My DiFi Pet is the hottest topic these days. So how to play My DeFi Pet? How to earn money from this Blockchain game? Find out here!

You might have already heard of Axie Infinity - an explosion in the array of the Play-to-Earn trend. Besides, there is another project that comes from Vietnam called My DeFi Pet. These days, My DeFi Pet has been attracting a great number of gamers in the crypto market. 

To keep up with the Play-to-earn trend, I will guide you through the world of My DeFi Pet. All the questions on how to enter the game, how to link the wallet, or how to earn with My DeFi Pet will be answered in the article below.

About My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet is a virtual pet raising game that combines traditional pet raising games and DeFi. It developed under the play-to-earn model on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and KardiaChain. Through the Play-to-earn mechanism, the dev team wants My DeFi Pet to become a warmly-welcomed game worldwide. This vision is expressed through the game’s name: 

  • My Personalization: Personalization for users.
  • DeFi Features Integrated: DeFi features.
  • Pet Raising Game: Pet raising game.
how to play my defi pet 1
My DeFi Pet's Website Interface:

In this game, players will travel to a land of pets called Monsters with numerous exciting activities:

  • Collect: Collecting pets.
  • Breed: Breeding pets.
  • Evolve: Evolving pets.
  • Battle: Letting pets combat.

Each activity will be separated so that you can receive rewards through Seasons & Events or by each level, such as: Trading, Ranking & Social Features. 

Each beast will have different parameter characteristics (destruction, attack, combat, speed, night vision, HP,...). These parameters are used for multiple purposes, such as teaming up and fighting the boss.

Created by the top game developers such as Tope Box and KardiaChain, My DeFi Pet interests players not only because of the attractive game scenario, vivid and unique way of representing pets but also because of the unique collection of NFT Monsters, with different rarity created using blockchain technology.

Wait no longer, let’s dive in and explore the world of My DeFi Pet with us!!

How to start playing My DeFi Pet

Since DeFi Pet is a game built on BNB Smart Chain and KardiaChain platforms, to enter the game, you must have a wallet (BSC or KardiaChain wallet) compatible with these two blockchains. Besides, after creating a wallet, you need to own the DPET token that plays a major role in the game.

Download and install the Coin98 Super App

Now you can play My DeFi Pet right on Coin98 Super App's DApp Browser or connect the Coin98 Extension Wallet to this platform and play on the browser.

Coin98 Super App

You can download the Coin98 Super App at:

Coin98 Extension Wallet 

Coin98 Extension Wallet now supports both Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you are a new user, you can directly install our Extension Wallet on your computer via

​​​Create a BEP20 Wallet

As mentioned above, My DeFi Pet is built on BNB Smart Chain, so you definitely need a BEP20 wallet to use this platform.

If you are currently a user of Coin98 Super App, please re-import your multichain wallet to update other new wallets available in this version!

Prepare BNB and DPET Token

To battle on My DeFi Pet, you must own DPET and BNB tokens in a BEP20 wallet.

  • BNB coin is used as the network fee for each transaction.
  • DPET is the main token in the game for you to buy, sell, exchange, upgrade pets and their special qualities. In addition, DPET is used to vote for new features and settings or staked for rewards.

How to store NFT on Coin98 Super App

On the Coin98 Super App, users can store, send, and receive many types of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With the rapid growth of NFTs, Coin98 Super App aims to provide users with a one-of-a-kind DeFi experience and opens the door for users to enter the NFT sector with ease.

Currently, My Defi Pet team is working hard to launch NFT Marketplace in mid-October 2021, Coin98 will support to strore My Defi Pet's NFT as soon as this feature is launched.

Learn more: How to store NFTs on Coin98 Super App

How to connect to My DeFi Pet

Coin98 Super App 

To access My DeFi Pet, go to Browser on the wallet’s home screen, then select My DeFi Pet in the Games category of the DApp Store.

connect to my defi pet 1

Your BEP20 wallet on Coin98 Super App will be automatically connected to My DeFi Pet as soon as you access the game’s homepage.

