What is Saros Finance? What is SAROS Token? How is Saros Finance different from other protocols? Learn more about SAROS Tokenomics!!!

DeFi on Solana is getting hotter than ever. Along with the tremendous growth of Solana, big names like Raydium and Serum are supposed to show their dominance. Nevertheless, they couldn’t live up to users’ expectations, leading to the rise of multiple newcomers. One of those is Saros Finance.

What is Saros Finance? How does Saros Finance work? How is Saros Finance different from other protocols? Let’s find out in this article!!!

What is Saros Finance?

Saros Finance is a DeFi Suite consisting of multiple products, namely SarosSwap (AMM), SarosFarm (Pool), and SarosStake (Stake), with SarosSwap being the core element. More building blocks are expected to be created in the future.

Saros Finance attempts to resolve the existing obstacles on Solana by providing various features, such as:

  • Permissionless: Allow everyone to create a liquidity pool on SarosSwap.
  • Capital Efficiency: Increase Capital Efficiency by providing more optimal price offers.
  • Friendly UI/UX: Provide a user-friendly interface.
  • Low Cost: Minimize transaction fees.
  • Scalability: Offer high transaction speed with low latency.
  • Composability: Ensure high performance without having to sacrifice security and decentralization.
Advantages of using Saros Finance.

What is Saros Finance Token (SAROS)?

The SAROS token is the center of the Saros Finance ecosystem. SAROS is used as an incentive for its Token Holders to receive Fees, Governance Rights, Airdrops, and Participation in Gamification events.

How SAROS captures value.

How does Saros Finance work?

Currently, Saros Finance offers 4 products as mentioned above. Now let’s go through all of them.


SarosSwap is an AMM using the conventional price formula: x*y=k. By implementing this simple model, builders can worry less about liquidity problems and focus more on product development.

Then how can SarosSwap stand out compared to other AMMs on Solana? The team believes in 2 innovative ideas: A hype-generation machine to provide the best price possible and the Gamification feature to diversify the product.

The interface of SarosSwap.


Bootstrapping early liquidity after launching projects has been a major problem for Solana projects. By holding Liquidity Mining programs, they can attract more liquidity providers. However, this leads to the fact that Liquidity Providers have to be constantly looking for those programs without being able to stay in one place.

SarosFarm solves this problem as it is an aggregation platform for a wide range of incentivized pools. By using SarosFarm, not only can projects develop easily and rapidly with rich liquidity, but Liquidity Providers can also have an all-in-one station for farming.


SarosStake works in a rather simple way: You can stake SAROS to earn more tokens. This feature is extremely useful for believers in the project who have the intention of holding SAROS for a long time. 

Instead of leaving SAROS tokens idle in the wallet, users can stake them and gain various benefits.

Detailed information about SAROS token

SAROS Price Today


SAROS Key Metrics

  • Name: Saros Finance.
  • Ticker: SAROS.
  • Token standard: SPL.
  • Token type: Utility, Governance.
  • Max supply: Updating...
  • Circulating Supply: Updating...
  • Contract address: Updating...

SAROS Token Allocation


SAROS Token Sale


SAROS Token Release Schedule


SAROS Token Use Cases

Currently, the SAROS token serves multiple purposes, making it the core element linking every product in Saros Finance. Some key use cases include:

  • Receive platform fees.
  • Participate in Governance activities.
  • Receive airdrops.
  • Join Gamification events.

How to get SAROS Token


How to buy SAROS token

Currently, there is no SAROS circulating in the market, so you cannot buy SAROS on Coin98 Exchange or anywhere else.

Coin98 Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX), a Multi-chain liquidity aggregator that offers users a wide variety of DeFi services (swap, stake, lend, borrow,...) through intuitive and simple interfaces.

In the future, when we are able to buy SAROS on Coin98 Exchange, I will update you in this article.

How to store SAROS Token on Coin98 Wallet

In the future, Coin98 Wallet will support storing the SAROS token. I will keep you updated in this article.

Saros Finance Roadmap


Team, Investors and Partners


Saros Finance is a product by Coin98 Labs.


Saros Finance was invested by multiple well-known ventures, namely Alameda Research, #Hashed, Spartan,...

Saros Finance investors.




You’ve been through an article about Saros Finance and the SAROS token. I hope it has helped you in gaining more valuable insights into this project and understanding its potential.

If you want to know further about Saros Finance (SAROS), please feel free to leave a comment below.


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