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What is Realy (REAL)? Everything you need to know about REAL Token

Realy is the combination of metaverse and fashion. So how does Realy work? Learn more about REAL Tokenomics right here!
Published Dec 04 2021
Updated Jul 13 2023
5 min read

“Metaverse” seems to have no sign of “cooling down”  at the moment. Any projects relating to this keyword receive lots of attention from the community. In this article, let’s have a look at a metaverse project that will launch on Solana this December - Realy (REAL)!

What is Realy?

Realy is the combination of metaverse and fashion. Many projects in crypto have tried to bring real-world assets to the blockchain ecosystem (for example stocks). In the Realy case, the real-world assets that the team emphasizes are fashion items.

realy website

Realy Website:

The concept of fashion items in Realy is “New-Age Luxury”, which refers to street cultural products and luxury brands (LV, Gucci, Prada,...). In the real world, not everyone can access these high-class items but Realy makes them more accessible in the form of NFT. 

realy fashion item

Fashion items on Realy

How does Realy work?

Realy brings real-world assets on-chain by implementing an NCF chip in all fashion items and granting them with a unique ID by using the NFT technology. 

Luxury items in the form of NFT offer 2 primary advantages over their traditional form in the real world:

  • Ensure the authentication: As one fashion item is represented by one unique NFT.
  • Open trading market: People can buy and sell the virtual version of fashion items anytime and anywhere without any restrictions in the traditional market. 

Realy has 3 main functions:

  • REALY Solutions: A one-stop-shop for authenticated luxury items in form of NFTs.
  • REALY Apps: A marketplace for brand lovers to trade, interact with other users, which can be brand artists or celebrities. 
  • REALY Vault: A farm for the REAL token, which can be used to trade NFTs and receive some privileges (access to celebrity/ KOL space).

realy metaverse

Activities inside the Realy Metaverse

What is REAL token?

REAL is the native token of Realy, which acts as a base layer for all activities in the REALY ecosystem.

Detailed information about REAL token

REAL Key Metrics

  • Token Name: Updating...
  • Ticker: Updating...
  • Blockchain: Updating...
  • Token Standard: Updating...
  • Contract: Updating...
  • Token type: Updating...
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 REAL

REAL Token Allocation


REAL Token Sales

REALY has finished 2 fundraising rounds and now it is offering the public sale through the Raydium platform on Solana.

Detailed information about REAL sale on Raydium:

1. REAL AcceleRaytor Public Raise.

Total tokens for the raise: 500,000 REAL.

  • Token fixed price: 1 USDC for 1 REAL.
  • Total raise: 500,000 USDC.
  • Model: Lottery for allocation.
  • Allocation for winning ticket: 50 USDC (50 REAL).
  • Total number of winning tickets: 10,000.
  • Pool opens: December 9, 12:00 UTC.
  • Pool closes: December 10, 00:00 UTC.
  • Open period of the pools: 12 hours.

2. REAL IDO on Raydium.

  • Token starting price: 1 USDC for 1 REAL.
  • IDO Launch time: December 10, 12:00 UTC.

A REAL-USDC liquidity pool (LP) will be launched on Raydium, after which users will be able to trade on the Raydium Swap. 

Participants that have winning tickets in the AcceleRaytor raising pool will be able to claim their tokens around the same time the REAL-USDC LP becomes live.

Fusion Pool — Provide liquidity to earn REAL rewards:

  • Users can also provide liquidity to REAL-USDC LP and then stake LP tokens to receive a yield on the Fusion Pools. The rewards will be paid in REAL tokens.
  • The Fusion Pool's reward emissions will begin immediately after the LP launches, allowing users time to increase liquidity and stake in the Fusion pool for yield farming.

Learn more: How to participate in an IDO on AcceleRaytor (Raydium)

REAL Release Schedule


REAL Token Use Cases

The project just announced that REAL tokens can be staked to receive xREAL to earn transaction fees from the platform. More use cases are expected to be announced soon.

How to get REAL token

At this moment, you can get REAL tokens by joining its public sale on the Raydium platform...

How to buy REAL token


How to store REAL token


Realy Roadmap


Team, Investors, and Partners


The CEO of the project is George Yang, who is an entrepreneur in the fashion and collectible industry. Therefore, he has deep insights into the fashion industry to successfully integrate it with the blockchain world.


Realy has successfully completed 2 fundraising rounds with some notable names in the crypto world: Multicoin Capital, Alameda Research, SNZ Capital, Three Arrows Capital,...

realy investors

Realy Investors


Realy has established partnerships with many artists and brands: Mars Space Station, Maccott, Station, Revenge, Shine, Innersect.

realy partners

Realy Partners

Is Realy (REAL) a good investment?

The project has not released its whitepaper and its tokennomics yet, so we still lack lots of information to come up with a firm valuation for the projects. But here are some highlights of this project that you can take as a reference: 

  • Realy defines itself as a “metaverse” project, which is the stack that attracts lots of attention from the community. This can be proved by the high number of Twitter followers (90.6k) and Telegram members (64k) of the project, even when the project has not released its whitepaper or tokenomics yet. 
  • Realy received the investment from many top-tier VCs in the crypto market: Multicoin Capital, Three Arrows Capital,... so we can put certain expectations on the potential of this project.
  • Realy is built on Solana, where the gaming, NFT, and metaverse stack still have lots of space to grow in the future. 
  • Up to this date, all projects launched on Raydium AcceleRaytor have returned profits with the lowerest ROI being at 4.62x (Grape Protocol) and the highest at 138.68x (Star Atlas). 

projects launched on Raydium AcceleRaytor

ROI of projects launched on Raydium AcceleRaytor

Similar project

  • Decentraland (MANA): A project that provides an infrastructure to support a shared virtual world, also known as a metaverse.
  • The Sandbox (SAND): A virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Axie Infinity (AXS): A blockchain-based game developed by a Vietnamese team. It is inspired by the idea of the Pokemon and Tamagotchi game. In the game, each player owns their unique fantasy creatures known as Axie to take part in different activities: battling, breeding, trading in the marketplace. 


That is all you need to know about Realy.  If you want to have more information about this project, feel free to comment down below.

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