If you have more than one BEP20 wallet, you can easily select the wallet that you want to connect by clicking on the wallet option at the bottom right corner of the screen.

connect to my defi pet 2

Coin98 Extension Wallet

Step 1: Access to My DeFi Pet homepage ⇒ Click on Play Now.

connect to my defi pet 3

Step 2: Connect the wallet to play a game.  You can connect to two wallets: KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain. 

Since I’m using the Coin98 Extension Wallet, my wallet automatically connects to the game. If you can't connect, you need to click Connect on the screen.

connect to my defi pet 4

Now you have successfully connected your wallet to My DeFi Pet. You can see your wallet address and DPET balance on the home screen.

You can immediately play My DeFi Pet on Coin98 Super App's DApp Browser or on a web browser. In this tutorial, I will use the interface on the browser, and the operations on mobile will be the same.

How to play game My DeFi Pet

After connecting your wallet, you need to wait for about 1-2 minutes. On the home screen, you will receive:

  • 1,000 Silver: Use to buy cages, pets, eggs, and lands.
  • 50 diamonds: Increase the speed of raising pets and harvesting crops
  • 1,000 food boxes: Feed the pets to level up.

As I mentioned above, My DeFi Pet will have the same gameplay as farm games, so first, you have to raise pets, feed them, grow crops to feed the pets, breed, or build a barn/house door for more rewards.

Before entering the game, I will briefly show you playing the game and some key features not to be strange.

Collect Pets

To start playing the game, you must have your own pet (called Monster). According to the White Paper of My DeFi Pet, you will have two ways to own a pet.

1. Summon

Players will spend 3 DPET tokens to buy eggs in the shop. New monsters will be spawned hourly.

Let’s follow these operations:

Step 1: On the home screen, click on Shop.

my defi pet 6

Step 2: Choose Pets in the Shop. Each egg costs 3 DPET and the transaction fee is calculated in BNB. You can balance your financial possibility by buying the appropriate number of eggs.

my defi pet 7

Step 3: If you agree to pay the corresponding amount of tokens to buy Pet, click Approve. The system will connect to your wallet, then the eggs you purchased will be transferred to the My Pets section in the main interface. 

my defi pet 8

After successfully buying eggs, click on the Incubator area in the center of the screen, select + to add eggs to the nursery.

my defi pet 9

Step 1: Choose the eggs you want to incubate.

my defi pet 10

Step 2: After the incubation period, the interface will ask you to confirm to claim the egg; the fee is 3 DPET and a transaction fee is a small amount of BNB. After receiving each egg, opening it will give birth to a new pet.

my defi pet 11

2. Bidding

You will participate in auctions, buy and sell on the marketplace to get pets. Each auction will last for 24 hours. However, the auction feature has not been integrated into the current version.

To access the Marketplace, you need to click on the house icon which is marked on the home screen.

my defi pet 13

You can check the number of Pets you own at My Pets on the home screen.

Breeding Pets


After owning more than 2 pets, players can create new pets themselves by breeding any Monster. This new monster will inherit its parents’ genes.

To breed the Monster, you will have to prepare 5 DPET tokens for each time you crossbreed. The breeding will take place in the Happy Forest which is located in the Northwest of the game map.

my defi pet 14

Follow this instruction to breed the Monster:

Step 1: Click the Happy Forest on the map, select the heart icon.

my defi pet 15

Step 2: Click Choose Pet to breed.

my defi pet 16

Step 3: Click Breed to proceed with breeding. Note that each crossbreed will cost 5 DPET and transaction fees are calculated in BNB.

my defi pet 17

After successful breeding, you will receive an egg. Please click Open to see your new pet!

my defi pet 18


  • Your pet must reach level 10 before it can breed.
  • When cross-breeding, the offspring is likely to inherit its parents' body parts (e.g., tail, wings, skin color). However, the offspring may have other characteristics that have never been seen before on its parents.
  • All pets before breeding are classified as Gen 0. After breeding, the offspring's gene is the highest gene between its parents plus 1. The higher gen of the pets, the higher the rate of breeding similar accessories will be.

Evolve pets

my defi pet 19

A Monster that reaches level 10 will have several stages of evolution depending on its rarity. The stages of evolution will be shown through its appearance changes and stats. I think these stats will help you a lot when taking your pet to the battle.

