What is Efficiency DAO? Let’s find out about the EFF specialities and tokenomics in this article!!! 

What is Efficiency DAO?

Efficiency DAO is a project that helps users hold long-tail tokens on BNB Smart Chain and optimize their profits. Users can easily join lending and borrowing, liquid staking, and other financial transactions with large-cap coins or tokens, which maximizes capital efficiency. This will be quite difficult with tokens that have smaller caps or less attention.

Efficiency DAO's homepage:

Long-tail is a strategy that allows projects to realize significant profits by selling low volumes of hard-to-find products to many customers, instead of only selling large volumes of a reduced number of popular products that bring long-term profit for the project.

Long-tail tokens are special tokens or tokens in the cryptocurrency market that are not widely used, have a small trading volume, but still have long-term value to its owners. This property is similar to the IDO array tokens, DeFi launchpad tokens, or tokens that allow users to share protocol profits.

Efficiency DAO aims to become the future solution for DeFi's long-tail tokens that support DeFi projects’ creative ideas and improve a money market for users who want to maximize the efficiency of these assets. 

How does Efficiency DAO work?

Capital optimization solution: Since there aren't many ways to maximize capital for these assets when long-tail projects are still in early stages and often have high volatility, users are more likely to forget the benefits that projects provide.

Large number of supported tokens: Efficiency DAO will serve the BNB Smart Chain community by providing borrowing and lending liquidity to an unprecedented range of assets. The project's long-term vision is to enable efficient use of all tokens stored in a user's wallet. 

Using fiat in lending: The project aims to make it easier for users to switch between fiat and cryptocurrencies right on the dapp or to use long-tail assets as collateral to settle fiat payments. 

EFF Token Use Cases

EFF is the native token of Efficiency DAO. Despite not having an official launch, DAO has published use cases for the EFF token:

  • Can be used to join the DeFi ecosystem on Efficiency DAO.
  • Used rewards to encourage users to lend and borrow on the platform.
  • Participate in DAO governance.

Team, Investors, and Partners 




The project has no investors and uses the lockdrop allocation method.


EfficiencyDAO has announced strategic cooperation with Coin98, Impossible Finance, XLD Finance, and Blockless.

Roadmaps & Updates

The project has issued a product roadmap till 2023 which is presently in the early stages of building lending and borrowing products on BNB Smart Chain.

Detailed information about the EFF Token

Key Metrics of the EFF token

  • Token Name: Efficiency DAO Token
  • Ticker: EFF
  • Blockchain: BNB Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating
  • Token Type: Governance, utility
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 EFF
  • Circulating Supply: Updating

EFF Token Allocation

  • Team & Advisors: 15%
  • Strategic Partners: 5%
  • Ecosystem Partners: 3%
  • DAO Operations: 32%
  • Protocol Reserves: 10% 
  • Community and Marketing: 35%

EFF Token Sale

There hasn't been a token sale for this project.

EFF Token Release Schedule

EFF tokens are distributed according to the following schedule:

How to get EFF Tokens

Efficiency DAO distributes tokens to the community via a lockdrop. Details:

  • The lockdrop is planned to take in September 2022, and 10% of the tokens will be allocated (10,000,000 tokens).
  • The first batch of tokens will be unlocked after a month.
  • Users who would like to receive EFF can lock BTCB, ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB, BUSD, TUSD, CAKE, and C98.
  • The lock period options are 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. The longer the lock duration, the bigger the multiplier to get EFF.
  • During the token lock up period, users can receive interest based on the number of locked tokens.

How to store EFF Tokens


How to buy EFF Tokens

EFF will be list on Baryon Network.

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