DeFi Land is a farm simulator created to gamify DeFi on Solana. Explore and learn more about DeFi Land's gameplay in this article.

DeFi Land Overview

DeFi Land is a farming simulation game offering features that trading platforms usually have in a more interesting and simple approach. DeFi Land creates a world that’s free to play, allowing leveling up, earning money and competing fairly with other players.

defi land interface

DeFi Land homepage:

Specialities of DeFi Land

  • Realistic and eye-catching graphics: The image quality in the game has been improved compared to the previous test version. The image in the game has become more vivid with a wide range of beautiful farms and housing systems.
  • A unique NFT system: DeFi Land's NFT collection is plentiful, offering not only animals but also a set of tools to help players explore the farm effectively.
  • Separated leaderboard: DeFi Land has two different rankings for Free to Earn players and Play to Earn ones, which ensures fairness in the game.
  • Plentiful features and games: The functionality in each building emulates the popular features of the DeFi world. In addition, the diverse game system is expected to be upgraded in the future.

How to start playing DeFi Land?

Download and install the Coin98 Super App

DeFi Land is now available on the Coin98 Super App for both iOS and Android users.

Read the detailed instructions on how to use Coin98 Super App.

Download and install the Coin98 Extension Wallet

You can access to install the Coin98 Extension Wallet.

coin98 wallet extension

For instructions on installing and using the Coin98 Extension Wallet, you can refer to this guide.

 Create the Solana (SOL & SPL tokens)

After installing the Coin98 Super App, you can refer to the guidelines below to create a Solana (SOL, SPL) wallet, or restore Solana wallets from other platforms to Coin98.

If you are already a Coin98 user, you can refresh or import multi-chain wallets to update your Solana wallet (SOL, SPL) as well as other new wallets available in this version!

On DeFi Land, whether you’re using USDT, USDC, or SOL, you need to transfer them to your Solana wallet.

Prepare SOL to pay for the gas fee

DeFi Land uses SOL for gas fee, therefore, to start experiencing on, you need to have SOL in your account.

You can buy SOL on centralized exchanges like Binance, FTX,.. and withdraw to your Solana Wallet before experiencing the product.

How to buy NFTs on the Coin98 Super App

Access DeFi Land on the dApp Browser

Step 1: Open the Coin98 Super App and click Browser.

Step 2: Enter “DeFi Land” in the search bar, tap the DeFi Land logo in the results. 

enter defi land coin98 wallet

Connect your Solana Wallet with DeFi Land on the dApp Browser

Step 1: Click Connect in the right corner of the main interface.

Step 2: Select the Coin98 icon to connect, then click Continue. Your Solana (SOL) wallet will automatically be connected to DeFi Land.

connect defi land

If you want to change the wallet, click the name of the wallet in the lower right corner of the screen → Select the appropriate wallet.

change wallet

Buy NFTs on the Marketplace

DeFi Land allows players to play for free. However, if you want to get a head start, you can buy NFTs on marketplaces. In this article, I will use Magic Eden as an example.

Step 1: Scroll down to "Where can I get DFL Seed?" and choose your preferred marketplace. Otherwise, you can use Coin98's dApp Browser to search for NFT Marketplace.

buy defi land nft

Step 2: There are two NFT options available at Magic Eden:

  • DeFi Land Seeds: Used to grow into Gen-0 NFTs after a 30-day lock-up in the smart contract.
  • DeFi Land Gen-0 NFTs: Ranging from tools like guns, fishing rods… to animals like cows and assist players in experiencing in-game features.

You can check the rarity of the NFTs here before purchasing.

Step 3: Choose the NFT you want to purchase and click Buy Now. The system will prompt a confirmation, click Confirm if you agree.

Note: Before purchasing the NFT, you should carefully check its information. More details in the following section.

DeFi Land’s NFT system 

NFT rarity

Each NFT in the game has its rarity and set of attributes. Rarity has a direct effect on the attribute. Here are the metrics for each rarity level:

  • Common: The starting level of the NFTs at 1-5 and up to 30.
  • Uncommon: The starting level of the NFTs at 5-10 and up to 50.
  • Rare: The starting level of NFT at 11-20 and up to 70.
  • Epic: The starting level of NFT at 21-30 and up to 90.
  • Legendary: The starting level of NFT at 26-50 and up to 100.