To reach certain stages of evolution, you must build a pet cage, and the pet must be fed with all kinds of food. To have a stable food supply for your pets, you need to grow various food crops in your land. I will guide you step-by-step on how to build a cage and grow food.

1. Build a Pet Cage 

Cages is a feature that helps you build a cage for your pet. According to your level, you can build different cages. Follow these steps to build a cage:

Step 1: In the home screen, click Shop.

my defi pet 20

Step 2: Click on Cages and explore your existing cages. The higher the level, the more types of cages you will receive.

my defi pet 21

Step 3: You will have to pay a certain amount of Silver to buy the Cages. 

Click on the cage you like ⇒ Choose the location to build it, the system will automatically subtract the corresponding amount of Silver. The time to build a cage will depend on the type of cage you choose.

my defi pet 22

Step 4: After building the cage, you can upgrade it by clicking on the up arrow icon.

my defi pet 23
my defi pet 24

Every second, these cages will help you earn a bonus from each pet you have in them. 

Note: Each type of cage will have a limit on the earned money. For example, as shown in the picture above, this type of cage is limited to only 3 pets and 1,000 silvers only.

2. Buy land to grow food to provide food for pets

As I mentioned above, you need food to help your pet to grow and reach the level of evolution. Initially, you will be given 1,000 boxes of food and two free plots of land to grow corn. However, the more pets you own, the more food you will need. That's why you need land to cultivate crops.

Follow these steps to buy land and grow crops:

Step 1: In the home screen, click on Shop.

how to play my defi pet 24

Step 2: Click on Buildings. Farm Plots are plots of land where crops are grown. You can buy more lands when reaching higher levels.

my defi pet 26

Step 3: After buying land, go back to the home screen and click on the land you own to plant crops.

my defi pet 27

Step 4: Choose the type of crop you want to cultivate. On the first level, you will only be able to grow Corn, you will have more options in the higher levels, such as Wheat, Potatoes. Each type will give you different amounts of food, harvest time, and planting costs.

Step 5: When it is harvest time, click the crop or Farm House

However, you can click the popup of the diamond image below to harvest early. 

Once you have successfully harvested your granary, you can move on to planting and harvesting which will follow the same steps I have guided above.

my defi pet 28

In addition to food, planting crops also helps you get more silver or diamonds and increases your level.

My DeFi Pet will also provide you with the Farm House. Beside the harvest notification for users to grow plants, you can upgrade the Farm House with Silver to increase productivity and the plant varieties.

my defi pet 29
my defi pet 30

After you have enough cages and food, I will guide you on how to feed and upgrade pets.

To feed the pets, choose any pet you have in the cage or the My Pets ⇒ Select Feed. After reaching enough levels, you will be given more diamonds and food.

my defi pet 31

To evolve you click on Evolve. Evolving a pet will require 3 DPET tokens and some BNB as a transaction fee.

my defi pet 32

If you agree to pay 3 DPET, choose Yes. The system will automatically connect to your wallet for payment.

how to play my defi pet 33

After successfully purchasing the pet, the system will display a message, click Ok. This time, you will notice that your pet has a chance on their appearance (bigger, body parts grow up, skin color), enhanced skills, and stats.

how to play my defi pet 34

Now you have mastered the main operations in this interesting game. You already have pets, cages, and food. Now, we will move on to the next important part: how to earn money with your pets.

How to earn in My DeFi Pet

Currently, My DeFi Pet has not launched all the features and prize systems in the game, so the opportunity for you to explore this platform is still very large. According to the White Paper, there are several ways you can earn money through this game:

Trading NFT Monster in My DeFi Pet

In the My DeFi Pet universe, the Monster and its items are NFT - each of your monsters will be unique and differ in rarity. To profit from this game, you can buy/sell, trade, and bid NFT Monsters like other regular NFTs.

In addition, during the breeding process, the more monsters you collect, the greater gene pools you will receive. The variety and uniqueness between Monsters will affect their price on the Marketplace.

However, this function is currently not integrated into the game. According to the My DeFi Pet whitepaper, players can trade pets for a certain price on the Marketplace.

my defi pet 35

Use Monsters to enter the battle

The Battle feature has not been integrated into the current version. However, this feature is already in the project's roadmap, so you can take your pets to fight in tournaments and win extremely rare prizes in the future. In addition, you can also form teams/clans to fight with other teams. Stay tuned! Any new information will be updated as soon as possible.

my defi pet 36

Join the Seasons and Events


The first season will start with a 100,000 USDT prize, locked by the My DeFi Pet team in a smart contract. 

