking derivatives, and other cryptoeconomic primitives. User-defined smart contracts can reuse these contract components, which can be made available to other developers.

how your assets are protected

What is Agoric Token? 

The Agoric chain features two native tokens: BLD and RUN

What is BLD Token

BLD is a staking token supporting economic activity within the Agoric ecosystem. 

What is RUN Token

RUN is a stable currency on the Agoric blockchain.

BLD Token Metrics

  • Token Name: Agoric
  • Ticker: BLD
  • Blockchain: Agoric Blockchain
  • Token Standard: ERTP
  • Contract: Updating
  • Token Type: Governance
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 BLD
  • Circulating Supply: Updating... 

BLD Token Allocation 

  • Network Decentralization: 17%
  • Foundation: 12.5%
  • Community & Ecosystem: 5.5%
  • Core Contributors: 18.6%
  • Advisors: 3%
  • Early Backers: 11.4%
  • Operations: 12.5%
  • Private Sales - 2 year lockup: 8.6%
  • Private Sales - 2 year lockup: 3.9%
  • Public Sale: 7%

agoric token allocation

BLD Token Allocation

 BLD Token Release Schedule

agoric token release schedule

BLD Token Release Schedule

BLD Token Sale

The BLD token will be available for registration on Coinlist, as detailed below.

Option 1:

  • Price: $0.80 per token.
  • Lockup: Tokens unlock 6 months after the sale date, followed by a 12 month linear release.
  • Supply: 45M.

Option 2:

  • Price: $0.65 per token.
  • Lockup: Tokens unlock on or around November 1, 2022, followed by a 12 month linear release.
  • Supply: 25M.

Note: The registration deadline for the Agoric sale is December 26, 23:59 UTC.

BLD Token Use Case

BLD is a native token of the Agoric blockchain and has these main roles: 

  • Governance
  • Staking to become node validators or delegating to other validators. While stake BLD, you can also get the getRUN token which represents a portion of your staked BLD amount in order to stay liquid. 

BLD that needs to be reserved and the amount of RUN that can be borrowed against it will be automatically calculated. However borrowers must repay the loan plus interest before unbonding their BLD or withdrawing their staking rewards. Unlike vaults, getRUN loans are backed by future staking rewards.

RUN Token Use Case

RUN token can be used for paying transaction fees.

How to buy BLD Token

 You can buy BLD Token when it's officially launched.

How to store BLD Token

You can store BLD token on Coin98 Wallet when it's officially launched.

Team, Investors, and Partners 


The team includes experts with a past history of bringing disruptive technologies and products to market. Among the key builders are:

  • Mark S.Miller - Chief Scientist: Mark is a pioneer of Agoric computing and smart contracts, the main designer of the E and Dr. SES distributed persistent OCap programming languages, and a former Google research scientist.
  • Dean Tribble - CEO: As a Principal Architect at Microsoft, Dean Tribble co-created the Midori distributed object-capability operating system. He previously served as the CTO of Agorics (acquired by Microsoft) and VerifyValid.
  • Michael Jablon - COO: In his 25+ years of strategic leadership, Michael has leveraged disruptive technologies, (IP, VoIP, Smart Home) to drive monumental change. At Spectrum, as VP of Product and Strategy, he launched and led the growth of Digital Phone to over 4M subscribers and $2B in annual revenue. 

team agoric

Agoric Team


Early Agoric backers include prominent venture funds, including:


Agoric Investors


Many reputable companies, universities, and protocols, such as Chainlink, Keplr, RMIT University, etc. have offered technical support to Agoric.


Agoric Partners

Roadmap and Update

roadmap agoric

Agoric Roadmap

Is Agoric a good investment? 

It is still too early to form any conclusions about Agoric at this time. However, I will provide you with some information to help you better understand this blockchain, including its unique features and competitive advantages:

Current Programming Languages

Currently, DeFi Dapps mainly consist of web2 front-ends built in JavaScript connected to web3 smart contract backends built in Solidity, with no consistent connection framework.

JavaScript, the dominant web2 programming language, will be brought to the blockchain by Agoric. This provides front-end developers with a very familiar language to work in rather than having to learn a new language from scratch, which takes millions of times, and back-end smart contract developers with a knowable and asynchronous language to code in.

Most used programming languages

Most used programming languages among developers worldwide, as of 2021. Source: Statista

According to statistics, JavaScript has nearly 65 percent global dominance; thus, Agoric has made JavaScript more suitable for blockchains by leveraging its millions of experienced programmers, mature tooling ecosystem, and many reusable libraries and packages for DeFi development.

It is expected to be an easy-to-join gateway for traditional developers to move to a new & appealing field, blockchain.

IDO on Coinlist 

According to historical data, projects IDO on Coinlist usually provide investors with an impressive ROI, which is also why every project that launches on Coinlist frequently attracts a large number of participants.

Solana, Flow, and Casper are some of their notable blockchain platform projects with very high ROI, and Agoric can happen in the same possible way.

ath roi on coinlist

ATH ROI on Coinlist


Coin98 Insights hopes you have gained all of the important information about Agoric including its features and highlights throughout this topic.

If you have any questions about Agoric or want to know more about Agoric, please feel free to leave a comment below for further discussions about Crypto.

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