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What is Titan Trading Platform? Bot trading platform uses AI technology

Trading is a popular form of making profit in the financial markets. The crypto market has a lot of automated trading tools, which reduce risks and bring stable profits to traders. One of the prominent trading platforms is Titan Trading Platform.
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Published Jul 26 2023
Updated Jun 06 2024
titan trading platform

What is Titan Trading Platform?

Titan Trading Platform is a smart trading platform, using AI (artificial intelligence) technology to create trading strategies, in order to minimize risks and optimize profits for users.

Titan Trading Platform provides easy-to-use smart trading bots and tools that can respond to different market conditions.

titan trading
Website Titan Trading Platform:

Products of Titan Trading Platform

Trading Bot 

Titan Trading Platform's main product is automated trading bots that allow users to manage assets and track trading positions on CEXs.

Titan Trading Platform offers three types of bots with different levels of profit & risk:

Grid Bot: The trading bot follows the Grid Trading strategy. The tool automatically executes Buy/Sell orders continuously when the price changes, then cuts through the predefined grids on the price chart. The tool gives users low risk and low return, suitable for the sideway market.
Futures Bot: It is a Futures Trading Bot. The tool allows you to automatically execute Long/Short orders according to the parameters set by the user, such as Volume, Take Profit, Stop Loss… From there, users can experience high risk and high reward.
Arbitrage Bot: The tool allows automatic detection of arbitrage opportunities between different exchanges (of the same asset). The tool offers low return and extremely low risk.

Users have two ways to use bots on the Titan Trading Platform:

Buy Bot Packages by level and duration: It includes Basic, Advanced, Premium, and VIP packages. The duration of each package is equivalent to 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Packages with terms from 3 months to 1 year with discounts from 10% to 30%. Therefore, the Bot Package is suitable for medium and long-term investments.
Users share profits when using bots: Users using bots need to share 20% of the net profit for the platform without any additional fees.
trading bot
Types of bot on the Titan Trading Platform


Titan Trading Platform provides a Dashboard that allows users to monitor the operating status of the bot, transactions, and assets on different exchanges.

The data on the Dashboard interface includes:

Total asset balance.
Total assets on bots.
Exchanges: Binance, Bitget, Bybit, Upbit, OKX…
Statistics on transactions: total value, total trading volume, total profit and loss (PnL).
Trading positions.

How Titan Trading Platform works

The trading model of Titan Trading Platform includes 3 main steps:

Step 1: Titan platform collects selected curated information* that determines market trends and prices.

*The information includes market data, on-chain data and alternative data.

Step 2: Al provides the best trading options and portfolios. After trading results are available on the exchange, the bot will automatically evaluate the portfolio and repeat the process, thereby optimizing capital and bringing in stable profits to users.

Step 3: Users earn stable monthly profits on exchanges with accrued interest. At the same time, Titan also imports data from exchanges to improve data quality and coverage.

titan trading platform model
Titan Trading Platform Model

Highlights of Titan Trading Platform

Titan Trading Platform uses the AI technology to help trading bots adapt to any market conditions and optimize strategies. Besides, the platform works 24/7 so as not to miss any trading opportunities.
Offering low-risk strategies such as Arbitrage and Grid Trading that minimize losses, creating a safer and more reliable trading experience.
The user-friendly Dashboard interface makes it easy for traders to track their assets and trades in real-time.
Diversifying forms of using bot: Buy bot trading or sharing profits. Therefore, it can provide flexibility for users because they can choose the form that suits their needs and preferences.

What is Token TITAN?

TES Token Key Metric

TES Token Key Metric below:

Token name: Titan Trading Platform Token
Ticker: TES
Blockchain: BNB Chain, Sui
Token contract: Updating…
Token Type: Governance & Utility
Token Supply: 100,000,000 TES
Circulating Supply: Updating…

TES Token Allocation

TES token is allocated below:

Ecosystem: 36% is equivalent to 36,000,000 TES
Founder Team: 20%  is equivalent to 20,000,000 TES
Private Sale: 13%  is equivalent to 13,000,000 TES
Liquidity & MM: 11%  is equivalent to 11,000,000 TES
Marketing: 11% is equivalent to 11,000,000 TES
Partners & Advisors: 8% is equivalent to 8,000,000 TES
Public Sale: 1% is equivalent to 1,000,000 TES
tes token allocation
TES token allocation

TES Token Release Schedule

tes token release
TES token Release Schedule

TES Token Use Case

Use cases of TES token below:

Access to Titan features such as trading bots and backtesting.
Hold TES to get a discount when buying Bot Package or reduce profit sharing.
The right to vote in the DAO.
Join Titan Trading Platform bets.
Bot Tax on Marketplace.
Stake TES and get rewards.
Provide liquidity for TES tokens and receive rewards.

Roadmap & Update

Q3 - Q4/2023

Focusing on SocialFi:

Marketplace uses a contribute-to-earn model, where users can contribute and become experts at trading or creating algorithms.
Users can follow trading experts and share % of profits, or buy algorithms and trading signals from algorithm and signal providers.
TES token will be used to increase benefits for users.

Q4/2023 - Q1 & Q2/2024

Product of community:

Develop a DAO that allows users to participate in the use of platform governance.
TES token is used in governance activities.
Launch of Titan Trading's NFT collection.
Provide platform services in the form of games.

Q2/2024 - Q1/2025

Titan Trading Platform DEX:

Develop & integrate smart contract-based trading tools into the platform
Allows trading of TES and other assets on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, PancakeSwap.

Q1 - Q2/2026

Futures Trading features on Titan Trading Platform DEX:

Deploying leverage and futures trading on a decentralized exchange via smart contracts.
Offering enhanced trading options, after then increasing profit potential for users.

Core team, Investors & Partners

Core team

The information of the Titan Trading Platform’s core team below:

Park Young Jin (CEO): Financial expert in trading.
Robert Sang Tae (Advisor): Bachelor of Arts degree from Korea University, a Master of Public Policy from George Mason University and a Doctor of Law degree from Georgetown University Law Center.
Eunseo Ji (Advisor): Holds a Bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania State University, majoring in Probability and Statistics.
team titan trading
Core team of Titan Trading Platform


In June 2023, Titan Trading Platform project completed the Seed Round funding round and raised 800,000 USD, with the investment of giants from Korea such as:

Cheonjo: A corporation specializing in information technology - telecommunications and manufacturing electronic components.
Hanmi Global: A company in the field of construction project management and supervision consulting.


Titan Trading Platform has a partnership with many projects on the Sui ecosystem such as beLaunch, Morphis, MovEx, GiroSwap…

In addition, Titan Trading Platform also cooperates with centralized exchanges such as Bybit, OKX, Bitget,...

partners of titan trading
Partners of Titan Trading Platform

Similar projects

Some platforms offer trading bots similar to Titan Trading Platform such as 3Commas, Bitsgap, Cryptorobotics, CryptoHopper…