This season requires participants to find the NFTs with the exact specifications as prescribed in the contract and then sending these to the contract to claim the rewards.

my defi pet 37

The particular requirements will be decided after launch. Tentatively, the prize requires 10 legendary pets with maxed level. 

my defi pet 38

Staking Pet (Hunting)

The Hunting feature has just launched in mid-September, you can send your pets to hunt to earn food and DPET tokens.

Follow these steps to go hunting:

Step 1: In the main screen interface, choose Hunting Center → select the Compass icon

my defi pet hunting 1

Step 2: Choose any pet to go hunt → select Go Hunt → select Approve.

The system will require a small amount of gas fees in BNB.

my defi pet hunting 2

Step 3: Select the pet that has just been confirmed → select Go Hunt → Select Confirm to send the pet.

my defi pet hunting 3

You can go to the Hunting tab to check the APR as well as the number of DPET tokens earned. If you want to harvest this amount, choose Harvest.

my defi pet hunting 4

And if you want to harvest food, go back to the main screen, select Hunting Center → select the Food icon.

my defi pet hunting 5


  • The capacity of 50,000 bags of food can be harvested each time.
  • While hunting, the pets will leave the farm within 30 days.
  • You can harvest DPET anytime you like. But I encourage you to harvest at the end of the staking to pay the least gas fee.
  • You can only send the maximum of 10 pets to the hunt at the same time.

In addition, according to my update on the Roadmap, the project will launch other Play To Earn features such as:

  • PVP Battle: Individual combat.
  • Campaign Mode (PVE).
  • Daily Quests.
  • World Boss, Trading, Ranking, & Social Features: Marketplace exchange, leaderboard, and team creation, social interaction,...

I will update the further features as soon as possible. 

Why should you play My DeFi Pet on Coin98 Super App?

For both new users or longtime users in DeFi who are familiar with Play-to-Earn games, using My DeFi Pet on the Coin98 DApp Browser brings undeniable benefits:

Supported NFTs on multiple blockchains

As the core multichain wallet engine, Coin98 Super App aims to support numerous NFT projects on multiple top-tier blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana such as Axie Infinity, My DeFi Pet, Faraland, CryptoBlades, Sipher, Soltopia, Bold Badgers Squad, Sollamas NFT. More is definitely coming soon.

Simple, easy to access and manage

The Coin98 Super App is designed to bring users the convenience of sending, receiving and managing all their NFTs in one neat place with an eye-catching user interface. Users can now search, track and view NFT collections easily.

Each NFT shares its own attributes, story, and description that highlight the unique properties. For gamers or NFT collectors, attributes of game characters or NFTs' detailed uniqueness & description are synced in Coin98 Super App. With only one click, users can view information about their NFT assets, bringing the most authentic experience.

Always connected with your most-loved NFT DApps

The Play button is always available every time you are ready to enter your most-loved NFT Dapps. Users can immerse themselves into the complete NFT ecosystem of products that we offer. Just by clicking the Play button on the screen, you’ll be seamlessly taken to the marvelous NFT DApp world.

In addition, users can buy and sell those kinds of NFTs through the DApp Browser natively on Coin98 Super App.

Minimized risks of scams and enhanced fund safety

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. As long as you keep the wallet recovery information (passphrases/ private keys) carefully, your NFT and assets will be safe.

Coin98 Wallet constantly strives to find the most trustworthy and trending NFTs and games while prioritizing users’ security and privacy. Coin98 Wallet directly integrates the exact addresses of all NFT games/ marketplaces on the app, which prevents cases of searching and accessing fake ones.

Now let's enjoy the lively NFT world on your Coin98 Wallet and stay updated on our future initiatives and upcoming projects!


Hopefully, this article has explained & helped you to play and earn through My DeFi Pet directly on Coin98 Wallet. Take advantage of this opportunity and get yourself the best Monsters now!

If you have any questions or get into trouble playing My DeFi Pet, please feel free to comment below.


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