  • When a player mints NFT, the level and attributes are generated at random based on the item's rarity. Players need to lock NFT and DFL tokens to upgrade their levels, attributes to the maximum level.
  • The energy bar (thunderbolt) represents the number of turns you can play before the NFT should rest. Your NFT will lose 1 energy each time you play.
  • Each NFT will have a durability bar (heart-shaped) which you must repair to maintain. 
  • For every ten durability points lost, the reward will be reduced by 10%. Therefore, you need to be very careful about this.

Source: DeFi Land docs

NFT Attribute

There are four types in the attributes system:

Energy Attributes (Float, Handle, Harvester and Clothes): Attribute stats affect the mana bar's cooldown and the mana limit of that NFT. 

Repair Attributes (Bodies and Barrel): The attribute stat affects the cost of restoring animal and tool’s endurance or health. The higher the repair attribute, the lower the amount of money spent per durability point.

Reward Attributes (Hook, Charm, Tube and Head): These attribute stats affect the quality of the rewards you can get after each game. Your reward attribute level serves as a coefficient in calculating your reward probability. 

Game Mechanic (Reel, Scope, Wheel and Accessory): The attribute stats that affect the mechanics of each game are as follows:

  • Reel (Fishing rod): Increasing the number of bonus points in one play. The higher the bonus points, the better the reward, the Reel stat helps the player get the maximum benefit.
  • Scope (Gun): Similar to Reel, the Scope point will increase the score. Besides, the Scope point also increases the crit damage of the gun.
  • Wheels (Vehicle): Directly affects the fuel volume of the vehicle and helps the player deliver more orders before the allotted time runs out.
  • Accessory (Animal): The animals in DeFi Land all have a love meter, ranging from 1 to 100, which affects the reward amount the player receives. Each time fed with the minimum accessory stat, the pet will receive 2 love points. The higher the stat, the higher the score increases.

In-game token system and rewards

Currently, DeFi Land uses DFL and GOLDY tokens to interact with in-game features:

  • DFL is a governance token used for staking, future NFT trading, NFT renaming and other special mechanisms.
  • GOLDY is a game reward token that can be used to repair or upgrade NFTs.

In addition to game tokens and experience, players will have the opportunity to earn DFL tokens, new NFT blueprints, and various NFT rewards by participating in in-game features. 

How to play DeFi Land 

The first step to playing DeFi Land

Step 1: Click Play from the DeFi Land homepage.

You can play Pacman while waiting for the system to run the data. 

Step 2: When you enter the game, select Coin98 to connect your wallet to DeFi Land. Then, click Play.

Step 3: Upon starting, the system will allow you to select one of three teams:

  • Doge: Golden Dog
  • Pepe: Green Frog
  • Monke: Blue Monkey

You will represent your team in seasonal activities such as DeFi tasks or gameplay. You will not be able to change the selected team, so make the best decision possible. 

Click on the team's statue to view information about it.

The system will display event information, team scores, and your contribution to the team.

Additional Gamification 

The toolbar in DeFi Land has a lot of interesting features. Let's learn more about them right below.

NFT: Display the NFTs that you currently have. 

Transfer Fund: The meaning of this feature is also represented in part by the paper airplane icon. This is a feature that allows players to transfer their assets with the necessary information such as the recipient address, the token and the amount.

Wallet Transfer: This allows you to switch between gaming wallets and external wallets. Your gaming wallet is stored on project back-end, and contains your rewards from playing games in DeFi Land. The external wallet is the wallet from which you log in to the game.

Edit Mode: Allows you to easily redesign the buildings on your farm. Use the Q, E keys to rotate your view and the T, Y keys to rotate the buildings you are placing. When your village is perfect, invite your friends by sending them your wallet address. 

Screenshot: Take a picture of your farm.

Settings: The player can choose image quality, day/night effects, weather, and other options.

DeFi Land’s Building

House: The House building is where all the portfolio tracking happens. Players can see which assets have been performing the best and the worst and see the changes in their net worth over time as well as all the tokens that they have. Furthermore, players can check the leaderboard to see their progress with achievements and quests.

To help the player community compete more fairly, the ranking system is divided into two groups: Free to Play and Play to Earn.

Market: This is where the swaps happen. Players can easily swap different tokens on various Solana DEXs.

You can also change details like slippage and route by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of this interface. Currently, the market building is running on top of Serum, Raydium, Orca, Step, Saber and other exchanges with a transaction fee of 0.07%. When "shopping" at the market, make sure you have SOL to pay for gas and click Swap to trade!!


  • To ensure that you swap the correct items in the market, please check out the trading pairs in the Seed Lab or Farm Board.
  • If you close this feature during the swap, the transaction may be halted.

Seed Laboratory: The place where users can provide liquidity on a DEX and receive seed tokens that are LP tokens in exchange. 

As previously stated, not all liquidity pairs will produce seeds. Players must test by adding a trading pair. If the system displays Make Seeds, they can provide them to the Seed Lab.

After breeding, the seeds will appear in the Seeds section with basic information as shown in the image below. Moreover, players can easily add or remove liquidity by using the two buttons: Add and Remove. 

Farm Board: All available farms can be viewed on the Farm Board. Players can check metrics such as the APYs, total amount staked, and more.

Information about rewards, fees, or APY will be displayed by lightly hovering the mouse over the position of the seed. 

Bank: This building will be the location for lending and borrowing features in the DeFi world. 

Radio Tower: The radio tower in DeFi Land brings the decentralized music streaming platform straight into your village. 

Players can tune their radio to different channels, including hip-hop, classical, rock and many more.

GamePlay on DeFi Land


Similar to farming or staking in the DeFi world, DeFi Land depicts this work more vividly through the plots of the player's farm.

Step 1: Click any farm.

Step 2: Choose your seed and insert the amount. Then, click Plant to sow.

The system will send you a confirmation request, click Sign to continue with the transaction. 

After planting the seed, select the desired orchard. The system will display the basic farm information as well as various options such as:

  • Harvest: Harvesting.
  • Add more: Increasing the number of seeds on the farm.
  • Unplant: Removing the tree (withdrawing liquidity).

Harvest Game 

True farmers are not only great at harvesting, but they can fulfill requested deliveries in time. Let's play the harvest game by following these steps.

Step 1: Click the Harvest Game building. 

Step 2: Select your NFT and click Play.

Step 3: Harvest the required orders and return them to the Supply Market, which is indicated by a green circle in the image.

If you run out of gas, go to the gas station marked with a yellow circle, as depicted in the image below. You are unable to harvest crops without gasoline.

Step 4: After your play time is up, click Claim to claim your prize.

Fishing Game

Step 1: Click the Fishing Game building. 

Step 2: Select your rod and click Play.

Step 3: Press any button and wait for the a to bite. After a fish bites, please press the correct button in the green area to increase the energy bar. The fish is successfully be reeled when the energy bar is fully charged. 

Step 4: After finishing, click Claim to claim your prize.

Shooting Game

The shooting game lets you test your aim by shooting different targets and power-ups. You are on the hunt for wolves, ducks, and deers. The tutorial is as follows: 

  • Right click to shoot.
  • A, W, S, D or four arrow keys to move.
  • Hold Shift to use scope.
  • R to load ammo.

Step 1: Choose the Shooting Game building. 

Step 2: Choose your gun and click Play.

Step 3: Select basic information such as the color, the size of the gun's center, and the sensation of the shot. Then shoot the Start button to begin.

Step 4: To score points, shoot at the green animal boards. The gun has a total of 8 bullets, each reload will take about 8 seconds.

Step 5: After your shooting time is up, click Claim to claim your prize.

Chickens, Ducks and Cows

Chickens, ducks and cows follow the same feeding mechanism. For each feed, the player loses 1 energy which raises the love stat (max 100).

A hungry animal will not produce rewards, so you will need to feed your animals at least once. Although love points must be greater than 0 to be eligible for the reward, the love meter will return 0 after being claimed.

Step 1: Click your chicken, duck or cow house.

Step 2: Select your NFT animal. Then click Feed.

Step 3: When the love point reaches your desired point, click Claim to receive the reward.

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats follow the same feeding mechanism, but instead of directly claiming resources from them, they can be sent on adventures to bring rewards home. 

Step 1: Choose the cat or dog house.

Step 2: Select your NFT animal. Then click Feed.

Step 3: Select an adventure duration of 1 hour, 3 hours, 8 hours, or 1 day. The more time spent exploring, the more valuable the reward.

Step 4: When the love point reaches your desired point, click Claim to receive the reward.


Hopefully, this article has provided information to help you in the process of experiencing DeFi Land. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to comment below, the Coin98 team will always be ready to support you!


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